May 18, 2006

Robert Rector Discusses, Illegal Immigration, Guest Worker and Legalization Issues with Laura Ingraham (Audio)

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Robert E. Rector, Senior Research Fellow in Domestic Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation has produced a report regarding the proposed immigration reform that is shocking. The initial proposal may have increased the number of immigrants in America by over 100 million people within 20 years. Since alarms have sounded because of his findings, lawmakers have proposed changes, but still the number would be about 66 million. There is no way this nation could reasonably sustain such a large influx of people, without there being a major negative impact. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA, S.2611) is being touted as a bill to reduce illegal immigration, but the impact would be a much larger influx of legal immigrants than could be reasonably sustained. It’s giant closet amnesty bill! Mr. Rector has also produced a report about how this all could impact welfare and poverty in America.

Mr. Rector’s findings have been shaking things up in Washington, DC and across the nation, as people review his reports. He spoke with Laura Ingraham today. During the show, he described the proposed immigration bill as the most dangerous bill he’s seen in 25 years in Washington. He responded to callers and clips Laura played from Tony Snow, Alberto Gonzalez and John McCain. He also dispelled the claim of America being a “nation of immigrants”, given most people in America are native born. I totally agree with that. Most of us have generations of family that were born in America. It is ridiculous to continue trying to see ourselves all as “immigrants”. We now are the American natives. Laura had to point out that it’s a pretty bad situation when we Conservatives agree with Robert Byrd, who opposes the amnesty (aka guest worker and legalization provisions).

You can hear the audio of their discussion using the links below.
Laura Ingraham and Robert Rector, Part 1 – WMA Audio

Laura Ingraham and Robert Rector, Part 2 – WMA Audio

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We need a fence that covers the entire southern border. Not just an additional 370 miles. Till then it would be best for the entire southern border to be militarized, to prevent illegal immigration. And we don’t need to create any amnesty programs. That means no guest worker program and no legalization for illegal aliens living here already. Our borders should first be secured and then we can manage all other issues.

7 Responses to “Robert Rector Discusses, Illegal Immigration, Guest Worker and Legalization Issues with Laura Ingraham (Audio)”

  1. rightonpeachtree Says:

    Check this out. It’ll make your head explode. Perhaps you should put on a tight hat before you read it.

  2. Independent Conservative Says:

    Robert Rector Responds to White House Efforts to Discredit His Report (Audi0)

    Yesterday I mentioned how Robert Rector is upsetting government efforts to establish a large amnesty program and included audio from Mr. Rector himself, along with links to his reports. Well yesterday afternoon, the White House responded with an e-ma…

  3. IndependentConservative Says:

    rightonpeachtree – That is a good find.

    Honestly I can’t say I’m surprised. Republicans running back-room deals for the business community is pretty much what they are expected to do. Of course we know Democrats do the same.

  4. rightonpeachtree Says:

    IndyCon, I commented on Jack Kingston’s blog that nearly all of the problems in the country can be tied back to the deals with the devil being made between pols and big biz:

    * Oil and energy dependence (which extends to terrorism and the scum we have to deal with in the Middle East
    * Illegal immigration
    * No-bid contracts with companies like Halliburton (who then commit fraud and overbilling)
    * Environmental issues (and I’m not a tree-hugger, but I don’t want companies to be able to pour mercury into our water)

    And you’re right. It is Dems and the Republicans.

    Is there a way to get a referendum on a national ballot? If so, we should try to get term limits on the ballot. Of course, the idiot pols will never put them in place…but the power of the incumbency is so strong in our current buy-your-candidate system that we get stuck with idiots like Byrd, Kennedy, and Stevens for decades on end. Term limits would solve a lot of our problems because pols wouldn’t have to be as attentive to the big-money donors if they aren’t going to be there that long. Also, the big-money donors won’t be willing to invest as much in pols who won’t be able to help them long term.

  5. IndependentConservative Says:

    I agree term limits would be nice. For all levels of every elected office.

    And as Mark Levin has pointed out, something needs to be done regarding the Supreme Court, given some justices sit on the court till they are near death. They need either to have some lengthy set limit or an age limit. That would really make elections mean a lot, because you’d know when a certain justice was going to leave. And justices already play this game by trying to wait to retire until a President they prefer is in office.

    If a term limit works for the President, it’s good for all others too.

    Since you live in Atlanta, I’m sure you’ve seen how Atlanta Mayors would run for 2-3 terms and then leave. (Not because of term limits, but that’s how it has gone.) As each left, Maynard Jackson would “appoint” the next person. That would happen with term limits. Some respected politican would try and “appoint” the next person in line. While the city did end up with folks like Bill Campbell, Shirley Franklin is a bit better. I still don’t like her either, given she’s Liberal, but she’s a little bit better. She had to at least show voters that she would do better than the last person. Without term limits you never even get that!

    Remember how Franklin said she would have audits-galore? And they actually helped. Now I wonder if her veto of the proposed rules on “gifts” will be over-ridden? How long have people like CT Martin been in the city council? He’s a real rat for trying to push that mess!

  6. Independent Conservative Says:

    Video for North Mexican National Anthem, Nuestro Himno

    Today reader Samuel sent me a link to a video of the North Mexican National Anthem (aka Nuestro Himno). Which you are supposed to believe is the US National anthem being sung in Spanish. As has already been pointed out, it is not a translation, but …

  7. The Strata-Sphere » Blog Archive » Laura Igraham; Math Ditz Says:

    […] I thought she would save herself the embarrassment when she noted the total population of the US was 270 million (its actually up to 300 million but who is quibbling).   But the math challenged would not see the obvious idiocy between a population of 300 Million and claiming there would be an influx of 100 million people over a guest worker program!  I am guessing that fishing hook in Laura’s math challenged mouth is from Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation – who also is not the brightest math bulb on the block. […]

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