April 17, 2008

Is Your Pastor Going to Suck Up to antichrist Benedict XVI?

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Check out this post over at The Reformed Reader.

The reasons why Christians do not fellowship with Roman Catholic cult leader Benedict XVI are many. To see just a few, you can read some old posts on this blog such as:

The bottom line is that what is called “Roman Catholic tradition” has strayed far from being anything “Christian”. It’s just a cult and anyone that dares study the Roman Catholic Catechism having true respect for the Bible with 66 books knows what I’m saying is the honest truth. But the information linked above will help those who might not understand what I’m saying.

I thought people saying the “Roman Catholic church” is apostate were a little “over the top” for many years. Till I learned what the Roman Catholic church was teaching. Then I was in 100% agreement with all who note Roman Catholicism is apostate doctrine. So if you think I’m some lunatic, I ask you to just review some of what I’ve provided for you to review and then you can make up your own mind. Lord willing, you’ll see the enemy is well camped in Roman Catholicism.

Check out the picture here. You have Pelosi worshiping Benedict, kissing his ring. She claims Roman Catholicism, so that’s not a surprise. But look at who else is in the picture and their expressions. Looks like Republican John Boehner in the corner of the picture smiling. He’s a Roman Catholic, no surprise. (Yea the leaders of both the Republicans and Democrats in the House are Roman Catholics, 5 of 9 Supreme Court Justices too. I’m just saying, to assume there is no Vatican influence in American politics might be naive thinking. I told you who helps keep our borders open to illegal entry.) The picture also has President George Walker Bush looking at the kissing rather intently. And next to the President we see Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, with a smile even bigger than Benedict’s on her face. Now I told you Bush is not a Christian. I don’t know much about Condi in the theological sense, other than she claims to be a Presbyterian. My word, what is any Presbyterian doing smiling while man worship is in progress?

I turned on the TV today and CNN, FoxNews and MSNBC ALL were giving full live coverage to the apostate Roman Catholic “mass”. But let a guy like John MacArthur be shown on CNN and it’s only for debate. When antichrist Benedict XVI comes around, there is no debate in American media. They all, kiss the ring! (Figuratively speaking, with how they grant him open airtime and hype him up.)

I’m not going to sit here and warn you about false teacher A, B and C, then remain quiet while a big antichrist is being fawned over by all networks and our government. Including members of our government that claim to be Christian. A Presbyterian Secretary of State should be allowed off from work (or at least excused from the ceremonies) every day the Pope is near our President, but there she is smiling 🙄 . You know, once upon a time, I could have voted for her to be our President, but now I hope she never runs.

(Efforts to promote the cult of Mary are not allowed in comments here, 2 John 1:10-11)

14 Responses to “Is Your Pastor Going to Suck Up to antichrist Benedict XVI?”

  1. speakingtruth Says:

    Well said brother.

    I’m learning that it’s hypocritical to call our pulpit pimps yet turn a blind eye when someone who is compared to Christ is getting his ring kissed.

    Any doctrine that denies the Lord Jesus Christ as the TRUE Head of His Church, and argues the ecumenical path to salvation while endorsing prayers to and intercession from dead saints is apostate and heretical. Period.

    The truth may hurt some, but it is the truth…God’s truth.

  2. godlysoldier Says:


  3. EnochWalked Says:

    I live in the DC metro and my house is in a suburb 20 minutes from Andrews AFB and you would think it was the triumphant entry of the Lord!

    I am 37 years old, I remember a few world events from my childhood to present that the media “beast” machine made sure was covered. Charles and Diana’s wedding, the tanks in Bejing, 9-11, and this fiasco today ranks up there with the former because of the preparations and the overload of media coverage!

    Has anyone ever seen our elected officials roll out the red carpet, the key to the city, the whole enchilada to a foreign official or power, especially a “religious” figure! Catholicism now runs the federal government and will eventually try to takeover America!

    We are witnessing the early stages of persecution when the true colors of Catholicism is brought to the light!
    The Catholic Church wants all us of “protestant children” back! This week has been a case of throw it smack dab in your face Idolatry and Abomination!

  4. EnochWalked Says:

    Additional world events that the media made sure was covered. Pope John Paul IIs funeral, his assasination attempt, Gulf War I and Gulf War II.

