April 16, 2008

Doing All They Can to Avoid Calling it the Shedding of Innocent Blood That it is.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. were asked a very simple question, that any Christian should respect. They were asked when does life begin. Any Christian knowing God begins His work of forming a child in the womb would have to answer life starts in the womb. We know babies kick in the womb, John the Baptist leaped for joy in his mother Elizabeth’s womb when Mary came to visit his mother just after being told she would give birth to Jesus, Luke 1:39-45 [click to expand link]. Babies are certainly alive in the womb! But watch the 2 Democratic Presidential candidates, who claim they are followers of Jesus Christ, the same Jesus Christ that once spent time in a womb, answering when life begins. They refuse to affirm life beings at conception. Because they don’t want to admit their advocacy for legal abortion is an advocacy for legal murder in the womb, the mass shedding of innocent blood. Watch 2 Presidential candidates lie and then see the truth from the Word of God afterward.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. dodge that abortion is murder. Life begins at conception!

Note that I used a video service named for this video instead of YouTube. Not that I won’t use YouTube any longer, but I think it’s best to diversify video investments, given YouTube is very much becoming a tool of enemies of the cross. A tool that is making it more difficult for Christians to share the gospel via that service.

March 11, 2008

Thomas Weeks Pleads Guilty to Giving Juanita Bynum a Parking Lot Beat Down!

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Now lets keep in mind, FOR A VERY LONG TIME, he has been claiming to be totally innocent and using all kinds of excuses.

Now look at what Mr. Forked Tongue Weeks is saying!

Thomas Weeks Pleads Guilty! Contradicts Prior Pleas!!!

Hat tip Covina.

Thomas Weeks (III or Jr. or II or whoever he is) has beaten his wife and made statements that contradict. I say I feel he’s a big time lair and a punk wife beater.

1 Peter 3:7 (New American Standard Bible)

7 You husbands in the same way, live with your wives in an understanding way, as with someone weaker, since she is a woman; and show her honor as a fellow heir of the grace of life, so that your prayers will not be hindered.

Did the indwelling of the Holy Spirit cause him to come clean? NO! A sweet plea deal did. You who feel these pimps are “anointed” by God almighty need help that ONLY God can give.

They are both lying pulpit pimps, that make merchandise of the gift of God and cater to lust of the flesh. They are fully detailed in 2 Peter 2 [click to expand link].

March 10, 2008

Rick Warren Tells Unbeliever Alan Colmes, Just “Skip” the Parts of His Book That Focus on Salvation in Christ Alone. Is This How Christians are to Show Love to Unbelievers?

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The bottom line is this, if you feel Jesus is the ONLY means to salvation and you love unbelievers. No matter what other faith the unbeliever claims, if you have a book for them to read with the message of salvation in Christ noted. Telling them to skip that portion FAILS to show them true love. If you really LOVE THEM, than you desire for them to join you in the Kingdom of God.

See what Rick Warren had to say to Alan Colmes on the 12/20/2007 broadcast of the FoxNews program Hannity and Colmes.
(And watch Hannity groveling.)

Rick Warren Says SKIP Sections in His Book About Salvation!

Not that I find Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life to be a book I’d ever recommend to anyone and I only recommend you read Melvin Jones’ write-up Purpose Driven Tripe or The Bible Driven Life and the Bible instead. But to see Rick Warren recommend that Alan Colmes (who is Jewish and denies that Jesus is the Christ) SKIP portions of his book that mention things that might be offensive to someone who denies Christ, proves the book was not a work truly done in the Lord’s name. It’s about doing what Rick desires and I guess Rick feels Alan Colmes can find salvation in works of charity instead. Since he told Alan to SKIP to other parts of the book. And Rick pushing a works based salvation seems to be his way of doing things. Which is why a Roman Catholic like Sean Hannity feels so cozy with Rick, given Rick won’t dare chat with Sean Hannity about how Roman Catholic Tradition is unbiblical. But Rick Warren claims to be a pastor of a Protestant church assembly, one of the largest in the nation.

The Lord knew who to pick when He had Peter speak for Him, because Rick Warren will never utter the words noted in Acts 2:14-40 [click to expand link].

Acts 4:12 (New American Standard Bible)

12 “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.”

If we really want to show love, we can’t simply chuckle off and ask an unbeliever to skip the message of salvation. The message of faith on the Lord Jesus Christ by the grace of God, to the glory of our God.

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November 7, 2007

Video of the Pulpit Pimp Investigation Coverage.

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I’ve got some of the video from various news reports and interviews below:


Senator Grassley Answers Questions About Pulpit Pimp Inquiry


US Senator Chuck Grassley Investigates Pulpit Pimps


Pulpit Pimps Under Investigation – The Atlanta Report


Creflo “Thinks He Will Comply” W/Pulpit Pimp Investigation


Grassley Explains His Authority to Investigate Pulpit Pimps

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October 29, 2007

Mother Determined to Testify Despite Thug Intimidation. (Video)

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See the video below:


Mother Determined to Testify Despite Thug Intimidation.
This mother was the victim of crime at the hands of thugs. The same kinds of thugs that cause much of the crime ordinary people are victims of every day. She is determined to testify against the thugs. It appears (rather obviously), that to try and intimidate her the thugs killed her son and tried to also kill her daughter. The mother presses forward, determined to testify, to try and have justice served on thugs.Where is Jesse Jackson now? Isn’t this worse than a kid being locked up who was involved in sexual immorality? This woman has done nothing wrong in the laws of God or man to have to face this thuggery. But Jesse can show up to offer words of heresy when the cameras are on. Who will march and camp out in defense of this woman? Isn’t this worse than some kid(s) being locked up for beating and stomping another boy nearly to death in school and being locked up for it? Don’t come to me about Genarlow or Jena. I won’t even entertain such discussion. See me once you’re ready to address what is really leaving dead bodies in the streets!


And if you want to know how things got this bad with the increase in thug activity, consider 1 Timothy 5:8. All you need are enough men to start acting like DOGS and running from their responsibilities.


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