November 16, 2008

Unbelievers Can See Through Rick Warren’s Game Too! (Audio)

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I’ve always found it interesting, how Christians can sometimes fail to recognize a false teacher, yet often unbelievers show they realize when someone is not true to Christian doctrine better than many Christians.

So prior to the elections, one of the many pieces of tripe I watched off my DVR was the Saddleback Forum. Where Rick Warren had a sit down chat with the then 2 leading US Presidential candidates, John Sidney McCain, III and Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. Now in ancient Rome “citizens” who were not very poor could vote for Senators, but we have no record in scripture of the Apostles taking it upon themselves, to help any saint decide which Senator to vote for. (When speaking about ancient Rome, some who acknowledge historically saints chose to abstain from political involvement, often act as if nobody could have voted at all if they desired.) Oh, but we’re talking about Rick Warren, so of course scripture and church history mean nothing when this man can make a spotlight for himself. (And I’m not trying to tell anyone not to vote. I voted, although not for any of the Presidential candidates, I voted in other races. I’m just telling the honest truth, that we Christians today have spun a view of politics, that is not in agreement with the posture of many saints before us.) While I’m not against Christians making a choice to vote, I do have an issue with pastors who feel they must (or should) present publicans to the church. The only message the church should play host to is the Word of God, not politicians holding ear tickling sessions. So any pastor who “host” a session for his “church”, to indulge publicans, is to me a pastor that is not focused on the teaching and preaching of the Word of God. But I watched the Saddleback Forum and thought it was junk.

Well, before I had an opportunity to watch the Saddleback Forum, my brother in Christ and reader of this blog Remnant, told me to check out Michael Savage‘s comments about the forum. I waited till after I viewed the Saddleback Forum in full and even till after the election, before I decided to listen to Michael Savage’s comments, which I had archived to listen to. (Yes I still record various talk radio programs from time to time.) Well it was interesting listening to Michael Savage’s comments about the Saddleback Forum. Because although Michael Savage is an unbeliever primarily concerned about immigration issues, his view of the forum, Rick Warren and the candidates was very much on point. It was how I felt, although my primary concern was the matter of this nation’s shedding of innocent blood via abortions and embryonic stem cell research. It was interesting to hear Michael Savage explain, that what Rick Warren puts up as Christianity is not really the gospel and actually an effort to twist and pervert the gospel.

So give Michael Savage’s take a listen.

Michael Savage on the Saddleback Forum, Rick Warren, McCain and Obama, recorded 8/18/2008 – MP3 Audio (Size: 1.38 MB)
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One Response to “Unbelievers Can See Through Rick Warren’s Game Too! (Audio)”

  1. truthis Says:

    WOW!!!!listened to Savage’s analysis on Warren-wow!!!

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