December 3, 2008

Fractional Lending And Inflation. How The Magic Money Game Is Played!

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I’ve been looking for a very long time for a short video that explained fractional lending and the debt spiral it creates. Because often showing you this in video format helps with understanding it better than it being typed out in words. But this video should help you understand why every time the government goes tossing money at problems, it really creates more of a problem rather than actually solving financial issues. This is a game of continually kicking a growing can down the road and hoping that maybe later something might do away with the problem. And the problem only grows.

Please watch the video in full before making comments.

Inflation and the Dollar’s crash

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2 Responses to “Fractional Lending And Inflation. How The Magic Money Game Is Played!”

  1. djenk23 Says:

    thanks for this made a few things clearer for me

  2. VanceR Says:

    I say thanks also. I have been slowly educating myself on our financial system and I have to say that it is only by God’s grace that this nation has survived up until this point. The one scripture that stands out to me concerning our current monetary system is Proverbs 11:1, 20:10,23 and of course Proverbs 22:7 “The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is a slave to the lender.” We have all been made slaves to the false weight of the dollar and made co-signers on government debt.

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