January 5, 2009

A Look At What Rick Warren Is Teaching.

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A good video from our brother on YouTube Bezel333.

Rick Warren: the “Uber Pastor” with friends in high places

Honestly, what Rick was pushing in that so-called sermon sounded just like what I’ve heard from many prosperity heretics. Much in James 4 is either being mishandled or ignored by Rick and others such as him.

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8 Responses to “A Look At What Rick Warren Is Teaching.”

  1. DL Foster Says:

    I would concur, Warren is probably the most influential pastor in America but only because he has severely compromised the gospel. The true gospel will only ingather a few who are willing to divest themselves of all to follow Christ. These false followers of Warren only want his advice because it is based on Christian principles, but not Christ.

    As Jesus said, he already has his reward. I hope he is happy with the praise of men.

  2. LatterDays Says:

    DL Foster, God bless you for your words!

    It is so prevelant these days for people to espouse “Christian” principles but be devoid of Christ, and yet call themselves Christian. Even our own President-Elect fits in that category. I recently did an article on my blog evaluating his own statements about his faith and they are horrifying. I would almost prfer for him to be a Muslim then to slaughter our faith the way that he has.

    Nonetheless, we certainly didn’t expect Obama to pick a true man of God for his inauguration.

    I pray that people begin to wake-up and really seek the Lord with all of the hearts. Thank you for being a witness and for not being ashamed of the Gospel. It is a Godly example.

  3. Matt.2414 Says:

    So glad I stumbled across your site. It reminds me that ‘many will come in My Name,” I was singularly unaware of Mr. Warren until perhaps 8 months ago when a friend loaned me “Purpose Driven…” to read. I suppose it has its usefulness. But it can’t compare to reading Paul, or Luke, or Mark, etc. So he’s on top now, or appears to be. But he surely doesn’t speak for all Evangelicals, whoever we may be, and however we may be defined, or vilified. I welcome the opportunity to stand up for our Lord. Thank you for the message

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    Hi Matt.2414,

    Here’s a related post a brother made that you should also check out: Purpose Driven Tripe or The Bible Driven Life

    And another from this blog: Rick Warren Tells Unbeliever Alan Colmes, Just “Skip” the Parts of His Book That Focus on Salvation in Christ Alone. Is This How Christians are to Show Love to Unbelievers?

  5. KyleAndrews Says:

    Warren is no different then the Pimps in many ways including the inclusiveness which is rampant amongst these false teachers. Click this link to see how far this man will go for the honor and glory of others rather than Christ.,0,4070038.story?track=rss



  6. IndependentConservative Says:


  7. psalm100 Says:

    This is an interesting read:

    Notice it states that this “bishop” won’t be using the Bible.

  8. IndependentConservative Says:

    I just KNEW Obama would somehow work that heretic Gene Robinson into the event!

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