September 8, 2008

Sarah Louise Heath Palin, Bad Doctrine’s Dream VP Candidate.

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We already knew Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. being a proponent of the cult of Mary is a bad doctrine dream candidate too, but as more about Sarah Palin comes out it only paints a more gloomy picture. Because Palin not only is tied up in bad doctrine, she’s part of a bunch many don’t know a thing about, so unlike the heresy of Roman Catholicism, many Christians don’t feel any reason to be alarmed. Well first, you who have not already read it, need to go read Stan’s post titled: The New Apostolic Reformation: some of its shapers and methods. They?re also targeting our youth. You might even want to take a moment to read a post I just happened to make recently titled: Slaying In A False Spirit And Supposed Debates With Satan and Demons. And then once you’re well up to speed on some of the issues of that brand of false teaching, you can watch the video below and better understand why Palin being a VP candidate now and possibly a Presidential candidate in the future is a sad thing.

Sarah Palin’s Churches and The Third Wave from Bruce Wilson on Vimeo.

This same video above used to be on YouTube with the title: Palin’s Demon Haunted Churches, but SOMEBODY had it removed. I guess somebody does not like this information being exposed to the public.

And I don’t like linking to a Huffington Post article any more than one by the New York Times, but this time the Huffington Post has a related article that really needs to be read titled: Sarah Palin’s Churches and The Third Wave: New Video Documentary.

It’s interesting how the Leftists are exposing some doctrinal issues with someone like Palin, while Right Winged outfits are exposing some doctrinal issues with someone like Obama. But neither side is realizing Jesus is the ONLY hope for salvation and perhaps neither set of major candidates is worth investing any hope in. Put your hope in Jesus Christ and Him alone.

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  1. KyleAndrews Says:

    Although I don’t agree with “hyper”Pentecostals like this, it seems to me that this is not so much an attempt to smear Palin but rather to paint with one broad brush stroke the idea that ALL Christians are like this.

    I can’t believe I used to attend a COGIC and an Assemblies of God Church at one time which engaged in this unbiblical behavior.


  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    …rather to paint with one broad brush stroke the idea that ALL Christians are like this.

    Some reporters do that, but that is not so in this case. Bruce Wilson was fair enough to mention in his article:

    To date, all of the writing and objections to this movement have emerged from other Evangelicals and Fundamentalists who believe the movement to be unbiblical. Also, it is other conservative churches that refuse to embrace the ‘outpouring of the Spirit’ that are targets of much of the anger of the movement.

    Mr. Wilson also made the YouTube video. Of course YouTube has limits that prevent something from being too lengthy, but Wilson makes it clear in his write-up that Christians have been the main opposition to this mess. And it’s rare a reporter will mention that. To explicitly note that ALL of the OBJECTION has been from CHRISTIANS. (And we know Christians were speaking against the Liberation Theology embraced by people like Obama way before his former pastor got in the news.) This is one of the many reasons why it’s important for the church to speak out against false doctrines.

  3. spark Says:


    When I read this post, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had heard of this NAR before—as in recently in the MSM. And, then I recalled…Ted Haggard. Remember him? He was (and probably still is) a big baller in the NAR and the NAE (Nat’l Assoc. of Evangelicals)—an extension of the Christian right and for all intents and purposes the Republican Party. He exercised a lot of influence over the Bush White House before his ummm indiscretion. If memory serves me correctly, he participated on a weekly conference call with the White House. If you have eyes to see what’s going on here, it is as clear as day. In Stan’s post, he mentions that the NAR’s mission is to establish a “foundational government”. These kooks really believe they have a god ordained (small “g” intended) mission to rule, lead, and govern in these United States. Stan poses the question, “how far do these apostles plan to go in their “rulership”? My answer: 1600 Penn Ave.

