August 16, 2008

The Adultery of Todd Bentley

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As much as I find Todd Bentley to be a major charlatan, I never like hearing someone who promotes error is caught up in even more bad things. And when it comes to something like adultery, that is going to impact 2 other people, the spouse and the person the adultery is committed with. So it’s a mater that by default is going to impact at least 3 people directly and then there are the children…

Many of us have tried all we could, to warn saints about Todd Bentley. Will adultery and possibly divorce be the items, that cause some to realize they should have always avoided Todd? I mean, this is on top of his ungodly Baptisms, full cover-ups for ungodly baptisms, heretical claims of being able to “move” God, claiming dead raised based off bogus stories, working for his own glory, investigative proof he has no gift of healing although he claims to, promotion of a false doctrine of glory, indecency and disorder, false claims of God telling him to assault people, ridiculous claims of seeing Jesus, dark alliances and exposure the financial dealings are suspect and even video proof of assault. (And that’s only the mess that was noted here, there was plenty more.) The only good has been, that some seeing the nonsense began to realize they needed to reconsider what they thought sound doctrine is.

So now although they tried to put a soft cover on it, Todd Bentley’s group Fresh Fire Ministries admits.

We wish to acknowledge, however, that since our last statement from the Fresh Fire Board of Directors, we have discovered new information revealing that Todd Bentley has entered into an unhealthy relationship on an emotional level with a female member of his staff.

And so now Todd is being placed on a sort of leave, but given the group promoted him fully in all the other mess, continues the mess, plans more mess and called all sorts of evil from Todd Bentley good. One would have to be seriously deluded, to embrace anything with the name “Fresh Fire Ministries” on it. The group is a money racket and under delusion, that promotes all manner of unbiblical things.

Hat tip goes to psalm100 for finding the announcement cited above.

A couple of interesting related comments:

Stan mentions:

What bothers me about Fresh Fire’s take on this unpleasant (and unfortunate) personal business is the way they still see this whole Lakeland thing (although I wasn’t hoping for different): “we so regret that in the midst of great revival, the enemy has found a way into our camp.” Indeed?! A great revival that the enemy broke into?? Not a fleshly piece of hype that went on for over a hundred days that eventually exhibited its fruit in its main leader? No: To redouble their efforts: “We will continue to host conferences in our region with speakers and worship leaders from around the nation whose message and mandates resonate with the vision and heart of Fresh Fire Ministries.
Oh goody! Yep, keep it going by some other front man. (I’d lose the tattoos and piercings maybe next time. Just a friendly hint.)

godlysoldier mentions:

I hate to say this because my heart truly grieves over the breakup of any marriage?BUT Stevie Wonder saw this coming. It was just a matter of time before the story would become public.
The whole ?sexual immorality? issue goes hand in hand with ?spiritual immorality.?

This article mentions, that Todd Bentley is seeking legal separation from his wife and given how laws work in Canada, it’s possible divorce is in the works.

So a false teacher has been exposed, again and again and again. Given the infidelity, I could make plenty of “bam” jokes, but this is no laughing matter. And keep in mind, Todd Bentley was once convicted of criminal sexual activity. Get yourself, your family and your friends as far away from Todd Bentley, Fresh Fire Ministries and all associated with them as the Lord wills you to.

9 Responses to “The Adultery of Todd Bentley”

  1. stan Says:

    From the Ledger article: She (Lynne Breidenbach, Bentley’s spokeswoman) called the situation (the separation) “very sad” but insisted it “doesn’t invalidate what Todd did” at the revival.

    I’d say she is right: It does not invalidate what Bentley did at the revival. It very much validates Bentley’s ungodly, unbiblical, ear-tickling, unsound, violent, deluded, fleshly, self-aggrandizing, fraudulent exhibition of heresy-on-steroids the world has had the misfortune to be subjected to in the name of Jesus in modern times.

    What is a possible positive fallout is the discrediting of the arrogant NAR of Peter Wagner, who orchestrated that preposterous “apostolic commissioning” in full view of the enthralled crowds of deluded supporters at Lakeland and on God TV.

    As you’ve said, IC, and I fully agree, this sordid personal business of Bentley’s is no joy to see. Hopefully, it will have the effect of getting many who have allowed themselves to fall asleep on duty to wake up. For too long, they have trusted everyone behind a pulpit with a fancy story, drinking every tall tale with eagerness. They have stopped being wary and watchful and have let their armor rust on the ground. Hopefully, they will get back to staying alert and sober, realizing that the devil they think they scatter through their ridiculous spiritual warfare techniques actually has them in his teeth. His devouring work is done through deception, through carefully crafted biblical half-truths and outright non-biblical lies. He keeps them in his grip until his victim acknowledges the truth by God’s grace and they recover themselves from his snare.

