December 3, 2022

Dr. Jane Ruby says Dr. Robert Malone Filed a Lawsuit Against Her. Might it be Related to When Dr. Peter Breggin Called Him Out on Her Show?!

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She cannot give details why. But says it is over free speech.

PROOF Child Trafficking Part of Mass Genocide

One has to wonder if this interview is why:

Dr. Jane Ruby Show: Mass Formation “Psychosis” Is A PSYOP Against The People

December 2, 2022

Rockefeller Medicine and Technocracy, a Love Story, and Your Doom!

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Trust Me, I’m A Doctor – Blue Pill Red Pill Banned On YouTube

December 1, 2022

Once Enough People Don’t Have Grandchildren, They’ll Want to Talk About the Nanoparticles in The Vaccines!!!

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Karen Kingston & Dr. Ana Mihalcea – COVID is a Technological & Biological Weapon Hybrid – Gene Editing of All Humans

LIVE @ 8: UNCENSORED: Karen Kingston – People Now Connected to the Demonic Realm Through COVID-19 Injections, Nanotech

November 30, 2022

Western University in Canada, Doesn’t Want You to Know Their COVID Shot Mandate Probably Killed AT LEAST 2 Students, SO FAR!!!

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COVER UP: Western University Scrubs Comments Informing Of 2 Sudden Deaths of Students

Dr. Tom Cowan Explains why Heart Stints are Not The Answer.

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McCullough and More About the Heart- Webinar from November 30, 2022

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