January 13, 2022

What If Queen Elizabeth And The Royals Are Worse Than You Know?!!!

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I must say, seeing Queen Elizabeth cut off Jeffrey Epstein pal Prince Andrew leave me less than impressed. In fact, I see it as a likely CYA effort. Because if even 10% of the below video is true, it’s all far worse than you get from the media. Please note the video has graphic statements.

Satanic ritual abuse survivor Jeanette Archer exposing the satanic Queen at Windsor Castle

October 19, 2021

The January 6th Media Spin Job!

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January 6 Videos Reveal Even More Truth, Destroys Fake News Narrative

September 24, 2021

THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER performed by Victory Boyd

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July 27, 2021

Maggie Vandenberghe Breaks Down With Precision Why People Like Me Exists!

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And I am not saying her method for making things better is the answer. More politics to battle bad politics still ends up with a man centered effort. Focus on your true Lord and King. If less people were compromising and more were truly focused on Christ. The politics would never have even attempted to start the mess we’re in now. And for what’s coming, you’re going to need The Lord, not politics.

April 16, 2008

Doing All They Can to Avoid Calling it the Shedding of Innocent Blood That it is.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. were asked a very simple question, that any Christian should respect. They were asked when does life begin. Any Christian knowing God begins His work of forming a child in the womb would have to answer life starts in the womb. We know babies kick in the womb, John the Baptist leaped for joy in his mother Elizabeth’s womb when Mary came to visit his mother just after being told she would give birth to Jesus, Luke 1:39-45 [click to expand link]. Babies are certainly alive in the womb! But watch the 2 Democratic Presidential candidates, who claim they are followers of Jesus Christ, the same Jesus Christ that once spent time in a womb, answering when life begins. They refuse to affirm life beings at conception. Because they don’t want to admit their advocacy for legal abortion is an advocacy for legal murder in the womb, the mass shedding of innocent blood. Watch 2 Presidential candidates lie and then see the truth from the Word of God afterward.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. dodge that abortion is murder. Life begins at conception!

Note that I used a video service named for this video instead of YouTube. Not that I won’t use YouTube any longer, but I think it’s best to diversify video investments, given YouTube is very much becoming a tool of enemies of the cross. A tool that is making it more difficult for Christians to share the gospel via that service.

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