April 29, 2008

The Signs And Wonders Movement Expo$ed. The Movie That Pulpit Pimps and Word of Faith Types Never Want You to See.

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This is the movie that probably has had more clips from it pulled from YouTube by various vipers (via lawyers of pulpit pimps) than any other. Now finally it is available in full online for free at the moment.

Signs And Wonders Movment Exposed – 1

Signs And Wonders Movment Exposed – 2

Please hold your comments off until you’ve viewed both videos. It’s about 2 hours worth of material, but well worth viewing.

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29 Responses to “The Signs And Wonders Movement Expo$ed. The Movie That Pulpit Pimps and Word of Faith Types Never Want You to See.”

  1. Yvette Says:

    The problem is that people believe that because they are ‘saved’ there is no way they could be deceived. They erroneously think that they can stamp anything with Jesus and it’s all right. Never once questioning it. Which is a recipe that the person will absolutely be decieved. These false ‘preachers’ love to say you have no ‘faith’ or are in disobedience if you question. My pastor says that if it is of God He will not get angry for you questioning or rather testing the spirit to see if it is indeed of God.

  2. ncatina Says:

    IC, “thank you” does not begin to convey my gratitude in having these videos made available on your site. Both films did an EXCELLENT job in making some very key observations and asking poignant and probing questions into the entire movement.

    I took particular exception to the distinction made on “faith healing” versus “divine healing.” I found that to be THE scariest element among many when one of the presenters made note of chemical hormones released in our bodies, by way of the “power of suggestion,” helping to alleviate pain, for instance, without addressing the issue that CAUSED the pain to begin with. To hear and see these people with terminal diseases skip, delay or avoid treatment in favor of faith-healing is astounding! (There have been MANY people that have already died resulting from this, including the recent case of the girl with the untreated diabetes for which her parents are being held criminally responsible.) Not only is God not involved in the process, but it leads those, including the ones seeking the healing, to believe that God is responsible for their mortality. This in turn would give the wrong impression that God does not perform divine healings, thus causing the unbelievers and those weak-in-faith to turn away from God.

    Regarding the element of music being used to help facilitate these spectacles, I could not help but feel such a surge of indignation when it had me reflect on my last church home experience. In short, all of what was presented regarding “praise and worship” (it’s timing, musical arrangement, lighting, simple lyrics, strong & repetitive rythnms, polished & uniformed look) is ALL true! It was, and likely still is, arranged such where you get the crowd pumped very, very quickly with a couple of fast tracks to get people bouncing, clapping, singing and shouting. Following that would be a couple of slower tracks with music that would suggest raising ones hands, swaying and speaking in tongues; all perfectly choreographed to help “set the atmosphere” for the “word” to be delivered. The parallels between the faith healers and pulpit are EXACTLY alike in it’s initial presentation. It is all for the sake of creating a “worship experience,” not seeking God. By way of the power of suggestion, going on for nearly an hour for every service, the crowd is then prepared to receive the false gospel and empty their wallets.

    The most compelling statement I found towards the end of the second video regarding requests from the “ministries” for information on how to become a Christian. Of the number contacted, only one (from the UK) sent anything of substance. The rest here in the US either gave no response or, in their response, sent catalogue literature for their wares and appeals for money.

    Far too much that is being physicially presented in many of these mega- and TV ministries is a total ruse. It is all designed to appeal to our senses for mood alteration versus cultivating “the ground” for the Word of God to be received. Instead of harvesting for souls to be given to God, MONEY, INORDINATE TIME, PERSONAL WILL, and COMMON SENSE are gathered to help feed an increasingly fast-growing apostate church system that is only designed to fail, leaving the adherents the greatest losers of all.

  3. stan Says:

    Good videos. How many times does our Lord and His apostles command us to stay alert or beware or let no one deceive us by any means? Why all the warnings, even tearful ones, about being torn apart by the deception of evil men if professing Christianity is enough? That means that we need to understand that the Holy Spirit is not a magic charm in our Christian life that renders us invulnerable to deception. He leads us into truth. That means that we must follow His leading.

