July 7, 2008

Timothy Wright and His Family Have Experienced a Tragic Accident.

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While those lost are present with the Lord, it saddens us here that they are no longer with their grandfather and husband.

Church Shaken by Crash That Took Pastor?s Kin

The 11:30 a.m. service at Grace Tabernacle Christian Center in Brooklyn seemed like most others there. Sunday school had just let out, and the parade of white-brimmed hats began to fill the pews. The artificial shrubs were dusted off and the maroon recliners moved into place. The cymbals crashed, and the churchgoers began to dance and sing enthusiastically.

But as the breakneck tempos built, three voices were noticeably missing. One was that of the Rev. Timothy D. Wright, the church?s founding pastor and an award-winning gospel singer, who lay in a hospital bed more than 150 miles away after being critically injured in a car crash on Friday. His wife and co-pastor at the church, Betty, 58, was killed in the accident, the authorities said. The couple?s 14-year-old grandson, D. J. Wright, who was also in the car during the accident, died on Saturday night.

Hundreds of church and community members came to Grace Tabernacle in Crown Heights on Sunday to pray for their pastor and pay tribute to Betty Wright and D. J.

Despite the absence of Pastor Wright, 61, and his wife, the service went on. Hundreds of admirers streamed into the church all day; many cheered, ?He is not dead!? And, they spoke of the day when he would again walk past the pews and take charge of the pulpit.

They reflected solemnly on Betty Wright?s death, saying that her impromptu humor and sweet smile gave a sense of belonging to members of the church, which is affiliated with the Church of God in Christ.

(Hat tip to reader Andre.)

May Timothy Wright’s wife and grandson rest in peace in Christ and he recover swiftly.

The Lord’s will be done.

5 Responses to “Timothy Wright and His Family Have Experienced a Tragic Accident.”

  1. DL Foster Says:

    I have an old Timothy Wright and The Eternal Life Singers album (yeah vinyl)called “Living in a World”. (AIR 1988) that I will treasure until I leave this earth. Its beautiful, spiritual and holy.

    I am very saddened that this has happened to him and his lovely wife (a native of Georgia).

    It also underscores that while God never promised us that we as saints will escape trouble, hurt, pain, danger, loss and death in this life, he did promise that he would never forsake us nor leave us.

    While tragic in its natural sense, thank God that such an occurence has placed them in eternal rest.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    I’ve got 2 Timothy Wright CDs. Those are a couple of the few “mass market Gospel” recordings I still listen to, because you know how so much has come out regarding others, that I can’t bear to listen to what many of the others have produced.

  3. anointedvesselAKAKenya Says:

    as a musician in the church Timothy Wright was a must have and still is a standard in most if not all African American churches that have a detectable heartbeat. I was shocked and saddened by the news. I am praying and standing in prayer for their family. Rev. Wright was one of the few Gospel greats that I feel had enough morals to not go and have a limp wristed lifestyle like the others. He settled down, got married had kids and pastored a church. I love this man of God and I pray peace and comfort for their whole family and church family.
    My agape love to all my brothers and sisters in Christ…

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    I would not go so far as to proclaim that a church with Black folks that does not embrace Wright’s style is “dead”. He offers praise in the manner he knows and others in the manner they do. I’ve been in worship with saints doing everything from Wright’s songs, to literally still singing songs our ancestors sang while in slave chains. But I never found musical style preference to be the signifier of life in a church group, but rather their devotion to Christ and the love they shared towards one another.

  5. anointedvesselAKAKenya Says:

    Oye…I stand corrected IC I should not have made such a broad statement. What I should have done is clarified by saying, as a musician, in my general area where I grew up, Timothy Wright was a “must have”. All of the musicians in my area that I knew including myself learned how to play COGIC style by ear and had all of his records and our choirs sang all of his songs along with John p. Key, another gospel great, and many others. Yet Timothy Wright was the favorite by far . The part about having a detectable heartbeat is just passionate wording which could have been left unsaid… Thank you for your correction, you are right. “Musical style preference should never be the signifier of life in a church group, but rather their devotion to Christ and the love they shared towards one another.” Well said, IC. my bad.

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