June 9, 2008

The Prosperity Doctrine Fails Evander Holyfield. Unable to Keep Boxing at Top Level, to Keep Debts Paid.

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I honestly feel like Evander Holyfield might be a guy who loves the Lord, but being fairly naive he’s been played by pulpit pimps all over. His status basically attracts evil like a magnet. He used to hang with Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. and once gave Toufik Benedictus Hinn (aka Benny Hinn) a bunch of money after a supposed healing, that was later found to be nothing but a misdiagnosis. Well now he’s got money problems and the “total life prosperity” (heresy) didn’t give him the physical ability to keep fighting at the top of the boxing game.

Evander Holyfield Tries to Hold On: Says $10M Home Won’t Be Foreclosed

By Jon Shanks
Jun 9, 2008

Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield has denied that his home will be foreclosed and is trying to hold on to the property. The legendary boxer told the Associated Press, “Everything is all right with the house now.” A legal notice that ran on Wednesday in a small local newspaper said Holyfield’s estate will be auctioned off “at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash” at the Fayette County courthouse on July 1.

News.Com in Australia reports that the 54,000-square-foot home has 109 rooms, including 17 bathrooms, three kitchens and a bowling alley. The estate is valued at $10 million. The boxing champ says, he’s not broke — “I’m just not liquid.”


So what went wrong? For one thing Holyfield, has at least nine children and the report claims that Holyfield’s handlers allegedly told the mother of one of his children that he will no longer be able to make his $3,000-a-month support payment. The report details more financial woes as well. A federal lawsuit was filed about two weeks ago in Utah seeking repayment of over $500,000 in loans allegedly made to Holyfield in late 2006 and early 2007 to pay for landscaping on the estate.

Holyfield fought prize fights for nearly a quarter century and likely made hundreds of millions of dollars. He now joins TV pitchman Ed McMahon with his high profile possible foreclosure of former multi-millionaire celebrities that might lose their homes.

I really hope Holyfield is now worshiping with a group of saints teaching sound doctrine. But his life is an example of how the prosperity doctrine is not all it’s trumped up to be. Evander named and claimed wins for some fights and lost. He’s not a contender for anything in boxing now. He’s got money trouble and he’s “not liquid”. In this market, selling big trucks and houses is not easy.

We all know Evander while claiming the Lord’s name has continually been found in sexual immorality and has had marriage after marriage. And usually if someone is having an affair outside the marriage it’s him. So he’s been all messed up in many adulteries. It’s such a convoluted mess, I won’t even attempt to explain or sort it all out. I will say he’s never attempted to act like God approved of any time he’s been caught in immorality, far as I know and that’s a good thing. I just hope he gets his life together and lives godly.

28 Responses to “The Prosperity Doctrine Fails Evander Holyfield. Unable to Keep Boxing at Top Level, to Keep Debts Paid.”

  1. speakingtruth Says:

    The boxing champ says, he’s not broke — “I’m just not liquid.”

    Remember when one of Holyfield’s ex-wives tried to have Creflo deposed to see exactely how much money Evander gave him? (my emphasis in bold):

    A judge has ordered boxer Evander Holyfield’s minister to give a deposition in the former heavyweight champion’s divorce case.

    Attorneys for Holyfield’s wife, Janice, say that Creflo Dollar, pastor of World Changers Ministries, may have received as much as $7 million from the boxer. Dollar had argued that he should not be deposed because of the separation of church and state, pastor-parishioner privilege, several state laws and the Bible (source).

    Maybe Creflo didn’t teach Evander how to properly make a “demand from the Lord”. These prosperity pimps teach their followers that all you have to do is demand that God “honor the promises in His Word” Perhaps Evander didn’t properly ask God to make a withdrawal from his heavenly account 🙄

    You miss hearing that rhetoric, don’t you IC? 😆

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Those pimps are really insane!

    Creflo always runs to his TOTALLY TWISTED view of “the Bible” in his claims to continually defy government. When the Bible is clear that he should be compliant with these kinds of requests, Romans 13 and 2 Corinthians 8:21. It is Caesar’s face on the money, not Creflo’s or the Lord’s.

    With all the supposed “sowing of seeds” that Evander did to the pimps, he should be richer than Bill Gates! Perhaps Evander now sees it’s all bogus hacks of scripture. Because they know if they rightly divided the Word, they’d have to admit the “total life prosperity” claims are lies they can’t sync with anything we see of the church in scripture.

  3. Airbrush Artist Says:

    Evander Holyfield is Known for His Vicious Right Cross,Unless Dollar drops To His Knees and Truly Repents He is looking at The Judgement of the True “Right Cross, The Cross Of Jesus Christ”That offer Dollar and His Minions of The Prosperity Gospel Freedom from the Sin They are committing In The Name Of Selfish Pride for the Sake of Lining their Pockets.

