May 30, 2022

Many Things That Indicate a False Flag in Uvalde, Texas!

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After a TEACHER propped the door. Armed members “…from BORTAC, the Customs and Border Protection tactical unit…” momentarily stood down and could not take knowing kids were being murdered and went in. While parents were being literally arrested and tased for trying to save their children.

One parent who was able to get uncuffed had to literally SNEAK IN to get her kids. Because the cops were stopping parents.

I don’t feel schools should need one, but interesting they were supposed to have one and this day none was there.

How interesting, a recent drill, yet stagnation in a real event!

I think that one speaks for its self, and it’s horrible!!!

And meanwhile, over in Buffalo.

And the one mass media isn’t saying much about:

Bottom line, much seems to have been allowed, timed and arranged for things like this:

To take American’s weapons for globalist control!

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