September 15, 2008

Sarah Louise Heath Palin Dodges A Direct Question About Homosexuality.

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Seems to me, that a Christian would not have any reason to duck this question.

Sarah Palin on homosexuality 9/12/08

She speaks about it as if abomination is “diversity”, as some sort of wonderful thing.

We all know the loaded aspects of the question. If one claims homosexuality is something someone is born with, it implies homosexuality is something government should treat as an immutable such as race. If one claims homosexuality is not something someone is born with, it affirms that it is a lifestyle and mutable.

Really homosexuals that pull the “born gay” line have no escape in that, because we all being born into sin only have hope in Jesus Christ. To follow Him and turn from wickedness, including turning from abomination such as homosexuality.

1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (New American Standard Bible)

9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals,

10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

11 Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

Palin, a woman who can’t answer such a question is the one many claim is such a great Christian candidate? If she’s “great”, the homosexual lobby should be cheering. Because it would mean great Christians are spineless! I think this proves Palin is weak rather than someone Christians should be seeing as some wonder candidate.

But I was not going to vote for McCain (or any of the others seeking the Presidency) anyway, even before McCain picked Palin. Some claim Palin fired up Christians. Well for me, Sarah Palin is like a cold bucket of ice water, keeping me frozen to my seat!

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  1. Albertadude Says:

    It really is disturbing that even many Christians or percieved Christians are getting so gutless and wishy washy on the homosexual agenda!!

    It is a Black and White Issue…their is no debate from a Biblical POV…it is simple….

    I have been very very disappointed by many people that call themselves Christians who will not make a honest stand against Homosexuality…if they will not stand against an obvious evil, what happens when more subtle evil is thrown their way???

    On a political level, it seems that an honest Conservative has no where to go….even on the right people are waffling…

  2. DL Foster Says:

    AD, youre right this is plain gutless and spineless.
    The homosexual lobby has been goading the media into asking her this question in this way for ammo. They knew she would take the true path and call it a sin. Homosexuals and their allies would have eaten her alive. But for political expediency, she took the low road. Palin has cast herself as a tough as nails reformer, but that image is blown when you cant simply repeat a clear biblical truth.
    It also shows the power of intimidation by the homosexual corps in the press.

    The question is will God honor her lack of biblical integrity to get into office?

    We’re headed for a showdown people. And you can guess what the issue will be over.

  3. IndependentConservative Says:

    I also saw a report that noted, for all her talk of being a “reformer”, when she assumed the governorship of Alaska, she did not come out the gates with any major anti-abortion initiatives. Where is her executive order seeking to ban abortion in her state? Where are her efforts to press for legislators to at least introduce a bill trying to ban abortion? Is there not a single member of the legislative branch she could have worked with to introduce such? Perhaps if she made an executive order it would have been knocked down, perhaps if she pressed for legislation it would have failed, but where is her effort on the matter? She’s talking, but where’s the beef?

    As she said herself, she’s doing it the same way the men do it…

  4. DL Foster Says:

    IC, Im sorry in my comment above I meant to write she “would not” take the true path…

    But isnt it interesting that those who are for homosexuality will say without hesitation that its not a sin and dismiss any scripture as irrelevant, but those who claim to be Christians and against it, waffle, duck an dodge?

  5. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well DL Foster, it leaves open the question of whether the person who is waffling really trust in whom they claim they believe in?

    When Jesus saw people waffling, he said they were lacking faith in Him.

    Luke 9:40-41, I guess we’re left to pray that if the Lord wills, Palin like the disciples might one day show firm faith rather than waffling. Even in the face of persecution. The real disciples did eventually show firm faith. And what’s the persecution that Palin would face? Being drawn and quartered? No, she’d just lose her political clout.

    I mean it really makes a man wonder who she’s serving?

  6. IndependentConservative Says:

    And did you see where J. L. Grady claimed she makes him think of “Deborah” 🙄 ?… I mean really, if Deborah was like Palin…OK, I’m just going to stop. But Grady’s write-up needs to be in Mad Magazine!

  7. key2truth Says:

    IC, why do you guys focus more on Palin? Is she going to be the presidential candidate or McCain? All I can say is that McCain is still the one to be making all the decisions when the time comes. Palin will only be the rubber stamp. Neither McCain nor Obama is a true christian. McCain is divorced and Obama simply wants to be elected just like Bush did. The only thing both have in common is their flip flop stand for homosexuals.

  8. Mark Says:

    Geesh! She missed a great opportunity.

    …and I did notice the old do not Judge others force field going up as well. When will folks understand rebuking and correcting others towards the Truth – is an act of grace

  9. IndependentConservative Says:

    At the moment, Palin gets some mention because as I said in the post:

    Some claim Palin fired up Christians. Well for me, Sarah Palin is like a cold bucket of ice water, keeping me frozen to my seat!

