October 18, 2021

Unvaccinated NHL Player Best Athlete on the Ice

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Unvaccinated NHL Player Best Athlete on the Ice – Scores 4 Goals in First Game

May 21, 2021

The Real Dirt In The NFL

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June 9, 2008

The Prosperity Doctrine Fails Evander Holyfield. Unable to Keep Boxing at Top Level, to Keep Debts Paid.

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I honestly feel like Evander Holyfield might be a guy who loves the Lord, but being fairly naive he’s been played by pulpit pimps all over. His status basically attracts evil like a magnet. He used to hang with Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. and once gave Toufik Benedictus Hinn (aka Benny Hinn) a bunch of money after a supposed healing, that was later found to be nothing but a misdiagnosis. Well now he’s got money problems and the “total life prosperity” (heresy) didn’t give him the physical ability to keep fighting at the top of the boxing game.

Evander Holyfield Tries to Hold On: Says $10M Home Won’t Be Foreclosed

By Jon Shanks
Jun 9, 2008

Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield has denied that his home will be foreclosed and is trying to hold on to the property. The legendary boxer told the Associated Press, “Everything is all right with the house now.” A legal notice that ran on Wednesday in a small local newspaper said Holyfield’s estate will be auctioned off “at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash” at the Fayette County courthouse on July 1.

News.Com in Australia reports that the 54,000-square-foot home has 109 rooms, including 17 bathrooms, three kitchens and a bowling alley. The estate is valued at $10 million. The boxing champ says, he’s not broke — “I’m just not liquid.”


So what went wrong? For one thing Holyfield, has at least nine children and the report claims that Holyfield’s handlers allegedly told the mother of one of his children that he will no longer be able to make his $3,000-a-month support payment. The report details more financial woes as well. A federal lawsuit was filed about two weeks ago in Utah seeking repayment of over $500,000 in loans allegedly made to Holyfield in late 2006 and early 2007 to pay for landscaping on the estate.

Holyfield fought prize fights for nearly a quarter century and likely made hundreds of millions of dollars. He now joins TV pitchman Ed McMahon with his high profile possible foreclosure of former multi-millionaire celebrities that might lose their homes.

I really hope Holyfield is now worshiping with a group of saints teaching sound doctrine. But his life is an example of how the prosperity doctrine is not all it’s trumped up to be. Evander named and claimed wins for some fights and lost. He’s not a contender for anything in boxing now. He’s got money trouble and he’s “not liquid”. In this market, selling big trucks and houses is not easy.

We all know Evander while claiming the Lord’s name has continually been found in sexual immorality and has had marriage after marriage. And usually if someone is having an affair outside the marriage it’s him. So he’s been all messed up in many adulteries. It’s such a convoluted mess, I won’t even attempt to explain or sort it all out. I will say he’s never attempted to act like God approved of any time he’s been caught in immorality, far as I know and that’s a good thing. I just hope he gets his life together and lives godly.

February 14, 2008

Roger Clemens, I Think He’s a Liar.

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Bottom line, 2 witnesses say Roger Clemens used HGH. Roger Clemens claims he never used it, oh but his wife did. I think Clemens is a liar, lied under oath and should be appropriately prosecuted.

Clemens denies he ever used steroids

WASHINGTON – Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee both were pressed during extensive questioning at Wednesday’s congressional hearing on the Mitchell Report.

Clemens maintained his vehement stance in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, denying McNamee’s claims that he injected the star pitcher with performance-enhancing drugs.

McNamee, Clemens’ former trainer, revealed in the Mitchell Report that he injected the seven-time Cy Young Award winner with steroids and human growth hormone at least 16 times between 1998 and 2001.

Clemens’ former teammate and training partner, Pettitte said in an affidavit that Clemens admitted to using HGH in a conversation which occurred 10 years ago.

Rather than attacking Pettitte’s testimony, Clemens danced around the issue, constantly saying that the New York Yankees lefthander “misremembered” the context of their conversation.

“Andy Pettitte is my friend,” Clemens said. “He was my friend before this. He will be my friend after this. I think Andy has misheard – I think he misremembers our conversation.”

