July 31, 2007

The NEA, Doing All it Can to Make Your Children Consider Being Homosexuals

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This report comes courtesy of the American Family Association. They are using it as a political move to promote voucher programs. I think they should also encourage parents to flood public school boards across the nation with demands that pro-homosexual efforts NOT be promoted by their school system.

NEA begins massive drive to promote homosexuality in public schools

Is it time for a school voucher program?

Without allowing members to vote on the matter, the executive committee of the National Education Association (NEA) decided to advance aggressively the homosexual agenda. The decision was made at the association?s annual meeting in Philadelphia.

* First, the committee voted to put the weight of the NEA behind an effort to pass federal hate crimes legislation, a measure that would greatly expand federal power and lead to the silencing of moral opposition.
* Second, the executive committee voted to boost the NEA?s Web site to ?include all resources? devoted to homosexual causes.
* The third resolution urged NEA members to push to make sexual orientation training a requirement for earning a license to teach.

They continued their financial support of homosexual groups. Click here for report from Click here for the report of the NEA Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Caucus.

It matters little to the NEA that Johnny may be unable to read and write, as long as he learns to support same-sex marriage.

Take Action

Given the opportunity, would you favor giving a voucher to students, allowing them to choose the school of their choice? Because the voucher would be given directly to the student, there would be no violation of the church and state issue.

The bottom line is, if your highly paid school system superintendents and the ELECTED school boards heard a response from YOU, like Congress did over their efforts to promote amnesty for illegal aliens, those school systems would REJECT the efforts of the NEA (National Education Association) on their own.

I’m all for vouchers and all for you being able to get as much money for your child to attend a private school as is spent in the public school system for your child. However, right now not enough private schools exists to even accommodate all parents who would WANT to send their kids to another school if not for the current financial burden. So getting a good system of educational competition going will take time, even if you were given money for 100% of private school expenses right now. You’ve got to keep the public schools in check as best you can, for the sake of others and society in general, even if you can get your own kids out.

Just like other political offices, everywhere I’ve lived school board members are ELECTED to their position by VOTERS. Now instead of always looking to see what the Federal government will do about something, it’s time to look at the boxes near the end of your ballot and let school board members know you’re watching them. They pick the superintendents, that set the tone for entire school systems.

You’ve let state and federal government know you endorse one man and one woman. Now it’s time to let your local public education leaders hear it.

Mark 10:6-9 (New King James Version)

6) But from the beginning of the creation, God ?made them male and female.?

7) ?For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife,

8) and the two shall become one flesh?; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh.

9) Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.?

Tell them to keep heathen values out of your school system.

May 18, 2007

Mother Acquitted of Charges Related to Wanting Her Children to Attend a Good School

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First of all, being a school choice proponent, I don’t like that people are forced to send their kids to a specific school by government mandate or usually pay extra out of pocket to go somewhere else. We all know some parents do lie to have their children go to a different school. While it’s not right to lie about this sort of thing, I can’t say I want any parent who is doing such to be sentenced to time in prison over it. In the case of Geanine Echols, she was not lying, a jury has confirmed it, but the mere fact this became a court case with potential prison time is simply insane.

Watch the video report if you can.

Mom Found Not Guilty in School Case

A mother of three who was accused of illegally sending her children to school in Marietta was found not guilty Friday on felony charges.

Prosecutors claimed that Geanine Echols, who lives in Cobb County, lied repeatedly to the government about her address because she wanted her children to attend better schools in the Marietta school district. Instead of using the address where she and her children live, Echols used the address of her husband’s family.

Echols and her relatives broke down in tears after the 16th “not guilty” verdict was read inside the Cobb County courtroom. In his closing, her defense attorney told jurors that prosecutors went much too far in charging her with crimes that could have sent her to prison for years.

Given this whole mess was a total waste of taxpayer funds. Treating a mother who was not guilty like a criminal. I hope voters remember this DA’s actions come election time.

The video report mentions that the mother has also purchased a condo in the school district.

March 20, 2007

Gay Lobby in the UK Rushing GAY EDUCATION into Public Schools!

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Pray that the moral community of the UK is able to stop this madness and help them stop it if you can!

They will try it in the USA next!

Hat tip Alliance Alert.

And for you here in the USA, remember that Ultra Liberal US Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama favors starting sex education in kindergarten.

March 17, 2007

More Proof Bad Parents Are the Problem With American Education (Video)

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On March 1, 2007, Philadelphia public school teacher Joseph Smith was assaulted by a student. This is not unusual. According to Bill O’Reilly, a recent survey showed that 56% of Philadelphia school teachers don’t feel safe at school and 42% of TEACHERS were victims of crime on school grounds.

