January 5, 2007

Herman Badillo Tells Hispanics it’s Time to Learn English and Do Better in School. (Video)

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Herman Badillo was the first ever US Congressman elected who was born in Puerto Rico. He is now a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute. He has written a book titled “One Nation One Standard – An Ex-Liberal on How Hispanics Can Succeed Just Like Other Immigrant Groups”. After fighting in Congress as a Liberal, he’s doing sometime other Liberals in Congress fail to do. That is to actually look at the effect of Liberal policies and admit they don’t work. In particular he’s addressing the issue of Hispanics’ terrible education performance.

Badillo admits bi-lingual education is failing.

Sure we can say Hispanics have a great work ethic, however that actually applies mainly to first generation immigrants. Their children are not doing well in school. The work ethic is not being reflected in American classrooms. When it comes to good work ethic, most first generation immigrants have it. We just happen to be seeing a lot of Hispanic immigrants.

For clarification’s sake, given some people tend to treat legal and illegal immigrants the same, I must say that my words in this post are not for illegal immigrants. They are law breakers from the moment they enter America illegally and usually their next step is to steal the identity of a legal citizen. Law breakers get no credit from me for being hard working law breakers.

Badillo is sounding the call for Hispanics to start working harder to excel, or they will be a permanent underclass. He’s kind of doing a Bill Cosby, minus all the sex scandal stuff. So you know he’s doing something I feel is a good thing. He once pressed for bi-lingual education in schools, but now sees it is not working.

I have a link to video of his appearance on FoxNews today below. That video starts with him talking about how he proposed bi-lingual education, but it has failed and been abused. He now feels that everyone should be held to the same standard. Now that’s what I call the American way! You can also see other recent video of Badillo’s media tour here.

He says the Hispanic kids need to work to do better in school, or they won’t be able to get a job or get ahead. Hispanics are the largest minority group and Badillo says they have the highest drop out rate and the lowest percentage going to college. That forecast spells doom my friends. Everyone should be praising Badillo for his efforts, but as usual Liberals are all upset.

When speaking of the need for kids to finish school with skills to get a job, Badillo said:

You have to be able once you graduate and hopefully the kids will graduate to get a job…and too many of the Hispanic children end up without even having a High School diploma…

It’s really sad when someone has to speak of people in their own racial group like that. Personally I know his pain and could easily replace most of his words where he says “Hispanic” with “Black”. Although Blacks are obviously doing better in school at the moment, it’s sad to know they have much more work to do in order to excel in America.

Badillo says he wrote the book to bring national attention to the issue. And it’s an issue everyone can learn from. Regardless of someone’s race, we all must press for children to value education and gain skills necessary to take care of themselves and their future children. And speaking of children’s future children, sadly some kids are doing things they should not be doing until marriage and they already have kids. But that relates to another Liberal issue of how they wish to throw condoms at immorality. An issue I’ll reserve for some other post.

See and hear Herman Badillo tell it like it is using the link below.
Former Congressman Herman Badillo on FoxNews talking about Hispanics and education – WMV Video (Size: 3.92 MB)
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December 20, 2006

Almost Fired Over a Santa Hat!

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Well this one found by Dennis over at Fire & Hammer is just too ridiculous. The fact that any administrator took the complaint beyond laughing it out of their office is simply insane.

Dennis also has a thought provoking post where he ask: Have Christians Already Lost The War On Christmas?

Dennis has been putting out some good stuff for a full year now.

December 4, 2006

Judge Andrew Napolitano Explains How Desegregation Has Been Twisted to be Called Diversity (Video)

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So I figure I’ll start doing some video related blogging too. Hope you enjoy!

Today on FoxNews had on Judge Andrew Napolitano. He explained perfectly how the US Supreme Court’s Brown versus Board of Education ruling has been twisted and abused to condone government enforced racial segregation today in the name of “diversity”. Now anybody of the wrong race is kept out of a school if they “over represent” a certain skin tone. I like the way the judge explained it and showed how Liberal judges have abused the issue of race and schools.

Andrew Napolitano

The bottom line is that race should not be used at all when deciding who goes to a school or who should not go.

See the video using the link below.
Judge Andrew Napolitano on Race and Schools – WMV Video (Size: 1.70 MB)
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September 12, 2006

What’s Wrong With Some Black Teachers Trying to Help Black Kids Do Better in School in Their Spare Time? (Video link)

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So I was watching this video over at and I must say, from what I saw I totally agree with the people supporting “The Village” idea.

