May 5, 2008

Jeremiah Wright’s Adulterous Marriage

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This is just sick. I mean this guy is just sicker than we knew, the more that comes out about him. Check out the 2 page article titled BARACK’S REV. ‘STOLE A WIFE’ – EX-HUBBY: HE COUNSELED US, THEN WED HER. Be sure to read it all.

Hat tip djenk23.

Jeremiah WRONG claims he is a (retired) pastor. Church groups are still trying to hire him to speak to their assemblies. This is just disgusting!

All the vile from his mouth and he’s knowingly married to another man’s wife. (And her prior marriage DID NOT end because of any sexual immorality.) And it’s J. Wrong’s 2nd marriage too.

I’m just going to advise anyone that would dare attempt to smooth talk over this to go read Mark 10 and 1 Corinthians 5.

This is the same guy who talked about Bill Clinton “ridin’ dirty”!

And his “church” is building him a 10,000 square foot retirement mansion.

Just sick!

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13 Responses to “Jeremiah Wright’s Adulterous Marriage”

  1. speakingtruth Says:

    Birds of a feather

    Maybe we should hire each other to staff our blogs? 😀

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Riddle me this speakingtruth. I was having a casual debate with my wife a while back. Perhaps you can help settle it 😀 .

    We all know Eddie Long was previously married before Vanessa. By my recollection, Eddie Long has claimed to be saved for so long that it would have to include the time during his first marriage. My wife says Eddie claimed he was not saved till sometime after his first marriage ended in divorce. (Of course this is all aside from the fact he has shown by his fruit he’s a false prophet and false teacher.)

    What do you recall regarding Eddie’s wives and his timing of claiming his salvation?

  3. SteelGator Says:

    Birds of a Feather Flock Together…..Bet there is some baggage in the Obama relationship as well.

  4. KyleAndrews Says:

    Why is anyone shocked?

    A 10,000 square foot home, a book deal, and adultery sounds like the Pimps we have been talking about for years now.


  5. IndependentConservative Says:

    I think their togetherness was (and still is) in theology. If Obama was in an adulterous marriage we would have already heard about it 100 times over.

    This particular matter has near nothing to do with Obama, other than the fact he remained with a man doing these things for about 20 years 😆 .

  6. IndependentConservative Says:


  7. speakingtruth Says:

    IC – I can barely get through the day without upsetting my own wife, and you want me in the middle of your discussion? 😆

    Just kidding. But seriously, I can’t remember if Eddie said he was married before he was saved or not, but the evidence proves contrary, at least at face value.

    If you remember, Eddie’s father was a traveling preacher. According to Eddie, he was a hard man who verbally abused him, his brothers, and his mother.

    Eddie once said that he and his brothers were “forced” into “coming off of the mourners bench” to please his dad (and avoid a beating).

    Salvation under duress?

    Later he went on to college in NC and regularly talked about how the church mothers aided him while because it was his first time away from home (prayer, guidance, etc.). Was he saved then? I assume he thought he was…again, going back to the salvation under duress argument.

    After college, he got a regional sales job with Ford and I believe he started preaching part-time during that period. I know Ford fired him for lying his on expense report, so maybe he started preaching full time then (traveling back and forth to Cedartown, GA)- again, according to his own words.

    I assume he thought he was saved at that point.

    Anyway, his 1st wife left him (according to him) and he contemplated suicide (or homicide-suicide as he was going to “off” his adopted son then himself…again, according to Eddie himself). Was he saved at that time as well?

    It stands to reason that if he wasn’t saved during his first marriage, he “found salvation” between his corporate job and his bishopric – a pretty comforting thought for those in his pastoral care 🙄

    BTW – I’m not writing an Eddie Long biography, I just have a difficulty forgetting useless information at times 🙂

  8. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well I’m just wondering when he claims to have been saved.

    Because I’m still waiting for him to bear fruit that would show he really is saved. At this point he’s looking like he’s walking the Matthew 7:22-23 road.

  9. truthintheselastdays Says:

    Well well well, it would appear the Good Reverend has been anything but ;).

    On the real, this is truly hypocritical and sinful.

  10. IndependentConservative Says:

    I saw someone mention in the news that they ran into J. Wrong at a public event recently and admonished him to abandon the false gospel he’s teaching. (Regarding his doctrine, nothing about his marriage.) J. Wrong basically didn’t want to discuss any further and ended the conversation.

    So he’s been warned. One can only pray if the Lord wills that he might one day be granted repentance and come to his senses to embrace truth.

  11. LaVrai.COM Says:

    Besides the alleged hypocrisy and sexual immorality and the false doctrine (and whatever else I may be missing)… watching some of the clips of Wright preaching… I have to wonder, why would you want to go to church to get riled up and angry about race and racism?

    Aren’t the saints supposed to gather to praise and worship our LORD and encourage and edify one another? How does ‘preaching’ on ‘the man’ fit into that?

    Did the apostles gather together to curse out Rome and Caesar?

    I don’t get it. I don’t want to leave church angry and all bent out of shape. Do these people leave church with the re-affirmation that they are children of GOD and that Christ Jesus will one day make all things new…and that ‘the man’ and ‘whitey’ will be right there along with the rest of us in New Jerusalem.

    It just sounds to me that folks are still distracted with the cares of this world (Luke 21:34).

  12. SteelGator Says:

    You might be right. Looks like Rev. Wrong got married to his second wife before Obama joined this evil church.

    I agree we might have already hear about an Obama affair. I think Michelle is the head of the Obama household. She probably has Barrak’s “man parts” in a lock box in some safety deposit box.

  13. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well regarding Michelle Obama, one thing we know for certain, is that she is on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, recently renamed to The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. A CFR outfit, that is pushing the globalist agenda, which we hear spoken from the mouth of Obama.

    (And the other Presidential candidates have tight CFR links also.)

    Just between you me and everyone else reading 😀 , I think the Obama’s heard J. Wrong’s messages, heard all (or very much similar) the vile Barack claims he did not hear and they would laugh about it all the way home afterward. After they laughed and cheered with everyone else when it came from J. Wrong’s mouth.

    I’ve seen camps like that before and you don’t miss the mess, those there embrace every bit of it. It’s just become embarrassing for Obama now that it’s national news.

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