    But, even with this rogue’s gallery of pretenders and one-trick ponies like Benny Hinn today, Jesus predicts a time when they will exhibit genuine miracles and signs that would deceive the very elect, if that were possible. So, the world has not seen anything yet. At the time of the end, demons will go forth to perform miracles to the kings of the earth to seal their deception and lead them to destruction. These miracles will go beyond even the ability of those who unmask phony psychics and faith healers.

    Point being, that if believers today are falling for cheap theatrics and false, soulish phenomenon as being of God, what will they do when the miracles are genuine, yet truly demonic? These will be of the strong delusion God is preparing for the deceived as the age nears its close.

    The lesson is to love the truth, to stick to the faith once and for all delivered to the saints and cleave to the Lord with godly fear.

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    I know people who are very ill because of it and even someone who is no longer with us because of it. Not that they were told to refuse treatment, but because the overall view as you mentioned caused them to feel they just needed to show they had “enough faith”. So even if they were so sick that their own pastor advised them to get treatment, they refused. Some slack on the medicine, continually “claiming” a healing the doctor still can’t confirm and end up worse than before, because they “felt OK” and skipped medicine that their body needed. At the very least nobody should be dumping treatment till whatever claimed healing is so obvious the doctors can confirm it.

    And you should ALSO keep in mind, that even outside of the Christian faith there are claims of healings, even some that are claimed to be confirmed by doctors. (I could post lots here of Muslims and Hindus and others who are pagans claiming healings by their false gods.) So I keep Matthew 24:24 in mind and doctrine as paramount, that it agree with scripture. Because even if someone claims healing and 100 doctors confirm it, that does not mean the source of that claimed “healing” is good or anything that anyone should ever associate with.

  5. ncatina Says:

    What you mentioned is quite true.

  6. IndependentConservative Says:

    That’s EXACTLY how I feel Stan! I feel what we see now is nothing but warm up for the evil to come. Appearing to genuinely heal all comers (and from a physical standpoint it will be mass doctor confirmed healing of masses), while setting their souls on course for hell with false doctrines. It’s already happening to a smaller degree and will only get worse.

    That’s why I make doctrine paramount. If it’s not lining up with scripture, turn the other way and have nothing to do with it.

    And with the scientific breakthroughs, while we agree medicine is good for those who need it, man may declare himself god and able to cure all illness. I mean instead of thanking God for granting the common grace to find the cures, thanking and praising himself. That’s already happening to a small yet growing degree. We should be thanking God we were given knowledge to eradicate small pox with medicines, not acting like we are god and can do all without Him. Like the man who kills, cooks and eats a chicken giving thanks to God through Jesus Christ, versus the man who does the same thanking his own hands.

  7. stan Says:

    I am glad to hear you standing strong for biblical doctrine and for the fact that the world is heading for a powerful deception, IC. Of course, I knew you were. 🙂

    When I was explaining my discoveries of the false methods of John G. Lake and the other false teachers that were being lionized by those at my old church, to a good friend who attends there still; he listened respectfully to my careful, scriptural analysis of these pretenders. After I was done, he politely informed me that the healings he was seeing were genuine. With that, my analysis was summarily dismissed.

    The testimony had taken him away. I tried to point out the exhortation in Isaiah 8:20 that it was the doctrine that one had to look at first, not the testimony (manifestation). I also explained the meaning of Deuteronomy 13:1-4 that a true wonder worker who was introducing a different god (or, for us, a different Jesus) was a test from God to determine if you love Him with all your heart and soul. If you do, you will discount the testimony of your eyes if the doctrine is not apostolic. I can only hope he thought about it later.

    It is so important to study to show thyself approved unto God. He expects that. We have the material, we have the Spirit. We have all the grace we need to grow in the knowledge of God and not be blown about by every wind of doctrine.

