June 13, 2008

Legal Persecution of Christians in the West Has Begun.

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It’s not just something you’ll read about going on overseas in the Eastern hemisphere anymore, the persecution has now come West.

A few bloggers are covering the trend.

La Shawn Barber has a post titled Exercise Your Freedom to Offend. Which celebrates the freedom’s Christian’s currently have in America, to proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and notes changes towards persecution are near.

Melvin Jones has a post titled Get Ready! But Not For T. Dexter. Which notes current persecution going on in Canada and a person in America losing their job for standing on the gospel.

Gay Christian Movement Watch has a post titled Are you ready for persecution at the hands of gay activists?. It really is the post that brings all the rest home. Because there’s not legalized persecution “coming” for the church in the West, it’s already here. Like a new Colorado law mentioned prohibits a Christian from saying they refuse to rent a house to people who are living immoral and intend to use the property for immoral uses.

24-34-502. Unfair housing practices prohibited. (1) It shall be
an unfair housing practice and unlawful and hereby prohibited:
(a) For any person to refuse to show, sell, transfer, rent, or lease, or
to refuse to receive and transmit any bona fide offer to buy, sell, rent, or
lease, or otherwise make unavailable or deny or withhold from any person
such housing because of disability, race, creed, color, sex, SEXUAL
ORIENTATION, marital status, familial status, religion, national origin, or
ancestry; to discriminate against any person because of disability, race,
creed, color, sex, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, marital status, familial status,
religion, national origin, or ancestry in the terms, conditions, or privileges
pertaining to any housing or the transfer, sale, rental, or lease thereof or in
the furnishing of facilities or services in connection therewith;…

And I didn’t make the words “sexual orientation” capital letters, it’s written just like that in the actual law. Given prominence. So if a Christian says they refuse to rent to a man and woman who are not married, that would violate the “familial status” portion of the law. If they refuse a couple of homosexuals it violates the “SEXUAL ORIENTATION” and likely the “familial status” portion of the law. Meaning a Christian can no longer be a landlord that desires to ensure their properties are not facilitating immoral activity.

Well, the scriptures have to be fulfilled you know. That would include our being hated. (And it will get worse…)

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