  2. KyleAndrews Says:

    God has been sending a strong delusion if you will regarding these Pimps in the Pulpit. Although we are to warn the Sheeple we must also recognize that everything is orchestrated by Gods divine sovereignty. OK, what do I mean by this. We here know the Lords voice. We are his sheep. Others sadly are either A: Also his sheep and being currently deceived (like we were at one time) for His ultimate purpose. Or B: They are not of his flock yet also this too works in Gods ultimate plan.

    Therefore although we should warn the folks for the sake of His sheep we must also recognize that the blind hardened heart followers are also part of His plan. In fact, you should count it all joy of the persecution you receive from them. Sadly unless they have been predestined for salvation they will never understand the firm rebuke delivered by us. Conversely, We as Gods elect should be cognizant of the great falling away as a sign of Christ’s soon return.

    Just a different angle to look at the situation I guess.


  3. 2thehilt Says:

    Kyle, Thank you for that post. For me, it serves as a gentle reminder of what is true about the deception that is currently taking place. It is so very very easy to get frustrated when seemingly, rational people can’t see how these ungodly pimps are creeping in and perverting the Gospel, fleecing the flock and tarnishing the reputation of Christianity, thereby making it hard for real, bible believing Christians. It’s just one more nudge to keep studying the Word of God and stick close to Jesus. The ride is about to get bumpier.

  4. stan Says:

    Good thoughts, Kyle.

    The strong delusion Paul speaks of will be the ones who will actually do miracles (lying signs and wonders). So far, people like Bentley only claim to show them (30 something resurrections), or the ones they do show are phony and/or psychically induced (falling down; vibrating; elation; temporary pain relief). No organic changes could be seen at Lakeland. For example, the two young boys, one with Spina Bifida and the other with Cerebral Palsy, both claimed on stage to feel stronger than they ever did before (psychic inducement); but, even as they and Bentley claimed the healing they sought, they were clearly in the same condition both before and after Todd’s “ministry.” This is what people are willing to fall for now. Just wait until those come whom Jesus speaks of in Matt. 24 and who John sees in Rev 13 and 16 who will do real miracles.

    Obvious miracles are normally credited to God alone by people. The ones which will be done through Satan will be enough finally to take away the deceived who will think he really is God, and therefore worship him as God. Jesus said that if it were possible, even the elect will be deceived by them, they’re so powerful.

    If people believe what Bentley (and those like him) are putting out as signs, they’re already easy fodder for the Man of Sin when he comes on the scene.

    Stay alert and sober minded, cleaving only to the Lord and His Word.

  5. IndependentConservative Says:

    An interesting related video just showed up on YouTube: Todd Bentley – adulterous glory

  6. KyleAndrews Says:


    Have you ever heard the response by Patricia King regarding this matter?

    Very New Age -Curses, spirits, and animal sacrifices oh my!


  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    Blaming everyone else, instead of blaming Todd Bentley for his own actions.

    Of course if she was right, that the words of others took Todd down, it means what is in Todd is not greater than the world. He was supposed to be supposedly soooooo anooooooooointed 🙄 .

    It appears that the claims of Satanic animal sacrifices outside the Lakeland pimp tent is bogus.

  8. IndependentConservative Says:

    Another video to see: TODD BENTLEY LEAVES MINISTRY

  9. speakingtruth Says:

    Wow – Bentley’s got this whole pulpit pimp game down to a science.

    Let’s see:

    – Lie about miracles, solicit money? Check.
    – Whip up your supporters into a frenzy so that they’ll curse anyone who questions you? Check.
    – Participate in all manner of ungodly “showboating” from the pulpit? Check.
    – Tip out on your wife because you can’t keep all of that “annnnnoooooiiiinnnntttiiiinnng” to yourself? Check.

    Next Todd “the tool of Satan” will admit to some form of inappropriate behavior (because he can’t cop to the whole deal), cry around afew stages for a week or so, then claim that “God (or Emma) told me that my ministry was so sorely needed that I needed to return to the battlefield, scars and all”.


    Sorry to hear his wife and kids are casualties of this mess, but I believe they’re better off if they got the devil out of the house – permanently.

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