    May God’s grace continue to be evident in your life and in the lives of all those who love the truth that is in Jesus Christ.

  8. IndependentConservative Says:

    May God’s grace continue to be evident in your life and in the lives of all those who love the truth that is in Jesus Christ.

    I pray the same for you and all my brother.

  9. truthintheselastdays Says:

    I just couldn’t bear the closing section when it mentions all those innocent people who had died as a result of the pulpit pimps. BTW was I the only one who downloaded it to their machine, worried that the pimps might get to it at some point

  10. stan Says:

    Nope, you’re not the only one. I got it too.

  11. truthintheselastdays Says:

    I saw this at a friend’s exactly one summer ago, and boy was it one of many catalysts to get me thinking about I’d always been told. On the other side of some deep soul-searching and Bible-searching, I came out of that mess and I’m a lot happy in the truth!

  12. ncatina Says:

    Truth, I caught that, too. But the fundamental question I have, for the small child featured in the last video, is for her personal salvation. Can small children and babies be assured of their salvation despite not having the cognitive ability to understand the dynamics behind such a paramount decision to accept Christ as one’s savior?

    IC, if you have addressed this item in a previous post, can you make that information available? Thanks in advance.

  13. IndependentConservative Says:

    I’ve got the whole DVD set, that includes additional footage, detailing how pimps often run their “feed poor children in an African country” scams. It’s pretty sick.

    But I told you a while back you better start getting copies of this stuff.

  14. IndependentConservative Says:

    Can small children and babies be assured of their salvation despite not having the cognitive ability to understand the dynamics behind such a paramount decision to accept Christ as one’s savior?

    IC, if you have addressed this item in a previous post, can you make that information available?

    I’ve never addressed that here, because it’s the nonessential that gets people pretty emotional, especially if you don’t answer saying all babies go to Heaven. And I can’t see how any view of it has any potential effect on how a saint might conduct their lives, so I’ve deliberately avoided the topic here.

    I tell you what, lets take that over to this post Job has on his blog and anyone who wants to discuss, I’m sure Job won’t mind it being discussed there. In that post Job presents a view and I responded in a comment.

  15. truthintheselastdays Says:

    Might join you over there, IC

  16. stan Says:

    When I was in my old church, I had not noticed the effect that the music was creating on us to induce a mood/atmosphere that was designed to make us susceptible to the manifestations that were to follow. I was more concerned about the doctrine that was coming through the songs, which in and of itself alarmed me well enough. I was particularly concerned about the Holy Spirit songs which directly addressed Him and the related songs calling for “power” and “fire!”. These seemed to initiate many of the unbiblical phenomena that the church was getting used to: slaying in the Spirit mostly. We are never told to address Him; but rather primarily to address the Father in prayer and praise or the Lord Jesus through the Spirit.

    The calming effect of repetitive phrases and melodies was the issue I had not been fully alert to; nor the suggestibility this sort of music created in the participants. As Marilyn Hickey taught in the above video, the atmosphere of the meeting must be made conducive to the Spirit’s activity. What error that is.

    It is very interesting to note that they “sung a hymn” after the Passover meal the night of Jesus’ betrayal. Then, they left to go to the Mt. of Olives. Jesus did not warm them up before the meal with a rousing worship session.

    Whatever that hymn was, it was followed by very unwelcome news to boot: You will all fall away. No wonder none of them were slain in the spirit then. 😉

    The other thing about music is that we have no direction in the NT for its use in services. The Old Testament Temple worship methodologies are cherry-picked to become incorporated in our services to justify what goes on with the music. Certainly, what goes on today is too often more to showcase talent than to teach and praise corporately in song. Congregations are being sung to, instead of them singing together admonishments, teachings and praises unto the Lord that they are commanded to do.

