September 7, 2022

Government Seeking to Press Shots for 6 Months+ via The Education System!

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Biden’s Continuation Of Dual Enrollment & Communist Workforce Prep – Guest: Lynne Taylor

September 6, 2022

Professor Tony Martin Explains What Happens When You Expose Hidden Truth About Slavery. Jewish Involvement and Manipulation of The Civil Rights Movement!

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The Jewish Onslaught [Black professor “pulls the rug from under JEWISH LIBERALISM MYTH”]

Also see: Talmudic Jews Invented the False Doctrine “Curse of Ham”, and Percentagewise Held More Black American Southern Slaves than Whites! 75% of Jews, Less than 40% of Whites.

August 31, 2022

The Education Agenda. And Even if You Homeschool, Your Children Will Face The Product!

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Proposed Actions Alert! – Guests: Anne Taydus and Lynne Taylor

August 26, 2022

So-Called Conservative Government has Plans to “Help” Homeschoolers. And the Bait was Already Cast in Arizona!

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Two Party Deceptions – Guest: Lynne Taylor

The Scam of Student Loan Forgiveness!

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I Came For The Yelling. Biden Cancels Student Loans

Also see: The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, Full Audiobook

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