May 9, 2008

Globalist John McCain, in the Pocket of International Bankers and Pushing Man-Made Climate Change Junk Science.

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Also see McCain planning climate change tour.

The man’s totally on board with the globalist agenda. THIS is why he’s not going to honestly work to close the USA’s borders to illegal entry. And he’s proven he’s going to side with the globalist agenda.

Just another of MANY reasons I won’t be voting for the Republican or Democrat that run for President.

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6 Responses to “Globalist John McCain, in the Pocket of International Bankers and Pushing Man-Made Climate Change Junk Science.”

  1. SteelGator Says:

    Good points but it could be worse with Hillary or Obama in the White House….Take a look at a portion of a email newletter I got from Gary Bauer.

    “There was another disappointing special election loss last night for the Republican Party in a Southern House district that should have been safely Republican. Part of the reason has to be widespread demoralization of the conservative base. That alone should be a wake-up call to the leadership. But there is more, and we will tell you the story that Big Media will not.

    While the Left wants to convince you that Rev. Wright is off limits and cries “race baiting” if you dare to raise his 20-year association with Barack Obama, the Left has put together a smear machine that is picking off conservative candidates one at time. Whether John McCain realizes it or not, the full force of this effort will be turned on him soon.

    The Left has now picked off two conservative Republican House seats by attempting to link conservative candidates to the KKK. (Ironically, the KKK was started in the South as a reaction to Lincoln and Republicanism!) But that was only one prong of their attack.

    In recent years, one of the most effective and generous supporters of the fight against Islamofascism has been Sheldon Adelson, a casino owner in Las Vegas. (I keep trying to explain to people that our coalition is made up of lots of different parts.) Adelson has spent millions of dollars to rally public support for the war effort, to support our soldiers and to take on the George Soros-funded Left, which wants us to retreat all over the world. He is also a staunch supporter of Israel. Groups supported by Adelson have run ads in Louisiana and Mississippi supporting conservative candidates.

    But the Left went into these races and attacked the conservative candidates by attacking Adelson. They didn’t address the issues, including the Democrat Party’s obsession with defeat in Iraq or lack of serious plans to develop our own energy sources. Instead, they smeared Adelson as “the world’s No. 1 casino czar and one of atheist China’s top American business partners” or as a “casino billionaire heavily invested in a country notorious for forced abortions…” and tried to portray conservative candidates as his puppets, knowing it would turn off Christian conservatives.

    Now, I hope you realize the gross hypocrisy here. The Democrat Party is rabidly committed to abortion-on-demand. Its likely presidential nominee, Barack Obama, actually opposed legislation as a state senator that would have protected babies who survived botched abortions. The federal version of this legislation passed the House in 2002 on a voice vote and passed the Senate unanimously – without opposition! Senate Democrats didn’t want to have that debate, and the pro-abortion groups in Washington didn’t care to expose their extremism. But Obama fought the bill in Illinois. That’s how radical Barack Obama is, my friends.

    Yet with slick, under-the-radar campaigns, the liberal Democrats were able to defeat conservative candidates by raising the abortion issue and religious liberty. I don’t know what is more disturbing – that the Democrats are signaling how nasty they are willing to be this election year or that so many Christians and conservatives can be so confused by a deceptive negative campaign.

    Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee, responded to last night’s defeat with the following somber statement:

    “Tonight’s election highlights two significant challenges Republicans must overcome this November. First, Republicans must be prepared to campaign against Democrat challengers who are running as conservatives, even as they try to join a liberal Democrat majority. Though the Democrats’ task will be more difficult in a November election, the fact is they have pulled off two special election victories with this strategy, and it should be a concern to all Republicans.

    Second, the political environment is such that voters remain pessimistic about the direction of the country and the Republican Party in general. Therefore, Republicans must undertake bold efforts to define a forward looking agenda that offers the kind of positive change voters are looking for. …”

    Here’s the sad reality: The radical Left is raising vast amounts of money and measuring the curtains in the Oval Office, while conservatives are forming circular firing squads and sniping at one other. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell warned this week, “It’s pretty clear to me that the Democratic agenda is to turn us into France.” He’s right.

    National Journal reported over the weekend, “Liberals in Congress believe that 2009 could be their best year since the New Deal.” The article focused on a meeting of “progressives” last month in Washington to plot their course should the Democrats sweep the elections. The group heard from such liberal luminaries like Vermont’s socialist senator, Bernie Sanders, who said, “We need to galvanize the American people to demand radical changes in the way we do business.” Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) told the crowd, “If you get a Democratic House, Senate and president, you will see positive public policy changes that will outstrip anything since the New Deal.”

    My friends, the Left is preparing for a major assault on our values, hoping to wipe out conservative candidates at the ballot box coast-to-coast this November. It is planning for Inauguration Day 2009, when the socialists, defeatists, pro-abortion lobby and militant homosexual movement will ram through massive tax hikes, surrender in the war against Islamofascism and pack our courts with ACLU radicals, setting us back for decades in the battle over our values.

    These so-called “progressives” are planning to resurrect the failed liberal policies of the New Deal and the Great Society. These “progressives” will take us back to the “Malaise Days” of Jimmy Carter! They will destroy our economy, gut our military and silence the conservative movement with legislation like “hate crimes” bills and the “Fairness Doctrine.” Is that the “change” you want for America, for your children and grandchildren?

