May 27, 2022

Donald Trump Let You Down Once, But If You Put Him Back The Shame Is All Yours!

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Making America Great Again: We Know What He Said, But This Is What He Did (MUST WATCH)

Also see: Obama & Trump Parrot The Government Propaganda Line! (But Hey, They Told YOU They Were Christians.)

William/Bill Cooper Told You Over 20 Years Ago Republicans Are Not Your Friend Either. But Some Fall For it When it Has a “Trump” Suit.

Emails Detail Trump via Warp Speed Led Nations to Rush Authorizing mRNA Shots.

Donald Trump is Not The Defender of Your 2nd Amendment Rights You Thought He Was!

Donald Trump is Owned and “Kept Alive” by The Banksters!

Trust The Lord, Not Donald Trump or ANY Man!

Dear Christian, Beware Donald Trump’s Ties to 9/11. And Zionism’s Ties to Trump and PragerU.

Donald Trump’s Fantasy vs Reality!

Donald John Trump, A Member Of “The Club” You Ain’t In!!!

Jesus is The Messiah, Not Donald John Trump or Any Other Man!

Donald Trump Is A 33 Degree Scottish Rite Freemason!

Freemason Donald Trump Masonic Hand Signs at Inauguration

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