June 19, 2021

U.S. Supreme Court Rules for Companies Accused of Slavery

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Now why isn’t BLM ranting about this? Because they don’t care about Black people.

But while the “legal” outcome may suit US law. It demonstrates the issue for those abused overseas by US based companies. Companies who know exactly what they’re doing and cover like they did nothing wrong at all. The abused can’t get justice in their bribed corrupt homeland, and only by God’s Grace we ourselves were not born there. And they cannot get justice under our system, because we don’t adjudicate affairs off US soil, unless it’s suiting US interests to control the other country. Then suddenly the US finds a way. Look at the anti-terror funding laws and other such things. US “justice” reigns on such supposedly around the world and it may end with some bribe fines and maybe some photo op prosecutions. We have laws against many child trafficking and prostitution stuff when it involves US people going overseas to do it. But it just seems we never see much prosecution in that space… So we have US companies doing things overseas they could never get away with in the USA and the Supreme Court says nope, we can’t touch it. And Justice Clarence Thomas wrote the decision that went 8-1. Justice Samuel Alito was the only one who went against the herd. Alito agreed with them on a point, but overall was against the ruling.

The plaintiffs will refile with more details they say did occur in the US.

The interesting thing here, is that slavery via US companies. Who are more than happy to perform fascism here in the USA, enforcing every Scamdemic thing said by government. Are enabled to get away with abuse overseas while claiming US protection. And Clarence Thomas wrote the ruling. However “legal” the ruling was, I would not want to be within 100 miles of it. We know the court picks based on criteria other than law many times. And protecting big business is too often the true motive.

And we know how US companies have worked with slave labor camps in China. They were doing it in parts of Africa in modern times before China and still do.

This is a crime God will rectify if never resolved in the courts of men. And it’s looking much more like the former than the latter. And the judgement in the case of the former is eternal.

You may read the full US Supreme Court ruling here.

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