“Somebody’s not telling the truth today,” added Mark Souder, an Indiana Republican. “It’s better not to talk about the past than to lie about the past.”

Both Clemens and McNamee could potentially face perjury charges if either were to be found guilty of lying during the hearing, a fact that several committee members harped on.

Has Roger Clemens been contemplating a run for public office? That “I think Andy has misheard – I think he misremembers our conversation.” line sounds just like some of the stuff I’ve heard politicians saying when they are asked direct questions.

Some might claim Brian McNamee is not a man of the highest moral character, given some events in his past, but he’s been on point with other claims regarding who used HGH. Let’s remember, Roger Clemens has 2 witnesses against him, not just McNamee.

Pettitte, who spent the last nine seasons as a teammate of Clemens with the Yankees and Houston Astros, also was named in the Mitchell Report by McNamee, who said he injected the two-time All-Star with HGH on two occasions. Pettitte later admitted that he had used HGH twice while injured in 2002.

Pettitte also issued a statement hours prior to Wednesday’s hearing, admitting that he also used HGH in 2004. The lefthander spoke to committee lawyers under oath last week, providing a sworn deposition that coincided with many of McNamee’s claims.

McNamee said Andy Pettitte did it and Pettitte admits he did.

So with Clemens speaking against both Pettitte and McNamee, he’s claiming one guy “misheard” in Pettitte and what would be McNamee’s motive for saying things that have him standing in a congressional hearing? McNamee has nothing to gain from implicating Clemens.

I believe 2 witnesses over 1 who has everything to gain from lying.

McNamee saved materials used when injecting Clemens, but given those syringes were not kept under a tight police-style level of security. So it might not be admissible in court. Still, it shows McNamee is doing much to prove his claim. Also congress wanted to speak to Roger Clemens’ former nanny about this matter, but guess who got to her before she could be interviewed? Roger Clemens.

Ex-teammates, former nanny may hurt Clemens

The private testimony of two ex-teammates and a former nanny undercuts famed pitcher Roger Clemens’ public insistence that he never used banned drugs.

Moments after Clemens and his chief accuser, former trainer Brian McNamee, finished a 4 1/2-hour grilling by skeptical lawmakers at a nationally televised hearing Wednesday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released documents that cast new doubts on the seven-time Cy Young Award winner’s claim that he is the victim of an elaborate frame-up.

Meanwhile, a deposition from a nanny who cared for Clemens’ four sons a decade ago suggested to Committee Chair Henry Waxman, D-Los Angeles, that Clemens may have been trying to orchestrate the testimony of other committee witnesses in hopes of discrediting McNamee.

In sworn depositions this month, former New York Yankees Andy Pettitte and Chuck Knoblauch both testified that McNamee, whom Clemens’ legal team has portrayed as a reckless liar, told the truth when he described injecting them with human growth hormone.

Pettitte, whom Clemens described to lawmakers as “a very honest fellow,” told congressional investigators Feb. 4 that Clemens had admitted to him in a 1999 conversation that he used human growth hormone, according to the documents, which lawmakers repeatedly alluded to during the hearing.

In his testimony, Pettitte portrayed McNamee as an honest man who had given investigators a truthful account of Pettitte’s own foray into the use of growth hormone to rehabilitate an elbow injury in 2002.

And Pettitte said that when he reminded Clemens of their conversation about growth hormone in 2005, Clemens said that it was his wife, Debbie, who had used the drugs, not himself.

For his part, Knoblauch said McNamee told the truth when he described Knoblauch’s use of human growth hormone at a time the infielder was struggling with a problem with his throwing motion. Knoblauch said he knew nothing about Clemens’ use of banned drugs, but his testimony, like Pettitte’s, raised questions that Clemens told lawmakers he could not really answer: Why would McNamee tell outrageous lies about Clemens while telling the absolute truth about his Yankee teammates?

The nanny, whose name was redacted from her deposition, told investigators she did not recall Clemens being present at a 1998 party at the Miami home of slugger and admitted steroid user Jose Canseco, who then was Clemens’ teammate on the Toronto Blue Jays. At the time, Clemens’ family was staying at Canseco’s home while the Blue Jays were in town to play the Florida Marlins.