    I remember that the blessing that seemed so real in our old church did not last long. One of the changes that I am sure hurt us was when talented singers began to go up front to do solos and dress up to the hilt for the performances. They were masterful productions. They indeed had talent that made you ooh and ahh. I admit that readily. But, like smoke entering a building through small cracks, the purity of the corporate experience began to become obscured and the blessing of God was slowly quenched. It was being replaced with human skill and pride. It did not matter either what kind of spiritual life the singers/musicians were living either. To see very immature believers and/or backsliders taking a significant role in the services dampened things even further. The “worship teams” were separated from the congregation and placed above them on the platform. It is a heady thing to believe you are creating an atmosphere for God to “show up.” Why they could not sing with the rest of us in our seats was always beyond me to figure out.

    Things continued to slide downward afterward too. Young, female dancing and banners and flags and shofars came in over time, further diluting the sincerity and truth of the morning services. Some men complained that the dancing women were a sexual distraction. But, guess what? They were the ones with the problem, not the dancers! The “sanctified” dancers were insulted to think that wearing flowing, light gowns as they used every muscle they owned to weave and bob and pantomime on stage was a male distraction. What blindness in the church by then. The men who were having marital trouble, especially, were not blessed; but rather tormented with visual temptations brought to them in the otherwise spiritually trusted atmosphere of the morning services. The victim was blamed for the injuries inflicted upon them by the entrenched traditions, surrounding, of all things, “worship of a Holy God.”

    Lest anyone think I am anti-music, I’m not at all. I just don’t like it used to manipulate congregation’s emotions or become a showcase of human pride or ruin what is meant to be a blessing. I can imagine the outrage my opinions would create among the members of my old church, but wisdom is justified of her children. So, we’ll see, won’t we?

  17. ncatina Says:

    Stan, all you have outlined here is quite true. I was once heavily involved with the music ministry in my last church and all of the elements you have listed are also front and center at this local church.

    There was only a cursory glance given to a person’s lifestyle and attitude, and was secondary to the look, sound and opulence we were REQUIRED to put on. This was all done to the glory of man, not God.

  18. ncatina Says:

    I love music as well, but, as you, dislike the “American Idol” type approach on display in church services.

    As a sidebar, I do have a friend that has his own TV gospel show in my area where, twice a month, hosts a showcase at a local restaurant that allows people with talent to showcase it. That is a much more appropriate setting for such than a church.

  19. stan Says:

    ncatina, Thank you. For you to say that, having been part of a music ministry, is nicely confirming to me because I know what I am saying would be stepping on a lot of sensitive toes.

  20. ncatina Says:

    Kick up your heels and let the stepping begin!!!

  21. rascoe1 Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I have been reading your blogs since July and have been most informed. I try to get others to seek the truth, but it can be an uphill battle. We are so comfortable in our pews, that we would willing accept illusions and deceptions rather than studying and dividing the Word of God for ourselves. I can remember some very stupid things that I have done and use to believe was sound teachings, being a part of the charasmatic group. Now I think back and feel like a fool, eggs all over my face. I remember one Sunday, the femael bishop ( I know now that, that is out of order), gave spiritual birth in the pulpit. It was something to behold, but in truth, I believed her. Thank God for grace.

  22. speakingtruth Says:

    May our Holy God continue to open our eyes to the apostasy that is attributed to His name, and grant us the courage to stand for Him – even to the point of death.

  23. godlysoldier Says:

    YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH STAN! As a lover of music back in my heydays, it is REPULSIVE to see and hear the same wild beats, so-called “spiritual dancers” doing what one did in the world, but with a so-called Jesus banner slapped on it.

    My last WOF church I came out of, we had “guest” dancers from a sister church that were so provocative, dancing right in front of the Elders that were sitting in the front row, I could feel the Elders uneasiness, especially as they were sitting next to their wives. I was literally sick and just wanted to run up there and kick them all out of the church. I made a comment to one of the “Deaconess” and she said girl, it’s better that their dancing in the house of the Lord than the club. But the way some of them were dancing, I dare to say that they were “probably” just in the club that Saturday night before!
    And the Pastor’s of that church were up there right along “shaking it” with them….I knew that God was opening my eyes and getting ready for me to do a “mass exodus” out of that ministry! Thank God He did just that!!!

