October 3, 2008

False Bishop Eddie Lee Long Shows Us How NOT To Perform Charity.

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Here is how THE LORD JESUS told His followers to perform charity.

Matthew 6:1-4 (New American Standard Bible)

1 “Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven.

2 “So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.

3 “But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,

4 so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

Meaning, if you want to give someone something, don’t do it for public display.

Well I thank God through Jesus Christ, that after seeing mess like is in the video below performed for years, that I am no longer a member of that assembly, that promotes a false gospel.

Video title: A Worshipper Gets Blessed at New Birth
But it’s really a public display of charity performed by a hypocrite. He does it for public display.

And if you look at the attire he presents himself to the assembly wearing. Consider what I’ve already noted in the post titled: Jamal-Harrison Bryant, A Popular Name, But Not For The Sake Of The Gospel Of The Lord Jesus! Whether Bryant or Long, it’s the same behavior as the Pharisees.

Did you notice in the video when Eddie Long said to the woman:

When I manifest this.

He tells you who it’s all about in that statement, HIMSELF.

And I will add, that while I may have been in that mess. Even when drinking in the delusion, the Lord did not allow me to go so far as to jump around like a sissy as some of the “men” in that video are doing. The effeminate behavior is ungodly, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.

Believe it or not, a fan of the false gospel sent me that video above this morning. As if they were going to show me how good Eddie Long is. Once upon a time, I used to be just like them and fall for those games. Lord willing, they will turn from that hypocrisy.

Now while you see one thing going on in public, have a read of what is going on in private at New Birth. Read I’m Speaking Truth‘s post titled: Like Son, Like Father?

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23 Responses to “False Bishop Eddie Lee Long Shows Us How NOT To Perform Charity.”

  1. speakingtruth Says:

    Oh, IC…where do I begin?

    Since we both sat under this pumpkin-wearing charlatan/pimp/hustler (and I still have contacts in the offices at CNB), we know that this is a sham.

    “You’re gonna be working in 2 weeks”. Of course this will happen because Eddie “spoke a word”

    – The old “can somebody hire her today” rarely attracts real employers – we BOTH know that those folks who come down with “jobs” are MLM pushers who are going to get this woman involved in pre-paid legal, selling Tahitian Noni Juice and other stuff. It looks like this job wasn’t an MLM opportunity, but Eddie still had this woman confirm this “blessing” via video to blunt his critics.

    “I’m gon buy you a car” sounds good in oublic (which violates scripture as you noted above) but the behind the scenes discussion usually becomes “brother so and so donated his gently used car, so we’ll give that to you…oh, but you have to have a consistent giving record, sign up for money management classes for the next 6 months, and so into the Kingdom Fund/Beyond Tomorrow”. There are pastors who do kind works in private here in the ATL but they request that the car dealers leave their names out of it (and I know this for a fact).

    Eddie dragged the cameras out because he knows he’s lied in the past – and people have called him on it. It’s a shameless show, but at least this woman benefits from the pimp’s blessing. Of course, she is now indebdted to pimp Eddie – but that’s just a sidenote to her now…

    – You and I both know Eddie Long (and know how others know him as well). There is a large contingent of unrepentant homosexuals at CNB (choir, ushers, leadership et al) – which is why Eddie is embracing Soulforce now. We shouldn’t be surprised to see some of them “getting loose” during “worship service”.

    Notice the tagline for the “Beyond Tomorrow” scam at the end – which we have established is an open account that will be used to “build the Kingdom”? This is a great advertisement to get more people to put their $ into that fund. Let’s see, Eddie’s been pimping that scam since Spring and we have 1 “testimony” here in October – 7 months later 🙄

    Eddie Long is an egotistical pimp who does NOTHING that doesn’t benefit him. Period.

    I’ll bet the CNB drone who sent the video won’t do that again…

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    It would not have been hard to do it all off camera. It’s not like lots of people don’t contact New Birth in private about their needs and that woman could have been taken in private and any prospective employers could have gone in private also. Eddie could have asked that all cameras be turned off before doing anything. He could have obtained her house information in private and had it arranged for a car to be sent to her without her ever knowing who actually sent it and paid for it. Could have, but that would not provide the video moment he’s made of it. And lines like “When I manifest this.” would not have reached his followers. He even AFTER what was done in the assembly, TOOK CAMERAS TO THE CAR LOT, to show off the car and everything. All we needed was some fancy game show music. While those who ask in private get so much less than what they need, if they get anything.

    I know when I first started hearing the stories of what happens in private, I initially could not believe it. Then in time and especially after a minister who was formerly doing benevolence told us what was going on and how he got verbally slapped for “giving away too much”, I could only shake my head.