    Now, I understand why Rod Parsley and Hagee were trying to get in with McCain. McCain messed up their program when he renounced their endorsements (well, publicly anyway). Now, all of a sudden, and out of nowhere, McCain picks Mrs. Palin, who is connected with the NAR mess! And, isn’t the NAR headquartered in Colorado Springs, the home of James Dobson and his bunch. Dobson was on air hating on McCain, telling his “followers” he might sit this election out he was so unhappy with the McCain candidacy. But, the Monday after the Palin pick, guess what? Dobson is on air praising Palin and he even said, “If the election were held today, I would pull the lever for the McCain ticket”? Wow! All the objections and reasons he gave for NOT voting for McCain just vanished with the Palin pick. That seemed so strange to me. I don’t know if Dobson is connected with the NAR bunch but I know he is down with the NAE—a close associate of Haggard, at least before his fall. Dobson and his bunch do show some signs of sharing some of the NAR beliefs. For instance, this notion of “strategic spiritual warfare” over geographic locations. Someone sent me a video from Dobson’s Focus on the Family, where one of his leaders was actually standing on Invesco Field asking evangelicals to pray for rain “of biblical proportions” on the night Obama gave his speech! As I watched the video, it struck me as unchristian; it didn’t seem right at all. I tired to find the video to hyperlink here and it has been strangely pulled, but there are many news stories out there referencing this—just sans the video feed.

    So, I bet some of these “spiritual advisors” to McCain (isn’t that what he called Parsley) and the Christian right had a lot to do with the Palin pick. They don’t give up do they? They will get one of theirs in that Oval Office if it is the last thing they do! It is the will of God—they must establish a foundational government for it is the will of god! Lol! Please someone show me where that foolishness is found in the Holy Writ. I don’t mean to make light of this, it really is a serious matter. These people should be nowhere near that red button, starting wars and Armageddon and what not based on some false dream, prophecy, vision or voice they heard. Did you notice this guy Lou Engle near the end? He’s the loony tune from that wacko “Jesus Camp” documentary. That fruit is rocking like he has a mental illness…very off. Can you imagine him (or any of this bunch) advising Palin? You said it right, Palin as a “VP candidate now and possibly a Presidential candidate in the future is a sad thing”; and I’ll add a ‘frightening thing’.

    What is further amazing is that the MSM is sooooo enraptured by Sarah Palin, that they are not airing this video or following up on this story. I mean they found roughly 5 minutes of mess from Jeremiah Wright’s 36 years of “preaching” and played it over and over and over for 2-3 weeks. One of my non-Christian, unchurched friends knows more about liberation theology and the UCC than I do, based on the news reports and stories he read surrounding Jeremiah Wright. I am not defending him by any stretch, but it seems there is more evidentiary stuff to broadcast in this case (the Jesus Camp doc, this clip, any number of clips from Hagee, all the stuff on you tube from Todd Bentley, as all of these are apart of or are in some way aligned with the NAR). I guess they like covering Mrs. Palin because it is good for their bottom lines. If she were to bow out disgraced for being a part of this utter foolishness (cell phone anointing…I mean really!) the MSM would have to go back to covering boring McCain and whoever would be Palin’s replacement, who I can guarantee would not be as exciting for them to cover nor as alluring to readers and viewers. The American people need to know this information and the media needs to ask Palin about this. But, I guess we can no longer count on the media to be the investigative “4th branch” of government. Thank you for doing a better job and reporting this. This gives me more information to consider before November 5th…a whole lot more to pray about right now.

  4. spark Says:

    Another thing, evangelicals are being a bit hypocritical over this Palin pick. Albert Mohler–an evangelical leader, and NAE/Christian right, big wig is contradicting himself big time with respect to the women working outside of the home debate. See this article:

    This from a guy who commonly rails against against women working outside of the home, as did Dobson, Beverly Lahaye, et al. I attended a southern baptist church for a while and I mean from the pulpit to Sunday school, they used to make women who were not stay-at-home Mom’s feel like dirt. Now, they all have strangely flipped the script. They find nothing wrong with a Mother of an elementary aged child, a preteen, a pregnant 17 year old and an infant with Down syndrome being able to handle raising them and being the 2nd most powerful person in the free world. If the democratic candidate had chosen the Mother of an 18 year old college freshman, the Christian right would have been saying how that woman needs to get her biblical priorities straight and mother that ‘young’ child and lay aside her political ambitions–I can almost hear James Dobson!