I’ve Youtubed the interview between Smith and O’Reilly.

Bad Parents Are The Problem!

O’Reilly asked Smith if the school system was out of control. Smith said it is not out of control, as in the school administration is not out of control, but he said there are bad parents making the job terribly hard for teachers. Remember this, when you see people crying about the quality of education in inner city schools. Usually, they don’t tell you about all the mess a teacher there has to deal with. There are always claims that they need “better” teachers. What teacher in their right mind with enough leverage to work elsewhere would willingly work under such conditions? Most of you reading this would not work in an environment where most of your co-workers and maybe you yourself did not feel safe. I’ve pointed out before how teachers with the most experience and opportunities to leave such conditions RUN and I don’t blame a single one that leaves.

Smith was assaulted by an 8th grade student and the student only received a 10 day suspension. He was hit with a telephone across his head by a female student, that left his eye swollen shut! They should have tossed her out of school. She’s forfeited her access to a publicly funded education. Her parents should have to pay, out of their own pockets for her to be educated at a night school.

The rules in Philadelphia mandate that all kids, even special needs remain in “general population” and never be separated from other kids. So the kid that assaulted him was able to go back to regular classes.

There have been almost 500 teacher assaults in Philadelphia this year alone, SO FAR!!!

Folks, some children are going to have to be left behind. Kids beating up teachers should not be put back in the regular classroom setting and should be separated, as an example for others. Their parents should have to fund their education from that point forward.

January 22, 2007

Tennessee Legislators Seek to Lower the Bar, Because Some College Scholarship Winners Can’t Keep Up!

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I’m no fan of state sponsored gambling but…

When I first moved to Georgia, I was surprised to find they had a deal where kids with a B-average (3.0) could get a free ride through college. Now that I live in Tennessee, I see they have taken up state sponsored gambling (lottery) and are offering the same. All kids need to do once in college is keep that B-average in order to keep the full scholarship ride going. This is all still a bit shocking to me, because when I was in college in Maryland we never had such. We actually had to work to pay for tuition, if we didn’t have money for college. Imagine that! Which instilled discipline and a great respect for the education we were working for. (Yes I worked while in undergrad and graduate school too.) The free ride in Tennessee has obviously failed to inspire many students to work hard to keep their grades up.

New proposal could make keeping lottery scholarship easier for TN students

A new proposal could make it easier for Tennessee students to keep their lottery scholarships.

In the coming months lawmakers are expected to decide what to do with some $315-million that’s already piled up in the program.

Its money left over because more than half of the students awarded scholarships lost them because their GPA’s dropped.

Some students we talked to think lowering GPA standards would be a bad idea.

“Lowering those standards would mean that the student would, it would lower their inhibitions to do their work,” says student, Lindsey Thomas.

I agree with Ms. Thomas 100%. My word, they’ve already received a free ride and most of them can’t even keep their grades up as it is. Lowering the bar is not going to inspire them to work harder, to raise the overall level of intelligence in this state. This is the kind of proposal that will unfortunately put TN behind instead of ahead.

While I was in undergrad, I earned academic scholarships and had to keep my grades up to keep getting them. Given I was working to pay my way, the partial scholarships helped and the fact the bar was never lowered inspired me to keep my grades up. Not getting a full free ride, I had to contribute from money made off the sweat of my own brow, so I knew how to work for the money and appreciate any given. (And yes I finished undergrad and graduate school with greater than a B-average.)

Instead of lowering the bar, why don’t the lame legislators use the money to give vouchers to parents of children in grade school? Oh but you won’t see the narrow minded legislators pushing for that. And such an idea certainly won’t come from the Democratic governor.

One of the reasons kids keep losing their scholarships, is because the bar is already too low to begin with. Look at the requirements to get the scholarship in the first place. A B-average (3.0) is not mandatory to begin with, it’s optional. If they don’t have a B-average, all they need is a 21 ACT or 980 SAT score. I can’t speak about the ACT because I don’t know much about it, but I do know that a 980 SAT score is a piece of cake! So you have kids, who in some cases are not even B-average students to begin with getting a scholarship that is above their proven level of aptitude. Then everyone cries when they can’t keep up a good average in college.

It would have made more sense for the B-average to be mandatory, with an even higher SAT requirement. Assuming an ACT score of 21 is the equivalent to an SAT 980, the ACT requirement should also be raised. The scholarship money should go to those who have proven they are ready to excel at the college level. Let everyone else WORK to make money to pay for their education.

Instead of lowering the bar, the state should be working to keep the bar high and use the excess funds to help other children and families that could put the money to good use. Don’t go throwing good money after kids who have already failed to meet the requirements.

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