    For many, Palin has become their “signal”, that Gawd wants them to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. (Notice the intentional misspelling, because they’re hearing from something other than God, maybe their own imaginations or worse. I mean if someone wants to vote for whoever, that’s their decision, but when they start claiming it’s a sign from God things gets wacky. See the link in my comment above to the J. L. Grady article. People who claim to be Christians are literally trying to claim she’s some sort of form of an old prophet! Really that was a major factor in making this post, to respond to such insanity.)

    Search around this blog and you’ll find plenty about Obama and McCain, even some material about Biden.

    McCain’s divorce does automatically mean he’s not a Christian. There are Christians who have carried out many a sin, even divorce, even after salvation. McCain shows through a multitude of other things, things he’s doing even in the present, that his claim of being a Christian is suspect. If he was a part of my local church assembly, I’d ask the pastor to toss him out. And although he’s not, I’ve provided the pastor of my local assembly plenty of the evidence I’ve present to you all here. Just so he’s aware.

  10. IndependentConservative Says:

    Oh if he asked her if murderers were born that way she would have done plenty of “judging” and talking then!

    He should have asked her as one of the first questions about the death penalty. Then asked “do you think murderers are born that way” and after capturing her answers to those questions, then asked her that question about homosexuality. It would have exposed her big time.

  11. rascoe1 Says:

    The old “do not judge” quote. It has been overused. I notice every time righteous living and bibically sound doctine is the topic on hand the good old “judge not is” is whipped out. To be honest, I am starting to dislike hearing those words, because of their total misuse. For some reason I seem to be hearing them a lot in recent months.

  12. Vaughn Says:

    Whether she realizes it or not, she just denied the faith in those few words, if she knows what the Bible says about homsexuality.

    And this is the common practise in the political world these days, being politically correct while watching the opinion polls, because values and standards are a thing of the past that died with alot of people with character.

  13. Christocentric Says:

    This is SOOooo disturbing! I’m getting a feel on how a professing Christian stands on principles just based upon the homosexual question alone.

    If they don’t have the spine to stand up against what the bible obviously calls sin, then they are obviously about pleasing people than pleasing God.

    As a single woman dating supposedly Christian guys, all I have to do is ask them what they believe about sex before marriage. If they waffle on that question then they were OUT THE DOOR! (Well, they were never in the door just yet!)

    Now it’s the same on asking Christians who think they stand for something what they think of homosexuality. Is it immoral or not? Simple, straightforward, black and white question! If they waffle – THEN OUT THE DOOR they go!

    I’m struggling to believe that McCain is the lesser of two evils. At least McCain did answer on the Ellen Degeneres show that he believes in marriage between a man and a woman. That was his opportunity to please one of the most popular talk show hosts. But he didn’t.

    I’m not crazy about Sarah Palin being a VP at all because I’m a mother that believes strongly in taking care of home FIRST! She still has babies and young children. Even the older teens needed her attention but too late for them. That’s not sexist but bible-ist!

    I need someone to point me to information that shows that McCains salvation is suspect.

    I really, really need to know!

  14. IndependentConservative Says:

    Hi Christocentric, regarding McCain with Ellen. See the post: Presidential Candidate John Sidney McCain III Wishes Homosexual “Every Happiness” on Announcement of Her Gay “Marriage”.

    Regarding McCain’s claims of being a Christian being something that is suspect. Aside from his shuffling on Ellen’s show. Consider the following:
    US Presidential Candidate John Sidney McCain III Prayed At The Wall Idol Too. So Did President George W. Bush.

    US Presidential Candidate John Sidney McCain III, Visits Mary Idol in Mexico.

    The Idolatry of John Sidney McCain III and Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

    You’re not going to get any evidence from interviews of McCain saying much, because unlike others, McCain avoids even speaking in-depth about what he beleives. But his actions are speaking for him. As much as I don’t like many of the others, at least they’ll sit down with reporters that want to ask them in depth questions about what they believe.

  15. Christocentric Says:

    I wasn’t too bothered by his Ellen interview because in spite of being off guard about her questioning of gay marriage, he still made it clear that he supports a man and a woman in marriage! I thought that was a great public stand.

    Obama on the other hand is promising to shoot down the Defense of Marriage Act if he makes president. McCain is for the DOMA. McCain is also supports Proposition 8.

    Finding this fact sheet about him leaves me even more confused about him. Although he would support Proposition 8, he would be okay with a Gay president? He’s okay with a constitutional amendment for our flag, but not for marriage? (leaves it to the states) Sigh…back to the drawing board. Maybe you all can decipher this for me. See: John McCain on Civil Rights

  16. Christocentric Says:

    Oh, didn’t mean to get off topic here. Sarah Palin’s wavering on homosexuality and McCain’s confusing stance on homosexuality leaves me to wonder just how they’ll work on issues such as the DOMA and other issues regarding homosexuality!