  4. KyleAndrews Says:

    Besides the Prosperity Gospel failing him, has anyone told him that you shouldn’t be fighting at his age? The guys speech sounds terrible as if he has taken a little too much punishment. It’s a sad story all around of a man who had so much and now has so little.


  5. rascoe1 Says:

    My daughter Wanda on V103 FM, suggesting that all Georgia residents should give $1 towards saving his home and she was serious. My question is WHY? What has he done to deserve my $1. As far as I am concern, if he is really broke after earning so much money, he does not deserves any help. He is a bad steward. After abusing his body in all those fights, getting his ear bitten off, how could he not use it wisely. Then all of those children with different mothers. He would certainly not get my dollar, I would rather send it to Creflo and make up his millions, at least he saves his.

  6. IndependentConservative Says:

    Perhaps if not for all the delusion of being a “Holy Warrior” in the ring he might have stopped boxing way back when.

    Yea it’s a very sad story all around and so many guys in that sport end up the same.

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    Why do you call Wanda your “daughter”? (I heard her stand-up once [in person] and never wanted to hear another word from her mouth again after that.)

    Holyfield is not in need. He’s losing a big house, he’s still got enough to live. He was here in Chattanooga a couple weeks ago doing promotional work for some boxing thing. So he’s still getting work enough to eat and keep some form of shelter.

    It would be rather insane to give him any money. When there are poor people (saints in particular) all over who have greater need (a real NEED) of a dollar.

  8. speakingtruth Says:

    Yeah rascoe1

    I was wondering if you meant Wanda Smith, the comedienne/morning radio co-host with “FrankSki”.

  9. rascoe1 Says:

    Typo IC, I did not see it. My daughter was listening to Wandas program on her way to work.

  10. rascoe1 Says:

    That’s the one speakingtruth.

  11. ncatina Says:

    I was thinking Wanda Sykes…..

  12. rascoe1 Says:

    I probably heard the program once some months ago, I am not sure of her full name, I think her co-host is “FrankSki” and someone else, I am not sure. I did ask my daughter about his response, she said he did not agree with Wanda.

  13. IndependentConservative Says:

    Yea her name is Wanda Smith and if you pay to see her stand-up, you’ll pay to see her curse you out and laugh about it.

    Frank Ski, I remember the guy from way back when I lived in Baltimore. He moved down to Atlanta after he had a bit of a falling out with Radio One from what I’ve been told (you know I used to track Black radio). From what my sources said, Cathy Hughes (if not some other Radio One exec) wanted Frank’s homosexual side-kick in Baltimore “Miss Tony B” (a man) fired. Frank was upset and suddenly he was on the air in Atlanta some time after that and outside of the Radio One gang. So Frank got to Atlanta, hooked up with Eddie Long (oh yea, he’s a Club New Birth member, I used to see him there all the time) and the rest is history. Frank claims that “Miss Tony B” (a man) found the Lord and is saved now, but I’ve never heard anything about Tony after he was gone from their AM show in Baltimore.

    And my word why didn’t I figure this part of it out before!!! Frank when he got to Atlanta had an “out” party for homosexuals. First time a big DJ in Atlanta ever did anything like that. And all the while Eddie Long would at times let Frank address the assembly. Frank would let Eddie do a bit called the “spiritual vitamin” on the AM show Fridays for a few minutes, where Fast Eddie would dispense Joel Osteen styled garbage after Frank spun trash all AM long. This Frank and Eddie connection may be part of why Eddie is now cozy with Soulforce. And Frank still has homosexual types doing his show.

    Wanda Smith, she started with Atlanta’s V-103 before Frank got there. She started back when Mike Roberts was the host (a much better man and Frank considers Mike to be his mentor).

    And Holyfield has a link to all this too. Because Mike Roberts used to do the AM show with Wanda Smith and a lady named Carol Blackman. Carol Blackman is one of Evander’s “baby mommas”.

    Sorry for getting a bit “gossipy”, but this is all related information. And it’s good I thought it out, because I had forgotten that before Soulforce, Eddie Long was tight with Frank Ski.

  14. rascoe1 Says:

    There you have it. I could not understand why she would make such a ridiculous suggestion. If one man thinks that he needs 54,000 sq ft home, and find out he cannot afford it, he should sell it. It is not the publics responsibility to help him to keep it. As a matter of fact, if what the article say is true, this “mand of Gawd” need to sell that house and use the money to make sure that his children are taken care of. I really have no respect for any man that has so many children with different women, I dont care who he is.

  15. speakingtruth Says:

    You’re right to start connecting all of the dots IC. All of these events are seemingly moving in concentric circles, and they can’t be seperated. While this comment may be better reserved for your article on Eddie Long and Soulforce, it still has merit.