Basically some Black Los Angeles public school teachers, who are feed up with seeing Black kids at the bottom of the barrel, are offering them various forms of mentoring in their spare time. I think this is a great idea. I used to mentor kids back when I had none of my own and I always encourage young, single, upwardly mobile Black men to do the same. With a 50% Black High school drop out rate in many areas, those Black kids need some help! I’m all for helping everybody’s kids, but heck we’ve got to be honest in saying Black folks especially have a problem and it’s good when other Blacks can help them out. Given a Black mentor can relate to a Black child easily on a cultural level. Any mentor is good, but with kids you’ve got to get people who can reach them best if they are having problems and sometimes a Black mentor can help them better themselves, by connecting with them on the cultural level.

You think I started talking against the thug culture here? I’ve been warning kids about it as a mentor in various programs since the early 90’s. Although as I’ve said, my time goes to my own kids for now.

So from what I saw in that FoxNews video and I don’t know a single thing else about the program, I like it.

But some people, like former Executive Director of the Los Angeles City Human Relations Commission, Joe R. Hicks, who is now VP of the group Community Advocates, Inc. (a pro-“diversity” group) does not like it. He’s upset this program, being carried out in spare time is offering special mentoring services to Black kids. I’m totally against making any “all Black” school that only Blacks would attend instead of another public/private high school. But a simple mentoring program is fine by me. I hope it spreads and more than just teachers should be willing to volunteer their time, to inspire these Black kids to stop things like the abnormally high out of wedlock birth rate, dropout rate, the rest of the idiot thug culture and that trashy music that goes with it. As the video shows, the program is proving successful. I think Mr. Hicks’ time with the City Human Relations Commission has left him wanting to balk against anything that is race specific, simply because it’s race specific.

I usually bash things like efforts to only shop at Black businesses, because I consider quality and want Black businesses to compete in the open marketplace and the ones who do the best to survive with the rest. I’m usually not a fan of race specific efforts that only do something because it’s “Black”. But with the condition we see many Black kids are in, we see they have problems, so why not be willing to offer them that additional help?

For example, I think Hebrew schools are a great idea. I mean the ones some Jewish kids attend after their regular school day. Jews teaching their children about all they’ve endured and their culture is a beautiful thing and I’m sure it helps them strive to do well. I think “The Village” works along those lines and is obviously helping Black kids do better. This is not some type of “segregation” as some claim it is. As I’ve pointed out, there are real examples of modern day segregation in schools that is a bad idea.

I think those decrying “The Village” need to hush.

September 7, 2006

The Bible, America’s First Textbook! (Audio)

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Another Tennessee school district (Wilson County) may get Bible classes in public schools.

Wilson may add Bible course

Wilson County high school students could join kids in a handful of other Tennessee districts who study the Bible in school.

The county school board next month will consider a proposal by a Lebanon man who wants to see the role of Christianity elevated in daily life.

The curriculum he proposes is supported by some conservative religious groups and would teach the Bible as a historic and literary document.

“The Bible was the first textbook in this country,” said Terry Redmon, who pitched the idea to Wilson County school officials. Redmon runs the Reclaiming the Land with Christ Inc. ministry with a goal of incorporating the Bible and other Christian symbols into everyday activities. “A lot of our basic culture is built on the Bible. If you don’t know what the Bible says, there’s a lot of literature and history that you don’t understand.”

Bible-related electives have been offered in public schools in Tennessee for years. Students in at least five counties ? Hickman, Polk, Greene, Blount and Roane ? have an option to take them.

The Bible curriculum being proposed was originally developed by the National Council on the Bible Curriculum in Public Schools.

Phil Valentine covered this on his show yesterday and added some additional thoughts.

I think this is a good thing. Given churches started many of America’s schools, I see no problem with a school district wanting to teach the Bible. They also used to be able to start the day with a prayer. And the founding fathers didn’t have a problem with Christian schools doing that in the past. We need to bring that back too. How come today’s Civil Libertarians that claim to embrace the US Constitution never mention that states used to have the freedom to do much more with faith than they do now? States had the liberty to actually endorse or reject a faith. It was the Federal government that was prohibited from doing such, not the states. But then again states used to be able to stop people from killing babies in the womb, but that’s another issue for another post.

Hear Phil Valentine using the audio link below.
Phil Valentine on the Bible and the Wilson County, TN proposal – ASF Audio
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