December 31, 2008

Eddie Lee Long Of New Birth Missionary Baptist (So-Called) Church Is Insane!

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I mean that’s about all I can say after reading the post over at I’m Speaking Truth titled: A Pimp And A President.

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3 Responses to “Eddie Lee Long Of New Birth Missionary Baptist (So-Called) Church Is Insane!”

  1. Airbrush Artist Says:

    Fast Velvet Eddie,LOL!-Why My Brethren are You Spewing that fine Morning Coffee,The problem For Velvet Eddie is We The Truth Soldiers are Fully Aware of His Game.and more than that God is Sovereign and His Word of Truth Reigns on Velvet Eddie and His Apostasy.Scripture is Clear;1 Corinth.21 There is “No Hope of Salvation apart from hearing and believing the truth about Christ.Our call is too rescue from the Fire the ones who lack Knowledge-[Hosea], and for Fast Eddie ,too Pray He Repents—thats a tough one that We can only through the Power of the Holy Spirit Accomplish.

  2. KyleAndrews Says:

    Fast Eddie is just another in the long line of Boot Lickers for Obama. I’m sure he felt a little jaded by Slick Rick Warren having the honor of speaking at Obama’s Inaugural. Like any good Pimp he couldn’t pass up the lime light.


  3. LatterDays Says:

    I have friends from College that attend this church. It is awful to see how attendance there has changed them from Christians to New Age mystics. In my last communication with them years ago, I had to ask who had bewitched them? Their current beliefs have nothing in common with Christianity besides the fact that the name the name of Jesus (another Jesus).

    Eddie Long will pay for his deliberate deception and he will be judged harshly for leading so many astray. My husband had the opportunity to tell him this directly years ago and he had no response.

    Yet, we know that thos who desire truth will have an opportunity to come to the truth. I personally do not feel led to pray for Eddie Long, but I do pray for those he has deceived.

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