April 28, 2022

What if the Philips CPAP and BiPAP Recall has an Ulterior Motive?

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Basically the maker of tons of CPAP devices is having a massive recall. Because the foam built into older devices, which is used to dampen the noise level. Could possibly cause cancer. The likelihood of the material being cancerous is a matter of varied viewpoints. (AFAIK, there are no massive numbers of people claiming cancer from a CPAP.) But Philips is doing a massive recall. The new units they are replacing older units with use silicon instead of PE-PUR foam. All you need to read from this article is the final paragraph, which I will paste below. And given the length of the article, sharing that should not be a copyright issue.

In November, the Food and Drug Administration raised concerns that the replacement, silicone foam, could also release harmful gases. The FDA has asked Philips to hire an independent lab to run further tests on devices using the new foam, but has recommended that patients continue to use those machines, as it would be more harmful to stop treatment altogether.

Philips Subpoenaed by DOJ Over Sleep-Apnea Device Recall

So, CPAP machines are being replaced and there’s literally no telling how safe the replacements are! This reminds me of when Dupont replaced Teflon with GenX. It turned out GenX was more harmful than the already known to be very harmful Teflon.

But, I suspect there’s a sinister plot behind all of this. The CPAP replacements all have updated 4G cellular equipment, to send sleep data to Philips. The older CPAPs had no cellular equipment, or that cellular equipment would be obsolete with 2G and 3G being phased out. As things move towards 5G I suspect there will be another big recall and claims of dangers. Which will result in replacements with 5G antennas. And claims of needing equipment inside the home that handles 5G. Depending on your knowledge of 5G, especially at 60Ghz, beamforming and the ability to radar map areas with 5G. You know the very dastardly things that can come from this.

Also see: Major 5G/WiGig Warning From Joe Imbriano, aka The Fullerton Informer.

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