    Mohler is a theological scholar, he has to know about the NAR and Palin’s connections (they knew about Haggard’s) and yet, their thirst for political power causes them to turn a blind eye to the unbiblical madness? Or, are the SBC and other “sound” evangelical organizations down with the unbiblical madness too? This really has me wondering.

  5. IndependentConservative Says:

    The ties to Haggard are mentioned in the article linked above and I beleive it’s stated in the video in text as well.

    Yea Dobson seems to speak with the “fork tongue” AS DO MANY. Once they all had nothing nice to say about John McCain, but now they’re all acting like he should be supported. I don’t play into the flip flopping. I warned against McCain before and I’ll keep warning against him. Keep in mind Dobson was even speaking fondly about Mitt Romney.

    And I recall when they asked for big “rain” the day Obama would speak. I don’t like Obama one bit, but what’s achieved by rain? And the Liberals were all giddy when a hurricane came through New Orleans the same time as the Republican convention was starting up. As if that was a sign God favored them. Laughing while people were running for their lives! Both camps toss out “God” when it suits them. But when you examine their theology, their “god” is Baal.

    What is further amazing is that the MSM is sooooo enraptured by Sarah Palin, that they are not airing this video or following up on this story. I mean they found roughly 5 minutes of mess from Jeremiah Wright’s 36 years of “preaching” and played it over and over and over for 2-3 weeks.

    Well with J. Wrong he continually says mess, so there is no shortage of material in his regard and there is no shortage of these nuts Palin embraces too. But I’ve been wondering if the MSM’s reluctance to bring it out yet is because they’re loving Palin or because a “pastor” that claims all America does it right does not make for as sensational a story as a “pastor” who says all America does is wrong. I think it’s because the MSM is not going to talk theology unless it’s either sensational or money related. Notice how the MSM will talk about any pastor that speaks against homosexuality, but J. Wrong is all for homosexuals and the MSM never said a word about it. Because in the media speaking against homosexuals is more sensational than speaking favorable of them.

    ABCNew’s Charles Gibson has an interview with Palin planned. I’m not going to say with any certainty, but Gibson just might be with Palin long enough that he gets into some subject matter we want to hear her asked questions about. I mean Gibson is the guy who exposed Bush, although Gibson may not know that he did.

  6. IndependentConservative Says:

    Some of the SBC names in the media are messed up, but given my local church is SBC I should point out SBC churches are independently run by their local pastor. I figure one day the pastor of the church I worship with will have to cut ties with the SBC, because they’re not going to be able to claim each other forever. At the church I worship with the pastor does not teach like some other SBC spots at all and we both lamented seeing Johnny Hunt become SBC president. One day I figure the ties will have to be broken and I’ll pat the pastor of my local church assembly on the back the day he does pull the church out. Because our local church doctrine does not promote some of the things the SBC leadership promotes. But for now, the SBC leadership does not try and control the local church doctrine and for anyone interested my local church is hosting a 9 Marks worship next month. (No I won’t be at the workshop, I’m way too busy.)

    Regarding women and working. Do you remember the Good Times episode where James told Florida a woman was to be in “the kitchen and the bedroom”? Yea that’s what many promote and I used to buy into myself for a time. But I now think it depends on the family. In Palin’s case, she’s got a lot of responsibilities at home, I’m not against her “working” but VICE PRESIDENT? That’s a 24 X 7 job!!! I do have an issue with that. I think McCain picked her to gain some Hillary voters.

