December 17, 2006

Lou Dobbs Hammers a Union Vice President About How His Union Uses Member Dues to Protect Illegals.

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I’ve continually tried to show how Unions work against workers rather than for them. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the government’s show piece raid of Swift & Company. We know it was a show piece raid, because this administration has been weak on enforcement and the company was alerted prior to the raid of when it would occur. The company even tried to fight it in court. Who knows how many illegals got away because the Feds gave advance warning. Well since the raid, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union has been crying on behalf of the illegals!!! Using all the typical Liberal rhetoric you would expect from anyone trying to defend illegals. Crying about race and even claiming illegals are “American workers” 🙄 .

Lou Dobbs spoke with Marc Lauritsen, the Union’s International VP. And Lou gave Mr. Lauritsen a well deserved verbal smack down! You should check out this video, because Lou lays a smack down that exposes the union for the bogus fraud that it really is.

Lou Dobbs layeth the smacketh down on a union nut.

I’m not with all the talk about “Dobbs for President”, but on this issue Dobbs knows how to hit the ball out of the park.

You can get the full transcript from here.

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