    The video was posted to YouTube on July 4th. But if that was the benefit of the fund, a big show, production video made, broadcast and provided to others to redistribute, where’s the humility and modesty in it? Since he said he was buying the car himself, it would mean he paid for it from his own personal resources. Which shows how much the peddling of his false doctrine has lined his pockets.

    We know Eddie has been doing that show boating stuff for years. I mean we saw it when we were there and it’s just the same type of things cycled over. One is called up while cameras are rolling and made the show piece, while others are in the back getting little or nothing and their “contribution record” is investigated.

  3. ncatina Says:

    A few very practical questions come to mind about this video:
    – what kind of job did this woman land?
    – how much does it pay?
    – how much debt is she really in?

    These questions are important in the face of getting a brand new PT Cruiser and having zero income to start. Gas and insurance are not drops in the bucket (providing those incentives were thrown in as a bonus to getting the vehicle for a set period) IN ADDITION TO all of the peripheral expenses that come with having a life (housing, etc.).

    The concern I have with something like this is someone who has next to no income suddenly comes into property to which there is no comparable income to keep and maintain. This is no different than the ABC network spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to build highly customized homes for families featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that are incapabale of securing proper housing for themselves. The common denominator: if you can’t afford to get it for yourself, you likely can’t afford to keep it. This places people back to square one. In this woman’s case, no car, no job, no progress.

    I agree with your assertions surrounding Long’s motivation for that hideous display. He’s already received his earthly reward for his brand of “blessing people.

  4. stan Says:

    Long publicly shamed that woman for her current distress/poverty. You can tell he knew ahead of time about her from the way she was seemingly randomly picked from the audience. If he knew of her, then as pointed out above, he should have given to her without everybody’s left hand knowing what his right hand was doing. He got his reward in full.

  5. sunkissd1223 Says:

    ‘I want to thank Bishop for allowing God to use him?’ What about thank the Lord first and foremost? Some folks’ allegiance is all turned around?

  6. KyleAndrews Says:

    Is it me or did this remind you of The Price Is Right. No really! Watch it again but have the theme music from the game show playing in your head when the lady is walking up towards Fast Eddie.


  7. Lennie Says:

    Although it would have been best done without cameras, I’m actually very happy to have seen her receive a job and a car. For the person wondering about insurance, now that she has a job, she will be able to pay gas and insurance.

    She had indicated that a woman offered her a job as a counselor, helping women in a shelter and that she will actually live there with the ladies.

    I’ve seen so many church services where pastors bless other pastors and other ministers. It was actually a blessing to me to see a minister bless a member of the congregation instead. I know Long has his issues, but I appreciate what he did for that woman.

  8. truthintheselastdays Says:

    That was blatant self-promotion…

  9. IndependentConservative Says:

    Yea you noticed too! Just like I was saying:

    All we needed was some fancy game show music.

  10. IndependentConservative Says:

    Lennie – It was a front and we who used to be there know what happens with many you don’t see on camera. This was very much a show, put on display for you, to say what you said, something good about Eddie Long. Because he’d rather be applauded for putting on a show than actually conforming to scripture.

  11. Str8Shooter Says:

    After viewing the video it appeared that Fast Eddie was boasting not in Christ but in B.E.L.L. “I can do what most preachers cant?” Would John McAurthur ever say anything like that? More importantly, I found the video of rapper T.I. at New Birth ,speaking preforming to be more disturbing. What is going on? Some stuff does not take discernment to figure out. But once the Word of God is no longer the foundation of a ministry, this what you get. Community and culture has taken precedent over the Word of God , and Holiness in the black community. What’s next Lil Wayne at the Potter’s House with no shirt on. Eddie Long just have the Green light to kids that TI is a “good person” and that his music and movies are capable of honoring God somehow. By the way, Track # 9 on his new album is called Porn Star. Thx Eddie!

  12. Lennie Says:


    God can take even a front or an evil and turn it around for someone’s good.

    For that woman to now have a job and a car, that’s one less person on the public assistance rolls and she appeared so happy.

    I understand that his motives may have been self-serving, but the end result was a happy woman.

  13. IndependentConservative Says:

    And look who she was praising, Eddie Long. As sunkissd1223 rightly pointed out. And look where she’s staying, a house of false doctrines.

  14. speakingtruth Says:

    Oh yeah, <b<Str8Shooter, Eddie and T.I. have a mutually beneficial relationship.

    Like I said before – Eddie Long is a egomaniac and a user. If someone gets “blessed” in the process of him exercising his massive ego, then it is truly an unintended consequence. Like many have said before on this blog – Eddie got his reward when all of Club New Birth was jumping and shouting.

    And on another note IC – did you see all of those people throwing their money at Eddie’s feet after he “blessed” that woman? You and I both know FOR A FACT that the money is collected, processed and put into a general fund – particularly since Eddie “bought” the car for the woman and someone else gave her a job.

