August 26, 2008

Reasons I Don’t Want US Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Junior Assassinated. Aside From The Fact Murder Is An Evil Wrong.

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Well there have been media reports, that somebody possibly wanted to whack (murder) Obama. And I must say, I’ve been hoping Obama is NOT murdered probably MORE THAN many of his supporters. Of course murder is a horrible sin, but aside from that, here are many other reasons I really dread even thinking of Obama being dead. I mean I don’t want him murdered, I don’t want him to die of failing health. I mean I really don’t want the man to die now and here’s why:

So I say, long live Barack Hussein Obama, Junior! And if the Lord wills, may he come to know the truth of the gospel of the Lord Jesus. (See: Why Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Honestly is Not a Christian.)

One Response to “Reasons I Don’t Want US Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Junior Assassinated. Aside From The Fact Murder Is An Evil Wrong.”

  1. EnochWalked Says:

    Brother IC,
    I know GOD is speaking through you because I told my wife the exact same thing last night after watching Michelle Obama’s speech. I have black friends from my college days, and along with many black so-called Christians are blatantly disregarding the Word of GOD when it comes to Barak’s platform. They ask me well, what choice do you have, either with us(Barak) or with them(McCain). I tell them that as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD–And if I had to vote today, my vote is a NO VOTE for either one.

    Just my humble opinion, Oprah Winfrey (modern day Jezebel) and her new age influence, celebrity, fame, and $$$$(People must discern where Obama is getting his funding from!!!) is why this guy came out of obscurity! GOD is not exalting Barak–Men with anti-Christ agenda are using him as their pawn to usher in more New Age and maybe even, worse case…the Beast?

    I say stand for CHRIST. Don’t take sides with the Democrats or the Republicans. I am a registered independent. If that means, I voice my opinion by not voting for either one. So be it! I want my voting record to be recorded in heaven for voting for GOD, not with man and man’s agendas!

    Now, (A big if) if I discern that McCain will stop abortion and gay marriage with Supreme Court nominees, legislation…I will have to deny myself and vote McCain. This could mean it might be 10 years down the road before this comes to pass? LOL…I have not got the unction from the SPIRIT that McCain will do this.

    Christians must get back to living and demonstrating the wages of sin is death but the gift of GOD is eternal life through JESUS CHRIST ALONE. We must live holy. We will ALL answer to GOD. The churches, especially the black churches must repent and get our voice and witness of relevance back because we have fallen! It is the churches (black and white) fault that we have the spiritual condition that is in America today and we have no solid moral choice for next President.

    GOD bless you and protect you Independent Conservative for proclaiming boldness in this late hour!

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