    “But the hour is coming and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is looking for such to worship Him.

    God is Spirit, and those that worship Him MUST worship in SPIRIT AND TRUTH! Jn 4:23-24

  24. godlysoldier Says:

    Now as for those videos, all I feel is total heartache! I say that because it is truly sickening to watch it and know that you were once a part of it and it seemed to normal at the time.

    I can remember when I was attending a COGIC church and the “spirt of god” was moving (lil “g” on purpose) and the Pastor called me out of the audience, had me to lay on the floor and told another sister to come and step on my stomach. Now at the time, you know I “thought” that that was a direct prophetic command from the Lord. Then after I got up, the Pastor spoke some prophetic babble about God going to use “me” to provoke “other women” to jealousy in serving Him! ( say!) Boy at the time, I was on a spiritual high because the Holy Ghost called me out and spoke to me, couldn’t get any more “charismatic” than that!

    While looking at these videos, that just came back to my mind and that happened back in 1997! My Lord was I blind and being led into a ditch!

    And now, my heart grieves because I have a family member that’s dying of cancer because of this foolish unsound extra-biblical-having-what-you-say-denying-that-you-are-sick-claiming- your-miraculous-healing-by-ignoring-the-doctor’s-report-because-your-believing-in-the-report-of-the-Lord-WOF-doctrine!

    Please pray for me and my family as it is a very trying time right now and these videos just brought everything to a head. I’m very angry right now because of this and I need just calm my soul and let the Word of God take away this anger..Thank you all for your prayers!

  25. stan Says:

    God bless you, godlysoldier. Is there any way you could talk to your dying family member according to 2 Tim. 2:24-26? If they could see the error, they could recover themselves from the snare of the devil and not die believing this error, if it is their time to go.
    Or, has this sick family member summoned the elders of the church to pray over him/her? Or, if these elders are pushing this error, perhaps there are godly elders you know that could be summoned. There is forgiveness that could be ministered to them especially about believing the error as well as other sins, if they are there.
    James 5:14-16.

    May the Lord give you favor to speak the truth to your loved one.

  26. Vaughn Says:

    Watche both presentations and must say that I was impressed by the commentators of this expose fest.

    And must say that i’m more aware of those that use the saying that states i am Christ’s, and must say quite honestly that I’m in need of a older translation of original Scripture before the many translations, for better clarity in my personal study of God’s Word.

    By coming across this site since being made aware of it, I must say that it wasn’t an accident, while still hoding firm broadly on how I interpret God’s Word.

    Sad to see the state of all the one’s who make merchandise of God’s Word, simply for profit and ill gotten gain!, If it was vexing to Jesus when he made that whip and chased out the one’s in the Temple willing to exploit the then worship of the True and Living God, why are so many willing to say that they have what they have by authorship of selfhelps that point in God’s direction, while empowering folks to be in a selfish type of a mentality? And not promoting the selflessness that the Word of God calls for?

    Luke 9:23 And he said to [them] all, If any [man] will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

    Great posting

  27. godlysoldier Says:

    Thank you Stan for your words of wisdom. The family has called upon some godly elders.
    That came and prayed last night.
    At this point, it’s truly in God’s hands as the doctor’s have given them a week to live.
    It’s a very “delicate” situation and I do thank God that this person is saved and they love the Lord with their whole heart. This has been a 3 year battle for my family and truth is prevailing.
    Continue to pray for me…

  28. LaVrai.COM Says:

    I have this fantasy… it started a few years ago when I learned what kind of speech writers our president has. I used to wish in times of those live addresses to the nation that I could hack into the whole broadcasting satellite system and just cut in with a different program — beamed live into every living room with a TV turned on. It would be a ‘correction’ of everything ‘misleading’ that he had been saying.

