July 2, 2008

A Sign of Hope. Ringo, YouTubber Ringo4Life Proclaims the Prosperity Doctrine is a Scam!

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Some of you may remember in past posts and even materials put out by other brothers you’ve seen me collaborate with in contending for the faith. How we once would warn about a guy using the handle “Ringo”. And it was because he was a member of Creflo Augustus Dollar, Junior’s club and would repeat the false doctrines of Creflo.

Well tonight I feel even more comfort about my YouTube account being suspended than I did before. Because I see that the Lord is removing scales from Ringo’s eyes. He’s now speaking openly against the same man he used to admire, Creflo Dollar. He’s seeing the false teaching, reading his Bible and actually coming away with a better understanding than before. He’s still maturing and we all have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. But Ringo is certainly doing better than in times past.

Although we used to contend strongly against him, in private we were praying for the day Ringo would make videos like the following. (Yes we do pray for folks in private, in our closets, we don’t run around reciting all our prayers in public.) Praise God through Jesus Christ.

Creflo Dollar: Misinformed The Public

And that video footage of Creflo above is something I once intended to post about and never had time to do it. Now I don’t need to worry about it being exposed. Ringo has it covered.

If You Don’t Give Money, You Don’t Get None.

A turn for the better? I certainly think so.

10 Responses to “A Sign of Hope. Ringo, YouTubber Ringo4Life Proclaims the Prosperity Doctrine is a Scam!”

  1. stan Says:

    Watching Creflo for that long was painful; like listening to fingernails scratching down a blackboard. However, because it was Ringo turning and exposing CD’s cheap tricks, it was worth it.

    CD talked about people being in a circle of insanity (@5:00 in the second video). How ironic for this cult leader to speak of “circles of insanity” to his deluded supporters.

    I’m glad Ringo pointed out the bodyguard in the front row with the truculent expression. It’s a favorite game I play whenever I decide to watch people like Jakes.

    That bodyguard’s probably wondering every Sunday why the audience doesn’t suddenly rush at CD over being so obviously scammed by him.

    But, he need not worry. Nobody’s going to catch on, except maybe for the occasional member here and there. The rest will defend CD more vigorously than the bodyguard would; and you don’t even need to pay them like you would that guy. He may as well take a snooze during CD’s outrageous Sunday pitches.

  2. speakingtruth Says:

    Glory to God!

    Even though we see more and more of the church sliding (or jumping, rather) into full throttled apostasy, occurences like this bolster my faith that those who have an ear to hear the truth will eventually respond to it – as the Lord wills.

    Thanks for the encouragement today, brother – I gotta link over to this post!

  3. IndependentConservative Says:

    How ironic for this cult leader to speak of “circles of insanity” to his deluded supporters.

    Really, only a couple thousand years ago Christ spoke what is noted in Matthew 13 and explained that those hearing the Word and taking it as a means to go after cares of this world and “deceitfulness of wealth” are left with a word that is chocked out. Good to know Ringo now sees it. And the message was spoken without any parable in 1 Timothy 6 as the Lord used Paul. But still, here we are nearly thousands of years later and the same deluded cycles that were spoken against continue. The Lord said it would happen and so it has.

  4. Vaughn Says:

    I caught that blatant and outright lie when he sat there with that anchorwoman, who BTW looks like she had more than a novice knowledge of The Word.

    Maybe those that have been hoodwinked by those charlitans, are broken (not pocket broken) enough to seek after The True and Living God. And not those that would love to fleece you of everything you got.

    Some things would surprise me if they happen, like Creflo not mentioning money in one sermon.

    What a joke!, and not in a ha ha way.

  5. Vaughn Says:

    “That bodyguard’s probably wondering every Sunday why the audience doesn’t suddenly rush at CD over being so obviously scammed by him.”

    Wondering why and glad that they don’t, the mob mentality might kick in.

    This is leaving a bad taste in my mouth seeing this man having so many followers.

    The blind leading the blind!

  6. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well Vaughn, if you saw his golden dome (supposed church building) in College Park, GA, you’d have an even worse taste in your mouth.

    And although the town is called “College Park”, let’s just say it’s not a very affluent area and certainly not a place that needs to be giving all their money to Creflo. But the area is ripe with people who want to make MORE MONEY MONEY MONEY!!! It’s not a “poor” area, but not an area you want to be walking around much late at night.

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    Both interviewers were hitting him with scriptures and that’s the most I’ve ever seen news people come at him from The Word of God. Would have been interesting if they had called out his abusive responses, but I guess CNN will only allow them so much leverage.

    Creflo Dollar Interview Part 1

    Creflo Dollar Interview Part 2

    I certainly thank the Lord for yanking me away from such heresies.

  8. escapeetoo Says:

    Thanks for the Video IC

    All I can say is that God is good. I used to sow into this mess as a “partner”. I used to support and defend this same mess that is coming out of his mouth. When I was listening to the video I could not believe I used to subscribe to this mess! I am a former patron of “Club Hustle & Flow” and we used to hear the same heresy. It was not until God, through the Holy Spirit, made things so uncomfortable in the club that I left. True revelation can only come from reading the bible! I can’t believe I allowed a heretic like this pimp me out of the truth! Here is my 2 cents on the Word of Faith Heresy!

    Keep doing your thing Ringo!

  9. Vaughn Says:

    I think that we all or most of us will seek a stronger knowledge of God, and use ministries other than our own to glean that desired grasp of what God is calling for. But atleast when we grow into maturity the scales of being decieved slowly fall, as we become aware of what it is that is or isn’t Biblical.

    Just thank The Lord for your wake up call or sight to see the difference between sound doctrine, as compared to a hustle!

    That comment about God wont hear you unless you give is resonating in my head, what about the one’s that can’t afford to give?

  10. truthintheselastdays Says:

    What a joy to hear that Ringo has finally seen the error of his ways and has begun to discover the truth of God’s Word. Soli Deo Gloria!

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