April 12, 2021

About Mike Lindell’s New Media Platform,

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February 11, 2021

Today in Cancel Culture…

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So many things, Conservatives are being removed from big tech social media in mass. Makes me glad I never got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for this blog. But here’s what has been happening of the most notable today. Keep in mind this is just a few, very many others are facing the same.

Life Site News has been canceled by YouTube. Regardless of any theological differences between we Protestants and Roman Catholics. Life Site News has always been solid for defending the unborn and a reliable resource for all people. Read their article: It’s clear: YouTube and Big Tech hate not only LifeSiteNews. They hate you

Long time vaccine safety advocate Robert Kenney Jr. has been canceled by Instagram. The Epoch Times has a good article about this. Some may have concerns The Epoch Times has strong ties to practitioners of Falun Gong, which is not Christian. While I am in no way endorsing Falun Gong. Consider solid news reporting can come from various sources. The Epoch Times has done a great job reporting persecution of all people in China, Christians included.

Twitter has suspended Project Veritas. Not totally canceled there yet, but may be. They offer a good video commentary.

You can find James over on Gab.

Remember in all this, the Lord reigns and His Word must be fulfilled to full completion. Count it joy when you are persecuted for His Name’s sake! That’s not to say Conservative = Christian. Certainly not. But just for you to know if you follow Christ in the truth of His Word any persecution has a great gain in the end.

January 15, 2021

YouTube just tried to hide this from you

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Less than 1 hour ago, YouTube removed this video from their site for “Violation of community guidelines”. Watch and see if you find something objectionable.

May 11, 2009

Are any new posts coming?

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Lord willing, yes 🙂 .

I know some of you have been asking about the slowdown in posts here on this blog. Thank you all for your prayers and kind thoughts. Me and my house are well and have been fine. (Oh darn, the prosperity heretics and others of false doctrines can’t say I somehow fell into despair for warning saints to avoid them.) Nothing more than various schedule changes, that resulted in less time to do blog posts the way I find it best to do them. So rather than make quickie posts to fill space, I wait till the Lord wills time to do new posts right. I do have one in particular in the works and Lord willing look forward to other future posts as well.

Always keep in mind. Jesus is your only hope. You can’t please a perfect God of yourself and Jesus is your only means to the Father and eternal life. The finished work of Jesus Christ at the cross, giving His life for the sins of God’s children and His having been raised from the dead, are the only hope anyone has. Trust and beleive in Jesus, the Only Son of God. The Father sent His Son and those who beleive are sealed by the Holy Spirit. All the work God, not man’s hands, because God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You can’t save yourself, only God can save because you are His creation.

October 9, 2008 Will Be Back, Sometime…

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Melvin’s blog has suffered another infiltration by hackers, who were using his web resources for nefarious purposes. Who is behind it I don’t know, other than knowing they do the work of their father the devil, but I’ve seen all kinds of sites suffer these kinds of things.

Just wanted to let everyone know the issue is being addressed and Melvin will have the blog back up when he can.

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