June 7, 2021

Amazon employees need our help!

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Granted some reading this don’t want to use Amazon. But if you don’t communicate your opinion they never get the message. Be sure to chat, email, phone with Amazon customer support. And tell them you are not pleased Amazon is forcing people to share private medical information and pressuring them into medical experimentation. All of which is illegal under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Nuremberg Code. Your feedback is appreciated by the employees. I had a good chat with a human tonight who was glad someone gave feedback they immediately escalated.

Flood Amazon with feedback. If Amazon feels they can do it, eventually your job will too. Sure you can sue, but you know you don’t want that expense in your life. Giving Amazon feedback is free. And you get to tell them how you feel.

If not for yourself, do it for the employees who are under a pressure none of us wants.

Don’t let the Commies be the only ones who sway businesses.

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