November 2, 2008

Pulpit Pimp Jamal-Harrison Bryant Teamed With An Exotic Author For A So-Called “Bible Study”.

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If you didn’t know Jamal-Harrison Bryant was a man to avoid and who was not honestly worthy of being respected as a church elder after his:

Well if you didn’t know after all that, this latest bit of misdeed by Bryant certainly won’t help you understand. But just in case someone stumbled upon that rotten pimp and didn’t know about all that prior information. Just so you know Jamal has not turned from OUTRIGHT PUBLIC PROMOTION OF EVIL, check out the latest post over at I’m Speaking Truth titled: A Pimp Dispenses Relationship Advice? The remainder of this post assumes you’ve read that.

What is a so-called pastor doing hosting anything with an exotic author? Promoting her from his pulpit as some sort of adviser? When the Apostle Paul wanted to tell MARRIED PEOPLE about how to manage the affairs of their bodies, God had him to write 1 Corinthians 7. No smut authors were brought in and there was no need to claim love between a couple of a certain race was the best, or put in terms of “nothing else better”. But when a man is preaching another gospel and uses claims of church leadership as nothing more than a means to run a social/political club. Of course he won’t prescribe to methods that align with scripture for much of anything. And don’t forget last year when Jamal took men to see a secular movie, that according to the Internet Movie Database, featured a man daydreaming about being with other women. No good elder would take men to a movie, that runs afoul of Matthew 5:28. And we know from Jamal’s own issues, that he’s done more than even Matthew 5:28. There may be lots of elders that do things in their personal lives that they need to repent of, but it’s much another story when a man claims church leadership and promotes devices of evil while claiming they are for godly use. What Jamal is doing runs smack against Matthew 18:6.

I admonish with all sincerity, anyone taking in the teachings and doctrine of Jamal Bryant in any way, shape, or form. Flee him quickly, 1 Timothy 6:11.

5 Responses to “Pulpit Pimp Jamal-Harrison Bryant Teamed With An Exotic Author For A So-Called “Bible Study”.”

  1. truthintheselastdays Says:

    Horrible little man! All I can say is he is indeed another Thomas Weeks III

  2. ncatina Says:

    JHB is scheduled to speak at an anniversary celebration later this month at one of my former churches here in PHL. I looked at the I’m Speaking Truth blog, and was astounded, to say the very least. I sent a link of this posting to my former’s church’s e-mail address with the hope that SOMEONE will begin doing their research on this parasite.

  3. speakingtruth Says:


    I hope your former church doesn’t drink the WOF kool-aid, otherwise I’m going to start getting a whole new batch of hate mail 😆

  4. ncatina Says:

    I think it may be a bit too late for that…the invite list also includes “Bishop” Don Mears & “Bishop” Noel Jones. Atop that, I also recall this person traveling to see TD Jakes (early 2000s period) basically to see how he can duplicate his “success.”

    Mind you, this is the first of TWO WOF churches I rolled up on in about four years time (1999 – 2003). It was not until August last year when the whole Weeks/Bynum debacle rolled up that I looked up information on them and happened upon this site and others in the process. As I learned what I needed to concerning these organizations, I ran from them like the plague. Sad indeed.

  5. Booker G Says:

    What’s next? Men’s book club night with E. Lynn Harris? Golden age porn movie night with a panel discussion led by Vanessa Del Rio and Janet Jacme?

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