June 16, 2008

Refuting the Heresy of the False Little Gods Doctrine.

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Evangelist David Miller offers the truth and dispels the false “little gods” myth.

(I don’t know much about Evangelist Miller outside of the content in the video below, which is sound teaching.)

Little God’s?

God redeems big time sinners to righteousness, this does not make the redeemed “gods”.

Some who are unlearned mishandle Psalm 82:6 and John 10:34-36. Which again displays how people fall into error when they fail to use a single verse in the approprate context of the chapter or book as a whole. I’ve found a brother on YouTube who goes by the handle prchdaword, who gives a very good explanation of what the verses mentioned above mean.

(These videos were made in response to a YouTube heretic, that uses the handle “Churchfellaway”. And I certainly know enough of that heretic’s work to call him such. [Churchfellaway denies the deity of Christ and a whole lot more.] Many have tried to help him and although he rejects the truth, some responses sent to him are of benefit to saints that embrace truth. We just pray if the Lord wills, that YouTubber Churchfellaway will one day come to know true repentance.)

“I said ye are gods” – A response to Churchfellaway

“I said ye are gods” – A response to Churchfellaway – Part 2

Now you know one more of the many reasons why TBN is NOT a good source of Christian instruction. The network promotes the “little gods” heresy. Misleading people to exalt themselves, when only God through Jesus Christ is to be exalted.

8 Responses to “Refuting the Heresy of the False Little Gods Doctrine.”

  1. speakingtruth Says:

    This is a very important post IC, primarily because the pimps use this fallacy as a “foundation” for their claim that you can make demands on God.

    I’ve sat under it and heard it “preached” (i.e. lied about) and had to repent of my belief in it. I wrote about this heresy earlier this year. My belief is that if you can be convinced that you are “like God”, then your pimp is “like God also” – thus endearing (or further solidifying) your allegiance to him (or her). It also feeds the lust of our flesh because we start believing that we can “demand that God do (insert applicable need here) because I’m an heir!” 🙄

    All in all, it contributes to the apostasy that we’re seeing today.

    Good stuff.

  2. djenk23 Says:

    I used to watch Eddie Long every Sunday night back in 03-04…one night, I heard him say “WE ARE LITTLE GODS!!” and New Birth started going crazy…but alarms were going off in my head…i stopped watching him shortly after that…the Nation of gods and earths also use Psalms 82:6 & John 10:34 to say that the black man is god….

  3. KyleAndrews Says:

    Yes the little God lie and its implications on the duped masses. I can remember trying to invoke Gods power on things when I was caught up in this stuff. Very sad. There is a guy I work with who is a hyper-Pentecostal who claims he never gets sick because God protects him. Sadly he gets sick every time something passes through the plant I work at just like everyone else. What’s embarrassing is when he tries to defend himself in front of everyone ridiculing him when he gets sick. This next sentence is very important. Very Important. This only proves the Prosperity Gospel/WoF/Hyper-Pentecostal is counter productive in witnessing to people. Those who believe in this nonsense don’t understand what they are doing to the unsaved world. Granted it is only God who saves but nonetheless they only make Christianity look kooky. Trust me! If you are of this ilk people are watching you and looking at all the claims you make. When they don’t happen expect for people to laugh at you or never talk to you again. You want to know why? Because all those bold claims you made were lies. They didn’t come true and now it makes God look powerless and you a mindless dolt. However, the God I worship IS ALL POWERFUL. HE MAKES THE DECISIONS NOT YOU. THAT’S POWER AND MAJESTY.


  4. ncatina Says:

    Kyle, excellent assessment. I was once caught up in that “name it/claim it” BS myself at one point. I can truly attest to going for nearly 5 years w/o the flu, a major cold or other ailments that would likely sideline someone from work for a few days. This is due to God giving me the wisdom and common sense to eat healthy food, drink water, exercise and taking herbal supplements that keep me from getting sick in the first place.

    WOF doctrines and “confessions” are highly counter-productive, not only for what you have mentioned, but it only adds ammunition to agnostics and atheists’ argument that God does not exist. After all, who is going to believe in a god that does not heal the sick and do miracles?

  5. IndependentConservative Says:

    I once was having a discussion with an atheist, who used to attend meetings of a hyper-charismatic group (when he thought he was a Christian). He said one reason he left, is because unlike James 5:14-15, people would get sick and not be healed after prayer.

    I had to remind the atheist, that the first issue is the requirement of truly righteous elders, which are hard to find. This is noted when one includes one more verse of the passage to read James 5:14-16, adding verse 16.

    Never mind getting into the matters with the atheist of healing only occurring as the Lord wills, moves of the Holy Spirit during the establishment of the church versus today, spiritual healing being of greater significance and so on. (Although some of those things were eventually discussed.) The group he had been part of had played up some things so much in a misguided manner, that the person ended up walking away. Because all they were seeing God as good for is what would make them feel good in the flesh.

    That atheist may die never repenting and prove never to be elect of God. But those who cause someone to leave the fellowship of saints through bad teaching will be held accountable, James 3:1. That atheist if they don’t repent will face judgement for their unbelief.

    Also, with that focus on physical desires, you have cases where people end up chasing false teachers like Todd Bentley, because of his false signs and wonders, Matthew 24:24. People focused on a claimed “healing” while embracing evil doctrines.

    That whole focus on physical things totally ignores the greater gift of eternal life and faith in Christ for eternal healing and a new body once we leave these fragile earthly tents, 2 Corinthians 5.

  6. IndependentConservative Says:

    I also had to mention to the atheist, that even after Jesus Himself raised up Lazarus from the dead, later Lazarus died. He died in the physical sense, but the physical is NOT what we are to be focused on.

  7. ncatina Says:

    I do remember the story of what Jesus did for Lazarus. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. stan Says:

    If we’re all gods, why do we need Hinn and Copeland or any one else to teach us anything?

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