June 26, 2008

North Korea Turns Over Awaited Documents Late and is Rewarded!

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This does not make sense. North Korea just turned over some documents relating to a claimed dismantling of their nuclear weapons program. And for being 6 months late with the information and playing the USA for fools in the past, Bush gives them a reward. Removes trade sanctions from this VERY COMMUNIST AND VERY CHRISTIAN PERSECUTING nation and removes them from the terrorist sponsor list, so quickly.

Check out this, House Republicans blast Bush for North Korea decision.

I respectfully disagree with our President’s decision. And if he could run for a 3rd term, I could never bring myself to vote for him.

Now it’s possible some Americans will not get some type of work, that is instead done by North Korea! Bush is even moving ahead of the UN sanctions that were put in place in 2006. When North Korea was doing nuclear weapons testing.

One Response to “North Korea Turns Over Awaited Documents Late and is Rewarded!”

  1. SteelGator Says:

    Can you say…New World Order?

    This is a terrible move by Bush. Heck, much of his eight years have been a great disappointment.

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