July 11, 2022

Report: Man Creates Water From Air.

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Texas Man Creates Machine That Makes Water Out of Air

I hope it is used for good, but we need to remain cautious about certain hand signals. Regardless of any claims they may have an innocent association. Certain things made their way into sports and schools for unsavory reasons.

May 2, 2022

Mike Smith of Out of Shadows Reveals More About the Abuse of Children with Mel K.

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Mel K & Fearless Filmmaker Mike Smith Of Out Of Shadows On Saving Our Children 5-1-22

Home of Out of Shadows Official Documentary

April 2, 2022

Christian Group Fighting Child Trafficking and Even Voodoo in Benin, a West African Nation

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Child trafficking and redemption in the darkest times || Rebecca Pratt

February 18, 2022

Exposing The Evil: The Mind Polluters

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Fearless Features Presents: The Mind Polluters~ Trailer

Their main website.

Their Vimeo page.

January 31, 2022

Flight 800: The Coverup Of The Real Cause Of The “Crash”…

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The HOUR of the TIME Supplemental #038 “Silenced: Flight 800 & the Subversion of Justice”

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