    I’m reminded of the old “Seinfeld” episode where George didn’t want to introduce one group of friends to Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine & he also wanted to keep all of them separated from his fiance’ (bear with me folks, I’m going somewhere with this train of thought 😀 .

    Anyway, when questioned about his logic, George said “I can’t let everyone get together – it would be like having my seperate worlds colliding!”.

    And that is just what we’re seeing here – Eddie’s separate worlds are starting to publicly collide…

  16. IndependentConservative Says:

    Given 1 Timothy 5:8, it was probably wrong of me to assert Evander “might” be a guy who loves the Lord. I would have done better to just call him a fraud.

    He’s trying to save the mansion while the child support has been left unpaid.

    I hear it cost about $1 million a year just to keep that mansion and the surrounding grounds up. (And that’s the estimate I heard years ago, it might be even higher now.)

  17. rascoe1 Says:

    An article I read said he was really good with his child support before. My thing is, how much fathering can be done to nine children, with only God knows how many different mothers. This is not omly a problem with Mr Hollifield but with the black community at large. Our children need fathers, when there is fragmentation in any family, little or no fathering is done. The cycle continues. The Lord considers a man who does not care for his family, worse than a trator.

  18. ncatina Says:

    Rascoe, rampant “baby makin'” and poverty are correlated. As we can easily see, such behavior spans all manner of economic lines (from the janitor sweeping the floor to a famous boxer hiring someone to sweep the floor).

    You are right that children need their fathers. Taking it a step further, once the process of all of these OOW births is pre-empted, this entire sorry cicle will likely end.

  19. rascoe1 Says:

    I must make a correction, FrankSki was not there on the day in question, everything else is correct. My daughter heard the discussion on the radio and she corrected me. Sorry.

  20. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well Wanda being the “comedian” (a filthy mouthed one who claims to be Christian) the whole proposal could have been an act. She’ll say most anything to stir things and do whatever gets people calling and talking about HER.

  21. IndependentConservative Says:

    Here’s a hard hitting commentary about Holyfield, Living fist to mouth.

  22. rascoe1 Says:

    “Cash flow”, that is funny. I just cannot the mentality of these “baby making machines”, living frugally in one area, but wasteing greater because they cannot apply self control. So, because he had to have different women, his children were born from different mothers, too bad for them. I feel bad for the children, but the adults reaped what they sew.

  23. rascoe1 Says:

    Typo again, sorry. I cannot understand the mentality, is what I was saying.

  24. IndependentConservative Says:

    What’s worse, is that not only did Evander know he was committing adultery, the “other women” knew too. Him being a celebrity, everybody knew when he was married. It was not like the man who lies as if he’s not married and has a woman thinking she’s committing fornication with an unmarried man. The “other women” and he both knew they were in the act of full out adultery.

  25. IndependentConservative Says:

    Holyfield’s ex presses for child support

    Toi Irvin in danger of losing home, lawyer writes

    Published on: 07/03/08

    The lawyer for the mother of one of Evander Holyfield’s children claimed his client could lose her house to foreclosure if the former heavyweight boxing champion does not make good on $9,000 in missed child support payments.

    In a letter, Randall Kessler wrote that Toi Irvin needs $5,800 to prevent losing her home in Clayton County — a home she shares with her and Holyfield’s 10-year-old son. Irvin claims Holyfield has missed three consecutive child support payments.

    Additionally, the letter said, “Recently she learned that Mr. Holyfield refused to continue to pay for the private school her son attended as he had agreed to do. Last week after a visit to the doctor for her child, the doctor told her that Mr. Holyfield’s insurance was no longer in effect for the child.”

    Holyfield and his attorney, Frederick Gardner, could not be reached for comment Thursday afternoon.

    A July 11 court hearing has been scheduled on the matter.

    Evander better get his affairs in order.

  26. SteelGator Says:

    I never thought Evander would be a dead beat dad.

  27. speakingtruth Says:

    It looks like Evander may have avoided the slammer, and further embarrassment – for now. He paid the $9K in missing child support.

  28. IndependentConservative Says:

    So than this was not a case of Evander not having any money, he’s paid the $9K. Which means he paid only because of the threat, but he always had a means to pay it.

    Well he’s certainly not looking like a “champ” now.

    Honestly, I was wondering if perhaps it was a case of Evander trying to take care of the kid, but having no ability to pay. (And even if he had no ability to pay he should have sent something to care for his child’s basic needs.) Now it appears he had the full amount and only paid because of the threat of prison. Which would make him missing 3 payments totally an act of neglect on his part.

    Well Evander better do for his children because 1 Timothy 5:8 is not a place to be.

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