    In this case, it would be this documentary beamed into the viewers’ homes… preferably right over the TBN feed during during Paula White or Creflo Dollar’s “program” (ever wonder about that word?).

    Thank the LORD for the Internets.

  29. stan Says:

    More specifically, did your sick family member do the summoning or was it only the family who called for them? The reason I ask is that James is specific that the sick one is to summon the elders (although certainly through others, if needed) as long as it is they who initiate it.

    Is any sick among you, let him call . . . Having others take the initiative to call for the elders is for those who are too young or incapacitated to do so.

    I believe the reason is that the when the sick person calls it is an act of faith on their part and also assumes that if sins need to be forgiven that they have worked through that issue too. Otherwise, calling without the sick person’s specific request may be an imposition on them even if they don’t openly admit it.

    The reason I say this is that too many believers are taught by example, that when they are sick they are simply to expect pastors/elders to come to them unsummoned. They can actually become annoyed or embittered if they are not visited by them in a timely fashion. So, this is the common, unspoken tradition among so many of today’s believers; and no one teaches them what James actually says: “Let him who is sick call for the elders of the church.” Pastors/elders often visit the sick on their own initiative and anoint with oil and pray for healing and too often do not see any fruit of the visit, except for the emotional comfort their visit would naturally provide.

    I asked my old pastor a question one time when we were going, unsummoned, to visit someone at a distant rehab center who had had a stroke recently, “Out of a hundred times that you’ve visited the sick in hospitals, etc, how many times have you actually been summoned by them?” He thought for a moment and said, “Out of a hundred? Maybe 5 times.” I said then, “Wow. What is the rate of success in those visits with regard to the Lord raising them up or the ministry of the forgiveness of sins?” He then said, “not much at all.” I said, “Maybe around 5%?” He kind of laughed and said, “Yeah, maybe.” I reminded him of times when he was summoned and the remarkable results that took place at those times. Some of those incidents had become widely known in the church.

    I suggested that when we got to see this brother with the stroke that we ask him what we can pray for instead of assuming we should anoint him with oil and pray the prayer of faith over him for healing as we had in mind originally. That turned out to be good advice, because we were surprised at his actual request when we asked him what we could pray for. The only thing he wanted was the grace to trust God for what had happened to him, for had deep doubts about God for the first time in his Christian life and was fearful and despondent about the future. As to healing, he said he did not think his partial paralysis was ever going to leave him. So, he never requested a prayer for healing. That showed us starkly that had we simply assumed we should follow the direction in James 5:14-15 even though we had not received the call from him to come pray for him, we would have been wide of the mark. He needed ministry and prayer of a much different sort, which he was open to.

    I know from the pastor’s and my experience as an elder with this issue that whenever someone called for elders that we have seen high (not 100%, but noticeably high) rates of physical recovery (not necessarily immediate; but rather noticeable improvement and recovery in their conditions) and/or spiritual restoration to the Lord due to sins being forgiven. At least, it is certainly much higher than when the sick person is passive about calling for the elders and has not obeyed the instruction himself. I have used the ministry a couple of times when I had been sick and I experienced total recovery from chronic conditions I was suffering with at those times.

    James is very clear – “Let him who is sick call.” As a matter of fact, James 5:14-16 is the clearest and most detailed instruction in the Word about what a Christian who is sick is to do and the relationship that sin can have in the matter.

    Goodness, even doctors do not call their patients and say, “I heard you were sick? Do you want to come to the office?” Nor do plumbers call their customers and say, “I heard your toilet was clogged. Do you want me to stop by?” OK, that is a little facetious and mundane, but the point is the same.

    I don’t know if this admonition applies to your family member or not, godlysoldier. I am just speaking to this issue from the way you said “The family has called upon some godly elders.
    That came and prayed last night.”
    and from what I have learned over the years about this subject.

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