  17. IndependentConservative Says:

    How was McCain making a great public stand against homosexuals calling themselves “married”, when he wished well for the one announced right in front of his face? McCain’s playing both sides. Which is why he never supported a US Constitutional amendment.

    McCain was the man behind the “Gang of 14”, that helped block some Constitution affirming judges from even getting a review.

    Bottom line, he’s gaming you. The people who stand firm on these things for a long period of time don’t even get close to being contenders. Keep in mind, most voters might not have the same convictions that you do. Which is why we get the results that we see. And that’s one of so many reasons why I don’t mind not voting for any of them. Christians can’t save the world through the politics of man anyway. So when they want waffling and anything goes types, they’ll cast their vote for them minus my backing it.

  18. Christocentric Says:

    You’ve pointed out some very distasteful things that McCain had done with the praying wall, visiting the Mary idol and saying “wishing gay marrieds well” on Ellen’s show, but we’re talking about somebody’s salvation and you haven’t provided a strong enough argument to me that McCain being a Christian is suspect. The only thing I see suspect is McCain being a STRONG Christian!

    But come on, is there anything stronger? He did declare on Ellen’s show marriage between a man and a woman. Sooo many Christians are scared to even say that these days!

    I just think you’re being a bit harsh, especially when comparing McCain to Obama who has clearly said that Jesus ISN’T the only way to God. Now that’s clear evidence that he is NOT a Christian!

    I just need more evidence when you talk about McCain.

  19. IndependentConservative Says:

    If continued and repeated idolatry does not make you wonder, you’re right, nothing I could give you of McCain’s personal actions would. Because you’re waiting for McCain to say something from his mouth that you’re never going to hear him say. Because unlike Obama, McCain is unwilling to speak to media about what he beleives. So you’re assuming what McCain beleives, because you’re not basing it off his actions and he’s not telling you. McCain knows what you’re waiting for and that’s why he’s avoiding speaking to media about it. He’s going to let you assume all the way and then perhaps some time in the future, he’ll pull the Bush surprise.

    But keep in mind, it’s McCain’s people that prepped Palin for her interview. So do you think McCain would answer the question any differently? Even Obama claims he feels “marriage” should be between a man and a woman. So if you’re giving points for that, Obama is just as bold as McCain. Because while they both claim they feel “marriage” should be between a man and a woman, they both are willing to allow everything that is marriage under a different term, which by definition really would be “marriage”.

  20. IndependentConservative Says:

    John McCain on whether homosexuality is a ‘sin’

    One this one, McCain was caught lacking and was asked straight up with no sugar coating. Notice how he added to his answer by mentioning how he basically wants homosexuals to have all the same thing but just not called “marriage”.

  21. Christocentric Says:

    Thanks Brother IC! Now that was pretty strong evidence of McCain’s wallowing on the homosexual issue. Who cares what he thinks about marriage pro or anti-gay because if he’s not sound in his beliefs about homosexuality, then he will just be a puppet throughout his campaign and/or candidacy – going whichever way the strings pull him!

    And since he can’t make a clear stand about homosexuality, then yes, I now have doubts about his stand for Jesus Christ period!

  22. Christocentric Says:

    Sorry to make such a big stink about this evidence, only because of the major differences spiritually between Obama and McCain. Obama has been shown to downplay the bible (in his book the Audacity…), he’s a member of a church system that approves homosexuals as ministers, he’s been taped saying that he’ll shoot down the DOMA, he welcomes all other religions as valid ways to God…and that list goes on and on.

    The things about McCain have been less revealing but he has strong support of the pro-marriage man/woman bills and laws.

    So to me, there was just no comparison between these two – up until now. Now I have joined the ranks – once again – of not voting for neither. If I don’t hear McCain make a strong stand against homosexuality, he will never get my vote.

  23. IndependentConservative Says:

    The only real difference, is that McCain has put up far prettier window dressing than Obama, given the groups they each are counting on for MONEY. But once they are looked at in-depth, I see practically the same man on each side. Now although they are practically the same, there are some Christians who feel that they can somehow bring redemption to America through the politics of men. So they’re going to keep claiming that either Obama or McCain is the means of achieving it. To me, Obama and McCain are examples of the failure of seeking hope in politics, although I do vote, I just won’t cast a vote for President given the options available. The only hope for anyone is in Christ and America’s politicians prove that they serve the interests of the hearts of men instead.

  24. healtheland Says:

    Had a long diatribe on this that I will instead use as a post on my own blog 🙂

  25. IndependentConservative Says:


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