June 22, 2008

Indecency and Disorder

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Todd Bentley imparting something ungodly to a group lined up and waiting for it.

Todd Bently
What you see in the video is ungodly behavior.

(Hat tip Walter Kambulow.)

There is something everyone must understand and get clearly. God’s Spirit and His Word will always be in perfect agreement. The Holy Spirit does not go outside of what Jesus is doing and they don’t go outside of what will bring glory to the Father. All persons of the Trinity work together and are One, there is but One True God. So when the Bible says:

1 Corinthians 14:40 (New American Standard Bible)

40 But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner.

We know the Holy Spirit will NOT have a group acting in a manner that is disorderly and looks insane.

1 Corinthians 14:23 (New American Standard Bible)

23 Therefore if the whole church assembles together and all speak in tongues, and ungifted men or unbelievers enter, will they not say that you are mad?

And if a whole assembly is on the floor with people screaming like they are on fire will unbelievers not say they are mad? This nonsensical behavior does NOTHING to help spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It makes Christians look insane and fuels the tank of those who hate God, with ammunition to claim Christians are lunatics. If a Christian is to be called a lunatic, it should be for their faith on the Lord Jesus, which many before us were martyred over, not screaming on the floor like lunatics.

Avoid people like Todd Bentley and follow Christ in truth. The mess in the video above never occurs to saints in scripture. It is unbiblical and ungodly.

7 Responses to “Indecency and Disorder”

  1. KyleAndrews Says:

    Uh! ?????????????????????????????

  2. WALLY Says:


    1. The Holy Spirit is gentle. Jesus boldly drove the moneychangers out of the temple with a whip. But when He prayed for sick people, there is no record of Him head-banging or leg-dropping anyone. He rebuked evil spirits authoritatively, but He never hit, slapped, choked, mounted or kicked a person. He was meek, which means He knew how to control His strength, and He never threw His weight around.

    When He commissioned His followers to heal the sick, Jesus told them to “lay” hands on them (Mark 16:18). Since gentleness is part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit (along with kindness—see Gal. 5:22-23), any ministry we do should be tempered with mercy and concern.
    Todd Bentley
    Third Wave Exposed
    A Pastor Repents
    Liars and Perjurers in Revival
    Not Innocent”

  3. SteelGator Says:

    Bentley is filled with a spirit…..Just on the Holy Spirit.

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    Did you make a typo?

  5. SteelGator Says:

    Just NOT the Holy Spirit.

  6. anointedvesselAKAKenya Says:

    Okay I have to comment on this. Being a former combat medic in the Army and currently volunteering on the rescue squad all I see are a group full of people suffering from “pseudo” seizure activity, then some type of “feign”. I dare not say “faint” since most of them make sure they fall only when there is someone there to catch them and they do so with much fan fare. Then they fall over ever so gracefully, I couldn’t help but laugh when they came behind them with the cloths…uhm what are they covering up on fully clothed persons? I understand where it may be coming from, I hail from a fire and brimstone pentecostal (everybody but us is going to Hell) background. We would cover some of the more shorter skirted women who decided they wanted to kick their legs up a little or decided they wanted to fall out with their dress over their heads, we were a little more extreme though. Our church had whole bed sheets that we used to wrap around folks and we went so far as putting a bible under their heads when they were on the floor. Makes sense now why folks would stay down there for hours. Back to the post…. This Todd Bentley foolishness is just that…fool..ish..ness!!! This guy Robert Longman Jr. said it best, he didn’t talk about anything in this quote but falling down but from his tone you can catch his drift…Someone asked him if falling was a “right practice” Here is his reply “First, falling or fainting is not rightly a ‘practice’; it’s something which just happens or doesn’t happen, as the Spirit sees fit. The Spirit isn’t there to create a new, weird habit but a new life. Once someone works themselves up to do it, it becomes a practice, and thus is a work of one’s self. That doesn’t make it evil, it just makes it pointless.” Here is his website…

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    Almost everybody who comments here is from a former charismatic background. Personally I spent most of my younger years with Trinitarian Pentecostal Holiness groups. Bed sheets and all. Some places even had small trash cans for people that felt they needed to vomit when they felt they were coming out of some sort of demonic oppression. My 20s up into early 30s I was with the type of folks you see on TBN around the clock. But the Lord showed me in His Word that some things are way out of order that are being done in His Name.

    The Spirit isn’t there to create a new, weird habit but a new life.

    Than why would the Spirit EVER cause any person who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ as their ONLY hope for salvation to fall BACKWARDS?

    Can you please show me any instance in the Bible of 66 books where a believer fell backwards?

    I think if you search, you’ll only find that God knocked people backwards who were in sin. So what you see in the video contradicts what we have in scripture. And if it does not agree with the Word of God, it’s not of God.

    Someone acting foolish and of the flesh is not “good”, so it has to be EVIL. Please read Galatians 5 in full.

    But with Todd Bentley there is something much more sinister at work. I invite you to take a look at another post about him here, that is titled Todd Bentley, Doctrine of Demons Indeed!

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