September 10, 2008

False Teaching Bigot Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III Alters His Bio To Claim Graduation From Oxford University. But He Did Not Graudate From “Oxford”.

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Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III is a protege of Jeremiah Alvesta Wright. If you want to know why Haynes is a false teaching bigot, you can read the news article O PASTOR IN SEX SCANDAL.

I just realized today, that Haynes is the same guy I noted in a comment a while back, as being in the same graduating class as Jamal-Harrison Bryant at Graduate Theological Foundation (GTF). GTF is not Oxford and never was under Oxford. It’s an unaccredited university spawned from Vatican II! They offer students a summer seminar at Oxford, as part of their course work, where they get a lapel pin and certificate, nothing more. The relationship does not provide ANY Oxford degrees. Jamal-Harrison Bryant used to claim he graduated from Oxford, but eventually removed the Oxford claim from his bio. Back when I first mentioned Haynes’ name, I mentioned he was a little more honest than Bryant, but you’re going to have to read all that I’ve linked above. Including the posts about Jamal Bryant, to understand what I’m saying here. Sorry, but I’m not going to repeat everything in this new post.

Well it seems Frederick D. Haynes has decided to update his bio, to claim he’s a graduate of “Oxford”.


On May 6, 2005, Rev. Haynes received his Doctorate in Ministry from the illustrious Oxford University in Oxford, England.

Here is a digital copy of Haynes’ bio page on the day this post was written, in Microsoft XPS format. (You can get Microsoft XPS tools here for free from Microsoft.)

You’re not going to understand this statement unless you’ve already read all the links above. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III has changed his bio page from a mention of the school he really graduated from, to claiming he graduated from “Oxford”, just as Jamal-Harrison Bryant once used to do! The folks at the The Graduate Theological Foundation, the school Haynes really graduated from with a doctorate in 2005, would not be happy to hear that Haynes is claiming to have graduated from Oxford. I know they were not happy when Jamal-Harrison Bryant did the same and I spoke with them about it.

Well all the other mess already showed Haynes is false. He came up under Jeremiah A. Wright and symbols on his group’s web site show he’s promoting the heresy of Black Liberation Theology. He’s been shown to likely be more upset about race mixing than adultery, given the statement of the ex-husband of a woman who had an adulterous affair with Jeremiah A. Wright. And Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III is in my opinion lying to the public now about where he acquired his doctorate degree. All the evidence shows he graduated from GTF, not Oxford. Even what used to be on his own group’s web site.

Here is a copy of the document that proves where Haynes graduated from in 2005. It’s a school with an affiliation with Oxford, not Oxford. Their doctorate degrees don’t say the word “Oxford” anywhere on them. Their graduates are told they graduated from GTF and not to claim they have a degree from Oxford. That is what a GTF official told me personally in my speaking with them.

Interestingly enough, The Web Internet Archive (Internet Wayback Machine) copies of Haynes’ bio page show that he always has been claiming to have graduated from “Oxford”. (Notice, even back in 2004 he was claiming to be working towards a doctorate degree at “Oxford”, rather than saying GTF!) Which means it’s possible the only time he ever mentioned the school he actually graduated from, The Graduate Theological Foundation, was back when this blog and others were being highly viewed for exposing Jamal-Harrison Bryant. Did Dr. Haynes assume that nobody would check up on him again? This just proves Haynes does not care for the truth, but looking good and prestige! This also explains why someone once came to this blog claiming Bryant graduated from Oxford with “their pastor” Haynes. Haynes, in my opinion, has been lying to them. So much so, one of his members came here in his defense not knowing the truth.

And see these comments on another blog, were people noticed Haynes used to claim GTF, but the report on that web site mentioned “Oxford”. Haynes has obviously been flipping back and forth, but mostly on his group’s site in my opinion falsely claiming to have graduated from “Oxford”. When he was in the running for President of the NAACP, did he tell them he graduated from “Oxford”?

5 Responses to “False Teaching Bigot Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III Alters His Bio To Claim Graduation From Oxford University. But He Did Not Graudate From “Oxford”.”

  1. worshipperfound Says:

    Why are they pretending to be something that they are not! FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!

  2. ncatina Says:

    The common denominator I am finding for any and all pulpit pimps, charlatans and the like is insecurity on their part. What has been described here for Haynes and Bryant specifically is that they likely have no other channels to pursue any other means of success (true academics, one’s climb in corporate, politics, etc.) that they feel the need to embellish on their credentials to feel important where they are in the church.

    Without having to read into this man’s history, Haynes presents himself as one that is seeking personal validation. What other motivation is there for a pastor, who already has a church, to lie about his credentials?? What “education” and merit are needed to ascend in churchdom?!

    Weak-constituted leaders are dangerous anywhere, EPSECIALLY in the church. These are the type of people that will stand on anything except the Word of God to help compensate for whatever personal shortcomings present. In the days we are living in now, the church is not the place for any “leader” to use his position to help elevate self. As this posting pointed out, lying about one’s education for the sake of elevation garners a greater fall than they expected.

  3. daughter Says:

    He’s been cold busted!

    Amen ncatina, if someone really knows that they’ve been called by God to preach the gospel, they wouldn’t need to fake any earthly accreditation – or non-accreditation in this case!

  4. GaryV Says:

    It never ends my friend.

  5. DL Foster Says:

    Ncantina, you pegged it. These degenerate false prophets have the common denominators of false teaching, insecurity about themselves thus the need for inflated exaggerations about education. They use it to ensnare those whom look for that a sign of spiritual accomplishment.

    The apostles (save Paul) were uneducated men and it showed! Everybody knew. But they preached and proclaimed the gospel with such power, that they turned the world upside down.

    The crooks today using the titles have to construct and entire false identity just to attract people, but have zero power and no connection to the true source of power. Whats more it says a lot about the people they attract.

    So what matters most?: relationship with God or relationship with faux credentials.

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