  5. GaryV Says:

    The AntiChrist has landed………..(Edited by Independent Conservative: Portion of comment removed. OK Gary, that went too far. We don’t want to wish ill on him, not even in a joke.)

  6. Airbrush Artist Says:

    When all is Said And when The Book is Opened ,”All the Pomp and Circumstance thats has been afforded with Every Pope.Will be in Gods eyes what they have always been “A Man Created in the Image of God”-Period—-Nothing More Nothing less….

  7. GaryV Says:

    Yeah IC,I didn’t realize how that could have been taken. My thought was about the PLANE(AirAntiChrist)though,NOT the AntiChrist himself.

  8. johnkaniecki Says:


    I was raised in the Catholic Church. The best thing that I got from it was that when I started to look for the Truth I picked up a Bible.

    The preists were mean and unloving. The whole environment was oppressive. There were some good moments but they were few and far in between. If anybody doubts that the Catholic Church has strayed from the teachings of the Bible I urge you to read the New Testament carefully. Here are some items they do wrong in no particular order off the top of my head. Worship of Mary and saints, the immaculate conception, the sinlessness of Mary, purgatory, the positions of Pope and Cardinals, a heirarchy of believers, confessing sins to a man, calling preists ‘father’, insisting that bishops shouldn’t be married, the saying of ‘mass’ which is actually resacrificing Jesus, the celibacy of bishops, the concept of nuns, the idea that the building itself is holy, holy water, the including of the apocrypha as part of inspired writings. But above all I must add the Catholics unrepented past. Anybody can come to false conclusions and make mistakes about what scripture teaches. But a sign of a Christian is repentence. If a true believer has done wrong they would confess that sin and do their best never to do it again. The Catholic Church has refused to do this. To this day they have never repented for their part in the inqisition where they tortured thousands. Also don’t forget that the Catholic Church tried to kill those who translated the Bible into the language of the people. It was the Catholic Church who killed John Hus and would have liked to have killed Martin Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and many others. And might I add the blood might start flowing soon enough again.

    It is clear that we are to worship God alone. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Some man with a funny hat accepting worship from people who have sold their souls is a blasphemy to God.

    There was a time when there was a divide between Catholicism and Protestism. I for one am willing to work with anyone for the common good. But let me stress that the highest common good is the sharing of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes I will work with an unbeliever for some good work, but the teaching of the gospel to that unbeliever in that context is the paramount thing.I would never sell short my Christian beliefs just to make peace or progress.

    These people out there want everyone to unify under their own man made system. The problem is this New Word Order is contrary to God. They promise peace and prosperity but it will bring death and destruction. But most importantly it will bring damnation to the soul.



  9. LaVrai.COM Says:

    I’m guessing you have this archived somewhere on here, but the search didn’t bring it up. I’ll drop it here. Do with it what you will…if you haven’t already.

    In light of all the fawning over Pope Benedict XVI, I would like to remind everyone exactly how this pope feels about the sexual abuse of children and those who do the abusing: In 2001, while he was a cardinal, he issued a secret Vatican edict to Catholic bishops all over the world, instructing them to put the Church’s interests ahead of child safety.

  10. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well said John.

    I was wondering if you could expound on something for the readers here when you mentioned the Roman Catholic heretical doctrine of:

    the immaculate conception

    Because for me not having been a Roman Catholic, I used to assume that was somehow speaking of Jesus, till I learned what Roman Catholics were teaching. And I think many Christians who have not had much exposure to the doctrine of the cult of Mary assume the term “immaculate conception” just has to be speaking about Jesus given our regular frame of reference. So can you please explain, for the benefit of others, what the RCC is teaching when they say “immaculate conception”?

    Also you mentioned:

    It was the Catholic Church who killed John Hus and would have liked to have killed Martin Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and many others.

    Don’t you find it amazing, that Presbyterians hold John Calvin in such high regard, yet Condi who claims to be part of that denomination was literally smiling in that picture? I mean if Calvin were in that picture instead of Condi, he’d certainly not be smiling. I don’t want to say what he’d be doing, but I’ve got a pretty good idea.

  11. johnkaniecki Says:


    The Immaculate Conception is the idea taught that Mary was born without original sin. I checked myself on Wikepedia to make sure.

