September 20, 2008

Is Sarah Louise Heath Palin Into “Holy Laughter”?

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She certainly sits under people who are and allows them to lay hands on her.

Palin and the Holy Laughter Anointing from Bruce Wilson on Vimeo.
Palin and the Holy Laughter Anointing

(You might want to be sure to get copies of these videos, because they seem to be “disappearing” and being removed from sites like YouTube.)

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4 Responses to “Is Sarah Louise Heath Palin Into “Holy Laughter”?”

  1. healtheland Says:

    Palin left that church (for a generic evangelical church) once she hit the political big time. Now she is doing all she can to distance herself from it, and the church is playing the game as well.

    I have to tell you, though, that the Assemblies of God … I am not familiar with them being tied to the signs and wonders movement. I thought AoG was well on the way to being a mainstream evangelical denomination with the Azusa Street doctrines taking a back seat.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Be sure to read all the text in the video carefully. Some that Palin associates with were already rebuked by the AoG organization back in the 1940’s. But the AoG organization is still on Azusa street and very tied to the signs and wonders and Word of Faith types. Even Australia’s Brian Houston is AoG. And while the AoG released a statement about Signs and Wonders during the Lakeland mess, they never told anyone to stay away from Lakeland with any degree of specificity. Although they’ve rebuked the Third Wave movement in the 1940s, they never came out against Bentley openly and sternly, not even when asked to say something.

    Palin has ties with these people that are documented even this year.

    It’s in the video, but you’ve got to pause sometimes because the text goes a little quickly.

  3. speakingtruth Says:

    So wait a minute – Brian Houston (Hillsong?) is tied up with the AoG/Signs and Wonders mess?

    I love Hillsong’s albums (have many of them on MP3) but I had heard that the church wasn’t really doctrinally sound…

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well, I detail a good bit of it in this post. Although in that post I did not properly specify that Houston is AoG Australia, which is not AoG USA, but still the people I note who have flown the AoG USA banner prove they all have way too much in common.

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