November 22, 2022

Attorney Chad LaVeglia Talks About His Win Over NYC’s Shot Mandate!

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FULL LIVESTREAM: The attorney who won jobs + back pay for NYC workers || Chad LaVeglia

November 21, 2022

Covid Shot Mandates Could Bankrupt Businesses. If Injury Liability and Discrimination Lawsuits are Filed! CPA Chris Whalen Explains.

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Covid vaccine mandates could bankrupt businesses || Chris Whalen

November 15, 2022

We have to pray all the truth about the AFLD lawsuit against Dr. Simone Gold comes to light. But this doesn’t look good.

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AFLDS Whistleblower SPEAKS OUT: Give me the GOLD! Top Front Line Doctor Simone Gold Accused Of Buying Mansion, Luxury Cars With Front Line Money

Dr. Simone Gold has gone Rogue and it is not good.

Full 20 Page Court Filing

The main fact is there is no virus. You never needed any pharmaceuticals/pharmakeia. You need clean water, decent food, basically sanitation with good nutrition. And most of all, you need sound faith in God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

November 4, 2022

Discussion of the NYC Worker Vaccine Mandate Ruling.

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The video pauses at a point, just fast forward through that. Her kid caused some technical issues.

This vax mandate case could change everything || The NY Mandate Podcast

October 28, 2022

Why Fighting Quarantine Camps Matters!

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