    It is always dangerous when things are taught that aren’t present in scripture as this phrase is. We have seen how the pulpit pimps capitalize on “don’t touch my annointed” using it as a catch phrase to say they can do whatever they want contrary to scripture and not be called to give an account.

    Even in my own Church of Christ they will teach you of “the one true church” and the “five steps of salvation”. I compare these thoughts to Calvin’s T.U.L.I.P. It is something gleaned from scripture rather than expressed clearly and cohesively.

    But with the Immaculate Conception there is no scriptural basis whatsoever. Though not certain it was probably brought in by Pagan influences. Which reminds me of other things the Catholic Church does that violates scriptures. They teach to pray the rosary. This is a series of prayers that is repeated over and over. Christ referred to this as vain repitition. Also after confession one must do a “pennance” as dictated by the preist. This would usually also involve repition of prayers. The preist may tell someone to say ten Hail Marys and five Our Fathers. Of course there is no pennance but there is repentance two very different things. Lent and the forbiding of eating meat on Fridays are two more things.

    If I stay on this blog longer tonight I’m sure a few other things the Roman Catholic Church does wrong will come to my intention. For example they believe that the presence of God is in the Eucharist. That the emblems are the physical blood and body of Christ. Also everybody must bow down before the altar as they enter, a clear example of idolatry. My dad who isn’t a believer but has a Catholic background still bows down as he enters. I refuse to bow down to any false god.

    There can be no other conclusion that the Catholic Church blatantly violates the teachings of the scriptures of the Bible. A choice must be made whether to follow the Word of God or the Catholic Church. If one takes an objective look at history on will see clearly who does God’s will. Even in modern history we have the Catholic Church cooperating with the Nazis and covering up the sexual abuse by its preists here in the USA.

    If you are a Catholic I would urge you to consult your preist as to why there are so many conflicts.

    Also there are many things about the Catholic Church that are kept in secret like the Free Masons do. I had an aquaintance who was studying to become a preist and was expelled. He told me that every day is a special holy day dedicated to some saint.

    Pray for my wife, she has surgery tomorrow.



  12. IndependentConservative Says:

    We certainly will be praying for your wife.

    The false doctrine of Mary’s “immaculate conception” also leads into the false teaching that Mary “suffered with Christ” as He was crucified. Implying that Mary was part of the sacrifice for sin. Also the false teaching that Mary ascended to Heaven full body like Jesus. It all ties into their apostate teaching that Mary plays a role in salvation. See the Roman Catholic Cult’s Catechism #969. Basically, the collective false teachings about Mary make her a de facto part of the Godhead in their apostate teachings, which totally departs from the truth.

    Of course we know the Church of Christ denomination is not the “one true church” although many in that denomination teach such. I would not take issue with the CoC “five steps of salvation” if they did not act as if someone is “not saved” if they have not yet touched water. (Some on the CoC don’t hold to that, but still many do.) In debate, the ones who feel water regenerates go as far as to claim that those who were baptized by the Holy Spirit and speaking in REAL tongues Acts 10 were not actually saved till they touched water. They’ll claim in the “crashing airplane” scenario someone calling on Christ can’t be saved if they are not baptized before the plane crashes to the ground. Of course it presents a conflict with Luke 23:39-43 as well, given Jesus was having people baptized before going to the cross. So either one has to see baptism as an ordinance that is not what saves a person and scripture is in agreement, or if one sees baptism as a salvific work than you’ve got serious issues with keeping scripture in agreement and conflict with 1 Corinthians 1:17 too. It makes a conflict with salvation being of grace rather than of works, Romans 11:6.

    I’ve got no issue with the Doctrines of Grace (aka TULIP), so long as someone does not act as if a Christian MUST have full understanding of all 5 points to be “saved”. As I’ve said in another comment, I find Dave Hunt and his attacks on the Doctrines of Grace to be annoying, but I feel he is saved by grace like myself.

  13. JesusIsGod Says:

    (Off topic comment removed by IndependentConservative)

  14. IndependentConservative Says:

    I’ve removed your comment, because it strays too far off from the thread topic, which is antichrist Benedict XVI. I made a short mention of John MacArthur and you felt you should veer off topic into an attack on John MacArthur. This thread will not be used for debating your views of someone else.

    If it’s not about the thread topic, don’t put it in comments here. You have your own blog and may want to consider posting your thoughts there instead.

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