    The loss in Mississippi is discouraging, but we cannot give up and we cannot give in to the despicable tactics of the Democrat smear machine. The stakes are just too high. Too much is on the line to quit and give up now. We may be just one vote shy of overturning Roe v. Wade or having same-sex “marriage” imposed on all 50 states by the Supreme Court. And one liberal justice just recently celebrated his 88th birthday.

    Barack Obama isn’t confused about what’s at stake in this election. Click here to watch a YouTube video of Obama denouncing the Supreme Court decision upholding the ban on partial-birth abortion, and singing the praises of Planned Parenthood and ACLU activist Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This issue alone should motivate conservatives in droves to get involved, to support conservative candidates and to vote this November!”

    Pretty scary stuff when ultra liberal Democrats can scare conservative Christians into voting for a liberal Democrat.

    It is the sign of the times my friends. Time to wake up to the fact that America is being taken over by socialist – Maxist radicals.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    SG, it took you long enough to get around to this post.

    It should not be the “Left” attacking candidates with linkage to Sheldon Adelson, it should be YOU, if you want to toss political jabs. McCain’s wife is paid via booze and McCain’s got no problem with it. The “Left” should not need to point that out either. It should not be the “Left” that is bashing people tied to China either, but McCain won’t promote a full boycott of the China Olympics and the whole GOP is OK with that. How many Christians does China have to kill for these so-called Christian GOP folks turn their backs on China? If the GOP base was not basically a band of puppets, the “Left” would not be able to point it out. If the GOP base were “Christians”, they’d in mass have already forced McCain to stand against association with the Chinese Olympics, but who is the candidate speaking against the games in Communist China? Hillary Clinton 🙄 . The same woman whose husband and herself have many ties to Chinese funding. The only one calling out China is a hypocrite.

    I would never vote for Obama, but at least he’s a little clearer about his promotion of baby murder. While Mccain says he’s OK with the Roe v. Wade outcome in one breath and says he’s against it in another, just another hypocrite.

    You think McCain will be better. If he wins (without my vote), I’ll be here to support you when you learn McCain stabbed you in the back!

  3. SteelGator Says:

    I know McCain won’t do a lot of what I want. But he is much better than Hillary and/or Obama.

    As for the Olympics, Hillary is just blowing hot air. She can’t do anything about it (because the Olympics will be finished before the November elections). If Hillary is really for boycotting the Olympics, then, she should introduce a Senate bill calling for such. She won’t and you and I know it.

    My point in bringing the Gary Bauer email to your web site is to show the low the Democrats will go in order to gain seats in Congress. Pelosi doesn’t have a darn thing in common with the Democrat that won the conservative Mississippi district but she will force this person to support her San Francisco values. The Democrats (the original creators of the KKK) have the nerve to use that against the Republican candidate. How about the pro-abortion Democrats beating a pro-life Republican because they made him out to look like he was not “PRO LIFE” enough. Unbelievable, but the Republicans did it to themselves but not standing up to the lying Democrat spin machine.

    The Marxists are taking over….Pelosi, Obama, Hillary and the rest of the radicals are getting re-elected even though…Gas has gone up from $2.20 a gallon before the 2006 election to over $3.70 a gallon. (Pelosi and the Dems promised that they would make sure that gas prices came down from $2.20…lol…) now it has almost doubled under their watch. The Dems were going to get us out of Iraq….not (even though I am glad we are still fighting the Islamofacists there instead of here at home). In fact, the troop numbers have increased under Democrat control of the Congress…..Pelosi and Reid promised less spending and government waste if they were elected in 2006. Well, spending and government waste has increased since the Democrats took control of Congress.

    Now, I want to know why Dems are going to gain more seats in the House and Senate??…..Republicans did not do what they promised, so the voters threw the rascals out in favor of the Democrats. Needless to say, things have gotten worse under the Dems so why are the PEOPLE not going to throw the Dems out this November??????

    Why do Republicans always take a beating when they do things that are wrong (and they should) but Dems get the pass when they do?

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    SG, should Bush have stood against the US Olympic team going to China?

    My point in bringing the Gary Bauer email to your web site is to show the low the Democrats will go in order to gain seats in Congress.

    Oh yea, and we know Republicans are the beacon’s of morality every campaign season 🙄 .

    Pelosi doesn’t have a darn thing in common with the Democrat that won the conservative Mississippi district but she will force this person to support her San Francisco values.

    They have something in common, they are all Democrats. They decided to join that team and utilized that team’s political machine, to help them win. So yea, they are going to be expected to tow the party line. (A reason I don’t claim a party in the first place.) That was their choice, as well as the choice of the people who voted for them.

    You talk about gas prices. Look who is and always was against drilling in ANWR!!!

    You know trying to blame the Democrats for troop levels increasing is a bogus charge. You know who proposed it be done. Be honest in your dealings. This is NOT a charge to lay at the feet of the Democrats.

  5. SteelGator Says:

    IC: I don’t have a problem with troop levels increasing…..The dems control the purse strings so Bush ordered the troop increase and the Dem controled Congress funded it. Without funding, the surge would not have been possible. So, I am dealing honestly. Dems actually got this one right, but they promised to bring the troops home.

    My point is they should be kicked out on their can for not doing what they promised. If it is good enough for one party, it is good enough for another.

  6. IndependentConservative Says:

    SG, the only one buying that bag you’re selling by trying to lay this on the Demos is yourself. Bush sent them in and you should lay any and all blame at his feet. You know McCain promised “100 years”, so you’re really like a good advertisement for Obama, if one were to fall for your 2 party mentality and primarily concerned with troops coming home.

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