December 27, 2021

An Actual Fair And Balanced Look At The Middle East Situation!

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Alison Weir: Against Our Better Judgment

They Don’t Want You To Know The Truth About The White Helmets!

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Ep 363: Vanessa Beeley on Being Detained at Heathrow & the UK’s War on Journalists

Dear Christian, Beware Donald Trump’s Ties to 9/11. And Zionism’s Ties to Trump and PragerU.

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She talks about her background being born a Jew in the United States, but spending many of her former years in Israel. Coming of age of Israel, Streit was made to join the Israeli Military where she was placed in the infamous Unit 8200.

Unit 8200 is an Israeli intelligence agency devoted to the defense of the Jewish State and whose alumni have gone on to build the basis for a variety of Israeli spy-tech companies.

Who is the CEO of PragerU, and why did she received a ‘Thank You’ call from the Israeli Government?

December 22, 2021

The 9/11 Your Government Doesn’t Want You To Know.

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False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda — Part 2: 9/11

December 20, 2021

Israel’s Proxy War With Iraq, And How Government Spending Fuels Banks, John Stadtmiller Reports.

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Zionism is Racism by John Stadtmiller, Part 5 Hour 1

In this episode John covers Israel’s proxy war with Iraq, and how government spending fuels banks. A caller speaks to how The New World Order is running through Australia. Given this was in 2009 and seeing how all is going today. This was very on point!

Also see: In memory of John Stadtmiller

Zionism and the Jewish Elite: John Stadtmiller, The National Intel Report

John Stadtmiller Explains WWI And Why Zionism Is Not What Most Christians Think It Is!

The Apartheid of Zionism and its Ties to Communism, John Stadtmiller Reports

Sephardic Jews vs Ashkenazi Jews and Why it Matters! John Stadtmiller Reports.

How Zionism Influences US and Russian Foreign Policy, From Within.

Sephardic Jews and Arab Muslims Lived in Peace in Palestine Until…

The Rothschild Rise in Banking Power and Wars For Profit, John Stadtmiller Reports.

Rothschild Ties to The NAACP, ADL and Adolf Hitler. John Stadtmiller Reports.

How The Rothschild Family Rose Zionist Israel, Moved Out Christians And Others, Backed Communist China, The Masonic Murder of JFK And The Birth Of “Hate Speech”! John Stadtmiller Reports.

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