August 9, 2008

Timothy Wright Is In Need Of Donations, To Continue Receiving Good Medical Treatment.

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Hat tip to reader Andre.

Read the NY Daily News article titled Rev. Wright wants to return to pulpit a month after crash killed wife, grandson. It details much of the situation. And I can tell you, the figures being stated are not inflated or fabrications. Anyone who has known someone who required such treatment knows those figures are the sad truth. And in my personal opinion, half a million is way too low of an estimate. Honestly, I don’t know many people who stand much of a chance of receiving enough in donations to cover such a medical need, but Lord willing Timothy Wright will. Sure a miraculous healing would be great, for him and everybody else where he’s staying, but fact is he’s still there and needs the funds now. If you wish to donate, here is the information for making donations.

Rev. Timothy Wright Fund

If you would like to send a donation to help pay for the medical expenses for the Rev. Timothy Wright, here is some more information. The Reverend suffered a serious injury to his spine and does not have health insurance (other than some VA benefits).

Checks in the amount of $500 or more should be made out to The Kessler Institute. In the memo line please write: FOR TIMOTHY WRIGHT.

Checks under $500 should be made out to Timothy Wright.

ALL checks should be mailed to this address:
Timothy Wright Trust
c/o Timothy Wright
3399 Lawson Blvd.
Oceanside, NY 11572

Basically, if he does not get the money, he’ll end up on state medical assistance and that certainly will not pay for good rehabilitative treatment. For most, that results in living the rest of their life in a nursing home.

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10 Responses to “Timothy Wright Is In Need Of Donations, To Continue Receiving Good Medical Treatment.”

  1. daughter Says:

    What a heartbreaking situation! May the Lord strengthen him and his family.

  2. spark Says:

    I sincerely pray that the Lord’s grace and peace be with him and his family. Isn’t he affiliated with the COGIC? A family member attended Head Bishop of the COGIC Blake’s church not too long ago and Blake had people stand up in money lines in connection with building or adding on to the the West Angeles Church. If I am not mistaken, he had people who would commit to giving $10k, $5k, $1k, on down to $1 get in a line. With the number of celebs that attend, he might have started out at $20k or higher. Blake wanted everyone to get in a line, my family member said he felt so pressured that he even got up and got in a line, and he was just visiting! Anyway, wouldn’t it be great if that good bishop and the other COGIC bishops would get some money lines going to help Mr. Wright like they do for a building fund? I know the collective COGIC probably received a whole lot of tithes today, and it would seem that each church or district should allocate a portion of the tithe to help him out. I don’t embrace tithing, but since they collect tithes, using some to help Mr. Wright seems right. And, I’m sure Wright has sent tons of money to the general office over the years, presuming it works like other connectional denominations. Please forgive me if this sounds flip, I’m just musing…

  3. ncatina Says:

    Spark, what you mentioned is not “flip,” but an opportunity for the church to prove its true worth by extending its vast resources to Pastor Wright to help with his exhorborant medical bills. Being that he is pastor in one of the largest religious denominations in this country, in addition to him having mass exposure in music for decades, COGIC is best positioned to help even WITHOUT them soloiciting more funds from their congregations for assistance.

    It struck me as odd that Pastor Wright did not have health insurance (which strikes me given his “celebrity”) to begin with. I work in pharmaceuticals, and have seen first-hand the large amounts of money that are poured into prescription meds by way of high prices at the drug stores. Even after Pastor Wright leaves the hospital, his need for painkillers and other medications needed for his recovery will continue, and are going to quite costly to say the least.

    COGIC can prove its stripes NOW to help with the man’s expenses. To not do so will again prove how worthless the church (and this denomination) is quickly becoming in this age.

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    He had medical coverage through his VA benefits. Problem is, expenses like this blow that coverage out of the water and many of you may not know, but I suspect most of you reading this do not have enough private medical insurance to cover what Timothy Wright is experiencing. Because most people don’t have “Long Term Care” Insurance. (All of you reading this, check your coverage and you’ll likely find you do not have “Long Term Care” coverage. Just because you might have a policy that offers like a million in regular medical benefits, does not mean it pays a dime for Long Term Care. Most policies don’t and Long Term Care is usually an additional out of pocket add on, that most of you reading this do not have, I’m certain of that.) What he had via VA benefits was pretty much on par with what most people with private insurance get, his was just through the VA. And I know some may say VA coverage is not good, but my point is that even most people with private coverage don’t have coverage for Long Term rehabilitative care. And obviously, before this tragic event, VA benefits were working well enough for him. (Typically, Long Term Care insurance is something a few savvy middle aged folks might consider, but even most older people with insurance [private or using a government backed plan] don’t have Long Term Care coverage. And for anyone wondering, no, none of the nutty “universal health care” plans somebody like Obama speaks of would cover what Wright needs. If you’ve never had to actually deal with this, I recommend you start researching it, because this is how things end up for many older folks and you and your loved ones are likely to experience it one day. And it will literally take every dime and asset the person affected ever had.)