    I think the Bible speaks against trying to dogmatically isolate a woman to the home. In fact, scripture speaks to a woman having as many business responsibilities as men, Proverbs 31. I totally affirm that only certain men are to be in church leadership, however in business and other things women are free and should not be told they can’t have a career. Unless things at home are so overwhelming, that it would be best for the wife to stay at home. My own wife has at times stayed at home, sometimes took a year (or more) off, but right now she’s at work. It’s something we discuss and agree on based on the needs at the moment.

  7. spark Says:

    “I think the Bible speaks against trying to dogmatically isolate a woman to the home. In fact, scripture speaks to a woman having as many business responsibilities as men, Proverbs 31.”

    I agree with you here, IC. I was just pointing out that your fellow SBCers are engaging in some revisionist theology on this point.

    About 10 years ago, the Southern Baptist Convention declared at its annual convention that the woman’s place was in the home. In fact, they were so dogmatic about this that they added this language to the Baptist Faith & Message statement: a wife has the God-given responsibility to her husband “to serve as his helper in managing the household and nurturing the next generation.” Look, I was attending a mega SBC church at the time that is pastored by one of the superstars in the SBC (former SBC prez). And, I can tell you from the pulpit to Sunday school, women who work were made to fell like dirt. And, when questioned about this, the church leaders were quick to say their position was consistent with biblical teaching.

    It’s just so funny to watch these guys back-peddle and claim that their sermons and statements were referring to spiritual leadership not secular leadership. Trust me they never made this distinction prior to McCain picking Palin.

    My point is that, these sorts of theological acrobatics performed by the “Christian” right for the sake of political expediency is an horrible witness. SBCers and the Christian right from the pulpit to the pew have faced a serious dilemma this entire election season—sit out or hold your nose and vote for McCain. Enter Palin, who hoo! She’s a Christian, she’s against abortion, she’s for guns. Hallelujah! But wait, she is a Mother of small children, one of which has a special need and is not even one, and another who is an unwed pregnant teen. Hmmmm…. Another dilemma. Now, they had to either stick with their doctrine and their Faith & Message Stmt and declare their non-support due to conflict with the church’s doctrine or they could throw all of that biblical/doctrinal stuff out and get access to that power!

    The hypocrisy levels here are just off the charts. And, these guys have probably unwittingly ruined their “family roles” construct in their quest for political power. I can see all those guilt-ridden women in my former Young Adult Sunday School class dusting off their resumes now — their husbands and children better get used to take-out! And I can hear them saying, “ Hey, if it’s ok for sister Sarah to run a nation and be a mom and wife, surely I can handle pushing a few papers on a 9 to 5 and manage mine.” I’m going to ring some of my old acquaintances up from my SBC Sunday School class and get their thoughts on this.

  8. IndependentConservative Says:

    And there seems to be no complaints about the fact Palin is into a doctrinal view that the SBC has openly rejected. I’m wondering, if McCain-Palin win, will she have McCain taken to Alaska so they can “lay hands” on him and give her some “prophetic words” that she’ll seek to carry out on the world?

    One has to wonder, would there be any reports of any of Palin’s kids being caught up in anything bad if their mother was not so tied up in her career? I mean even as governor of a US state you’re going to face some limits in time with the family. It’s not a job with a strict schedule where mommy is always leaving around when the kids leave for school and back home not long after the kids.

    The SBC and the other denoms seeking political influence and numbers is really as you said, making them have a “horrible witness”.

    What’s sad, and I told the pastor of my local church this, is that Christians are feeling they can save mankind through the politics of man. I vote and I’m pretty diligent about it, but I don’t lock up with publicans who I know are a mess thinking it will make the world a better place.

  9. IndependentConservative Says:

    Palin Puts Baptist Men on the Spot

    (And again I note, there seems to be no complaints about the fact Palin is into a doctrinal view that the SBC has openly rejected.)

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