September 18, 2008

Our Sister Covina Could Use Your Help.

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Covina, who has often made contributions related to material posted on this blog, lives in the Houston, Texas area. Like many there, she is now dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Ike.

Here’s the deal, she’s got no power and needs a generator. An item she’s not in a position to purchase herself at the moment, especially given she like most others is currently unable to work, her job is still closed. If people send money via something like Paypal, it would take days for her to get what she needs and the banks are closed. So sending via Paypal would leave her with money she can’t access. Basically, someone with enough funds sending them via a money wire service would be a more optimal solution. She’s open to whatever anyone might be able to offer. If you are able to help her, you can reach her to further discuss at:
The prefix of that address in the graphic above is CPEE72. She’s doing a good bit of her e-mail communication via her cell phone, so don’t be lengthy in correspondence 🙂 .

Of course, prayer would be a good thing to do for Covina and others, even if you’re unable to assist.

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