May 11, 2009

Are any new posts coming?

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Lord willing, yes 🙂 .

I know some of you have been asking about the slowdown in posts here on this blog. Thank you all for your prayers and kind thoughts. Me and my house are well and have been fine. (Oh darn, the prosperity heretics and others of false doctrines can’t say I somehow fell into despair for warning saints to avoid them.) Nothing more than various schedule changes, that resulted in less time to do blog posts the way I find it best to do them. So rather than make quickie posts to fill space, I wait till the Lord wills time to do new posts right. I do have one in particular in the works and Lord willing look forward to other future posts as well.

Always keep in mind. Jesus is your only hope. You can’t please a perfect God of yourself and Jesus is your only means to the Father and eternal life. The finished work of Jesus Christ at the cross, giving His life for the sins of God’s children and His having been raised from the dead, are the only hope anyone has. Trust and beleive in Jesus, the Only Son of God. The Father sent His Son and those who beleive are sealed by the Holy Spirit. All the work God, not man’s hands, because God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You can’t save yourself, only God can save because you are His creation.

October 9, 2008 Will Be Back, Sometime…

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Melvin’s blog has suffered another infiltration by hackers, who were using his web resources for nefarious purposes. Who is behind it I don’t know, other than knowing they do the work of their father the devil, but I’ve seen all kinds of sites suffer these kinds of things.

Just wanted to let everyone know the issue is being addressed and Melvin will have the blog back up when he can.

September 29, 2008

About The Most Recent Outtage

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The short story is, the blog needed to be moved to a new server because you folks read it so much 😀 .

That is done and all is well.

I do advise you WordPress bloggers who pay for your own web hosting, to read this and give WP Super Cache a try BEFORE you’re using too many server resources 😉 .

September 24, 2008

The Blog Is Back Up, Short A Few Comments. Plus Some Odd Symbols. (*Updated: All Clear*)

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Sometimes efforts to perform routine maintenance go awry. And sometimes backups don’t have all that they’re supposed to have in them 🙂 . But no matter, thank God through Jesus Christ I’m saved by grace. And to boot the blog is working again. I was able to get all the posts back after some DB maintenance really messed things up. But it seems some of them have an odd character where quotes used to be. And I was able to get most comments back, up till 9/17/2008. Unfortunately my more recent backup failed to include some more recent comments. It’s all a long story, but bottom line is all posts are back and most comments too. I’m still working on getting the comments after 9/17/2008 till now back. Till I’m done getting those comments back, probably NOT a good idea to make any new comments 😀 . I’ll update this post when you can make comments again. But any new comments made at the moment might be permanently lost when I get the others restored. For now, enjoy reading 🙂 .

update 9/24/2008 11:45PM:
Finally got all the comments back and also was able to get rid of those odd looking characters that were showing up. Here’s a note for you who backup your own WordPress database to a .sql file. Before restoring, open the file in Notepad and save it with ANSI encoding. That’s how I got rid of the odd characters and was much easier than other options. And regarding your backups, make sure you’re using WordPress recommended backup options. (MySQL DB restore tools [in phpMyAdmin] use UTF8 and that’s the option to select in the restore file character type, but somehow if the file is not saved as ANSI encoded, the odd characters show up, because the DB or the DB backup process or WordPress does something odd with the encoding of text.)

So all is back to as it was yesterday, praise the Lord.

March 31, 2008

If You are Having Issues Logging in.

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It seems since I upgraded the blog to WordPress v2.5 over the weekend, that some of you are having issues logging in. (Some are having issues and others are not having any problems at all.) If you have your password e-mailed to you automatically and that does not help, you can contact me using the e-mail account you signed up with and I’ll try and reset your password manually.

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