    Any slack on the part of COGIC regarding this only shows how funds given don’t reach many who need it most. But it really does not render the “church” as in the full body of believers worthless. I have not heard of COGIC stepping up to cover things and I don’t think it would make sense for the “church” as in the full body of believers to leave Wright hanging, regardless of what COGIC does. If COGIC was going to put up the funds there would not be an open request to all saints. I see this as a responsibility of the church, without regard to “denomination”, although it would be nice if a group he’s been so affiliated with helped if they are able.

  5. ncatina Says:

    IC, you made some excellent points distinguishing Long Term benefits from the “standard insurance” most of us carry by way of our job benefits package. This is something I intend to look into for myself.

    I do want to clarify the last statement in my previous post. When I made the statement regarding the church, my sentiments were regarding the institution, NOT the people in the insitution. The ultimate goal was to convey the message for the church (be they the institution or the congregation within it) to follow the scriptural mandate to fulfill the needs of those they know are in need. The comment regarding “worthlessness” spoke to the blinding greed of too many pulpit pimp organizations that do nothing to bring resources and comfort to those needing it.

  6. IndependentConservative Says:

    Thanks ncatina 😉 .

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    I should clarify myself. When I say government backed plans don’t provide Long Term Care, they don’t provide good rehabilitative care like Timothy Wright needs in order to get back on his feet. They offer Long Term Care at the most basic level, you laying in a nursing home bed. Unless you’re progressing at a level way faster and higher than most. I don’t like saying this, but it’s the continual reality. Basically, many of you reading this or your loved ones will one day suffer an illness or accident, where you will need Long Term Care. Without Long Term Care insurance, all your funds will be liquidated and drained, then you’ll end up on some government plan. Or maybe you’ll end up on the government plan before your resources are drained and then the government will take all your assets to cover their paying, but either way, you lose everything. Unless you’re very rich or have Long Term Care insurance.

    And this is something most don’t think about till an elder in their family gets sick. If it does not happen to you personally, it WILL happen to some in your family and impact you via what you see happen to them.

  8. godlysoldier Says:

    You are right on the money IC. I’m a witness to this in just having loss my sis-in-law to cancer. And another thing, don’t trust your Employer backed insurance either. Please read all the fine print. My sis in law let her regular life insurance policy go, thinking she was fully covered by her job, (which was a state job) only to find out that her state insurance would not cover her for cancer (in the fine print of course) Once she was diagnosed, the policy was canceled. I’m speaking of the death benefit payout portion. So now the family is having to deal with her having no death benefit monies that her other life insurance policy covered. She had nothing left to her son nor monies to payoff her home.

    So yes, this was a WAKE UP call for us in regards to fully reading and understanding our insurance coverages.

    And yes, my family will be adding Long Term Care insurance coverage.

  9. ncatina Says:

    Godlysoldier, I am very sorry to hear of what happened to your sister-in-law. Sadly, in that particular instance, that insurance company was very greedy and was only looking to maximize their profits above the well-being of their customers.

    My only brother-in-law passed away nearly five years ago from lung cancer. His case involved out-patient chemo and radiation treatment (the tumors were “inoperable”) all the up to the very end. With their two children and a grand-daughter, the house was lost to foreclosure less than two years after his passing. I never knew what type of insurance he was operating from (he was an Army veteran), but I can only guess that the chemo treatments, plus other expenses, did them in. When my father passed last summer, his demise was very swift. There was no warning, no chance for rehab, nothing. Thankfully, he did not suffer. Ultimately, my parents built enough assets and insurance during their time together in preparation of their passing to ensure their expenses are covered. None of my siblings were financially impacted. I pray the same will be the case with my mother.

    Essentially, it takes some serious planning on our end to ensure our financial security should anyone of us, or our relatives, are faced with serious medical conditions.

  10. godlysoldier Says:

    Thank you for your condolences Ncantina.

    I know that death, long term medical care, etc, are not things high on our daily priority list…none the less, it is an extreme priority and sadly much too often neglected.

    May we continue to have the earnest desire to seek wisdom in these areas and the means to plan accordingly BEFORE such tragic events happen.

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