July 4, 2022

Proclaim Independence Today, From The Medical Industrial Complex!

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They have literally played the world for fools! They had us pay them for fake preventatives and fake cures. Through our insurance, tax and direct out of pocket payments. Then, colluded with governments for zero liability. Now, WE pay for THE DAMAGE THEIR PRODUCTS CAUSE via the “vaccine injury compensation” funded by tax dollars. And, that is IF you happen to live some place actually paying that to begin with. And, that you get through all the figurative flaming hoops to be compensated.

This is insanity, you do not need the medical establishment!

Also see: Amandha Vollmer Calmly Breaks Down Why Virology is a Scam to Dr. Paul Cottrell. Notice how Uptight Cottrell is in this Debate, he Needs a Good Naturopathic Detox!

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