    Even in those instances where people give money to people in need, CNB finds out exactely how much money they need and make sure that they only get the exact amount – AND NOT A PENNY MORE. If someone needs $1,000 and the congregation gives $7,000, then guess how much the needy person gets? The rest is considered “increase for the Kingdom” 🙄

  15. IndependentConservative Says:

    speakingtruth – It’s really rather pompous, that a man would do things in a manner so that he could set something up with saying “When I manifest this.” and then say things to see the woman jumping around him. And of course, for Eddie that was not enough, cameras even were there on the car lot. The video was packaged and as we see is now distributed online. I’m only surprised Eddie didn’t put a picture of himself on the side of the car. But he didn’t need to, given he’s got his packaged and distributed self promotion video.

    And on another note IC – did you see all of those people throwing their money at Eddie’s feet after he “blessed” that woman? You and I both know FOR A FACT that the money is collected, processed and put into a general fund – particularly since Eddie “bought” the car for the woman and someone else gave her a job.

    Oh yea, we know she won’t see a dime of that and others in need won’t be seeing that money either, unless they can get into the $300 club.

    You know, even secular companies, that give out gifts at Christmas time are more secretive about their process. Their “secret Santa” efforts never leave the needy groveling at the face of the actual giver. This is an issue even the world understands.

    But to my shame, I say I used to toss money at that purple step they proclaim to be an “altar”. Till the Lord showed me why to avoid such things.

  16. truthintheselastdays Says:


    Did you notice how many folks started to put to slam money on the altar once he announced he was buying the woman a car?…

  17. IndependentConservative Says:

    Yea, you can read about how that usually goes here.

  18. digitalflava Says:

    I made a YouTube Video about this same act done by Bishop Long. Here is the link: Titled “How Bishop Eddie Long Hindered His Blessing” –

  19. digitalflava Says:

    That is only good in our eyes, not God’s. We should see things His way and are told not to lean on our own understanding. So what he gave that woman a car. Christ Jesus still calls him a hypocrite. Now if we see things your way, then the Robin Hood story, tho fictional, would be a good story to follow. Its like you are saying that it is okay to rob from the rich just as longs as the poor benefits in the end. No, it is wrong regardless even if the good deed of giving to the poor was done. Even tho the poor people have less worries after the fact, it does not matter.

    Another example would be a drug dealer trying to justify his lifestyle or deeds simply because he has a child to feed. Yes, the child has to eat, but lives had to be ruined for it to happen. What you are saying is wrong according to scripture and Jesus’ own words.

  20. IndependentConservative Says:

    That is a very good video, so is Part 2. Keep spreading the truth brother.

  21. stan Says:

    I decided to stop in on Eddie preaching on TBN tonight. He told the crowd that God mandates that we change the culture. That the church is missing it by not offering the fish (the unsaved) what they’re hungry for; but we’re offering them what we want to feed them. IOW, we need to give them what they seek (how to have a successful family, job, finances) not to offer them a “retirement plan for eternity,” which is a way of disparaging the gospel’s main promise: Salvation from our sins.

    He also said the election is about three issues: 1. The economy; 2. The economy; 3. The economy. Wow.

    Anyway, more of the same recycled Dominionist delusions that promote a dominant place in this world and age rather than being prepared for the eternal kingdom under Christ.

    If we’re supposed to change the culture and take it over, would it not be part of the Spirit’s general leading in believers’ lives? And, would not Jesus have said, “My Kingdom is of this world?”

  22. IndependentConservative Says:

    Eddie Long’s kingdom is of this world, because he preaches the doctrine of the father of it. Or I should say, the god of it, 2 Corinthians 4:4, who is the father of LIES.

  23. Str8Shooter Says:

    If there was any doubt about what Eddie is about, it is clear now. Money Money Money! Who cares that the abortion rate amongst blacks is now higher than the live birth rate of blacks? Who cares about Putin, Ahmadinejad, and Chavez plotting on the US and Israel. And who cares about the efforts to silence the churches freedom of speech on moral issues killing the people. As long as the dollars are rolling, Life is Good…. This is absurd! I guess this is the type mindset that makes you wear muscle shirts in the pulpit. Your Best life Now, 10 Ways to Blow Up…. How can someone preach hell if the main concern is Today and Now? Please pray for the folks at New Birth. I guess if the market crashes again Eddie will be selling prayer clothes with the New Birth emblem.
    People are on their way to Hell in a hand basket and we are talking about the economy? In one day the economy can fold and your little money is gone, but if our eyes are fixed are what God’s says in his Word to the faithful and righteous, we shouldnt be worried about Wall Street, Main Street or MLK Blvd.

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