December 7, 2021

California’s Campbell Union High School District Gives Students A “Resource” With Spells To Hex

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November 23, 2021

Online College Enrollment Fraud For Financial Aid Money!

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Fake students & fraud flood California community colleges during Covid || Kim Rich

November 12, 2021

Why You Need to Use a Very Good Water Filter!

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320+ Toxic Substances Detected in U.S. Tap Water

November 10, 2021

Ally Carter Speaks to Stew Peters of the Evil They Don’t Want You to Know About!

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And, since the deep truth is coming out for a moment. I will be straight up and say, don’t put any hope in a man who¬†“15 Days to Slow the Spread”, “Warp Speed”¬†promotes poison shots till this very day. Trust God through Jesus Christ alone!

October 19, 2021

Belly of the Beast, The America You Never Knew

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BELLY OF THE BEAST — Justen & Wes Faull

I have mentioned their documentary before, but it’s worth repeating and I didn’t share this particular related interview earlier.

You can get the full director’s cut of their film for $15 here. (I am not affiliated with them, that is not a referral link, and not an advertisement.)

If you go to the website they mentioned it points to that above Vimeo webpage. But you can also get the DVD at their site if you prefer physical media.

The Director’s cut is very worthwhile viewing. And you may even enjoy researching what they say yourself, as I did.

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