In a statement during former Sen. George Mitchell’s probe into what is called baseball’s steroid era, McNamee said Clemens huddled with Canseco at the party, then asked to be injected with banned performance-enhancing drugs. Clemens had adamantly denied going to the party, and his legal team claimed that McNamee was lying about the event to buttress other aspects of his false story about Clemens and drugs.

But in her deposition, the nanny also said she met with Clemens last Sunday at his Houston home at his request to discuss her testimony – at a time when lawmakers were trying to locate her for an interview and before Clemens made her whereabouts known. It was the first time she had seen Clemens in seven years, she said. Clemens told her to “tell the truth” to Congress, she said, but he also told her “the reason that you don’t remember a party is because I wasn’t there.”

Now why would Roger Clemens need to meet with the nanny nobody could find, to tell her to “tell the truth” and “I wasn’t there”? Seems like he prepped her to me. Although Clemens claims he was doing his part to help the investigation. He should have told them where to find her and not met with her himself if he wanted to help. Obviously he knew how to reach her better than others.

Now I feel Clemens is guilty even without him being indicted, but I suspect I’ll have far less people complaining about me speaking about Roger Clemens, than those who were upset I spoke about Barry Bonds even after he was indicted. It’s just so amazing how the people who speak up for Barry will probably be silent or far less vigorous with defending Clemens and probably never speak in defense of someone like Lance Armstrong. I always felt Lance was up to no good too. Even Lance’s former friends say he was dirty. And what if steroids were the cause of Lance Armstrong’s cancer?

I would not mind if all the names I’ve mentioned joined Marion Jones behind bars. Of course Lance would have to do his time in a French prison πŸ˜› .

It’s sad there are so many cheaters, but seeing selective outrage is always interesting too.

December 30, 2007

I Would Call the New England Patriots Cheaters, but They All Are!

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Knowing the Patriots have had a perfect season, me NOT being a Patriots fan and knowing how they were busted early in the season for stealing signals. This would normally lead me to claim the Patriots are just cheaters, who don’t deserve credit for a perfect season. Keep in mind, I am NOT an Patriots fan. I watched yesterday’s game hoping they would lose, while knowing they would probably win and they did win. I work hard to find ways to denounce them when such opportunities are available πŸ˜† .

(I do appreciate the effort the NY Giants put forth to try and win though.)

However, I must give credit where it is honestly due. The New England Patriots have won every regular season game. I can’t harp about them ever stealing signals, because it appears THAT KIND OF CHEATING IS COMMON WITH ALL NFL TEAMS.

Spy for a spy: Jets started video battle

The Jets-Patriots spy games became a national story in September, when the Patriots were busted for illegally videotaping Jets coaches from the sideline at the Meadowlands. Unbeknownst to the public, the two teams engaged in video warfare throughout the 2006 season.

At a game in Foxborough, a Jets employee was caught videotaping from the end-zone stands, according to a league source. The camera wasn’t confiscated and the incident wasn’t reported to the league, but Patriots officials were miffed. Just recently, a team official mentioned the incident in a conversation about this Sunday’s Jets-Patriots game.

Before the Foxborough incident, the Jets sniffed out a Patriots spy at the September, 2006 game at the Meadowlands, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. At the time, the Jets didn’t report it because they were unable to confiscate the camera or the tape.

Ultimately, the Patriots were caught on opening day by Jets security, taping the Jets’ defensive coaches giving signals. The camera and the tape were confiscated by league security, and the NFL delivered harsh punishment. Belichick was fined $500,000, and the Patriots were docked a 2008 first-round pick and $250,000.

“It’s no big deal,” former Cowboys and Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson told the Daily News yesterday. “Everybody made too much out of it when it happened. This stuff has been going on for 20 years. I did it, too.”

With my last salvo to blast the Patriots with lost, I can only say to them, congratulations. I hope these teams stop cheating so much.

On a related note, the NFL was smart, to not hoard broadcasting of the game to their own network (the NFL Network).

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