April 9, 2008

Wiley Jackson, Never Forget He’s a REALLY DIRTY Pulpit Pimp! Avoid Him.

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I noticed the good folks at Melvin’s blog got into a sidebar about Word of Faith pulpit pimp Wiley Jackson. I was going to comment there, but I have so much to say it’s better to make a post here. They mentioned he’s trying to get people to get a Gospel Tabernacle Commemorative Prepaid Debit Card. I’m not surprised.

Wiley Jackson is one of the THE WORST OF THE WORST.

My wife got mixed up with his club before we got married. Then I brought her over into Eddie Long’s club. Fast Eddie is a close associate of Wiley Jackson’s. Glory be to God through Jesus Christ, we learned to flee all those vipers!

Even Eddie Long was preaching against money lines while running other money scams and Wiley Jackson was running money lines ALL THE TIME. Probably still does for all I know. I mean even after it was played out with most pimps, he still was running the “Gawd said 10 people with $50 come up, now 5 people with $100 come up” and so on…

But with Wiley Jackson there’s more! How many of you know about his mishandling, he called it a mistake, of government funds? A Dekalb county 6 figure grant given to him for a “computer lab”, he co-mingled with church funds. Somehow a company he owned was taking in the money for construction of things.

State sues DeKalb County over misspent grant money

The Georgia attorney general’s office is suing DeKalb County to recoup an improperly spent state grant awarded to a friend of DeKalb Chief Executive Officer Vernon Jones.
DeKalb, which dispersed the funds on the state’s behalf, failed to prevent the Rev. Wiley Jackson Jr. from diverting the majority of the $135,750 intended for inner-city youths to his church and his for-profit company, according to the lawsuit filed Monday in DeKalb Superior Court”

How many of you know who Sidney Dorsey’s “spiritual adviser” was all during his trial for the murdering of Derwin Brown? That’s right Wiley Jackson was by Sid’s side, praying for Sid to be found innocent!

Judge denies bond for sheriff charged with murdering successor

DeKalb County District Attorney’s investigator Chris Harvey testified about a meeting Cuffy had with prosecutors late last month. Cuffy told investigators that Dorsey asked him to kill Brown.

“Cuffy admitted his involvement and indicated that Dorsey was angry about losing the election,” Harvey said. “Cuffy said that several times he met with Mr. Dorsey about how to carry the plot out. Cuffy said Dorsey wanted Brown strangled so there would be no ballistic evidence.”

Cuffy also told investigators that the four men had followed Brown for weeks conducting “rehearsals” for the killing. If Brown had been vulnerable during the rehearsals, they would have killed him then.

Harvey testified that Cuffy said Dorsey wanted other opponents killed, including DeKalb District Attorney J. Tom Morgan and at least four others. Dorsey promised the men promotions or new jobs if they helped him, Cuffy told investigators.

Clarence Mosley, who worked in the sheriff’s department, testified that he went to Dorsey’s house shortly after the runoff election.

“Dorsey said words in the effect that Derwin Brown would not assume the office of sheriff. There would be a special election,” Mosley said.

Steel presented witnesses who testified that Dorsey was a law-abiding citizen who would not violate conditions of his bond. Steel said that Dorsey could be placed under house arrest and monitored with an ankle bracelet.

“He’s always been straight,” said the Rev. Wiley Jackson of Gospel Tabernacle Church. “He’s always been a man who does what he says he’s going to do.

“I believe Sidney would be consistent with his character. I believe he would do what he’s supposed to do under the jurisdiction of the court,” Jackson said.

Derwin Brown’s widow, Phyllis, said Dorsey may still be a threat, even from his jail cell.

“What’s to say that the rest of the hit list won’t be carried out?” she asked. “What’s to say that my family is now safe, simply because he’s in jail?”

Dorsey was arrested Nov. 30, more than 11 months after Brown was killed.

Sidney Dorsey was finally sentenced to LIFE in prison. Guilty for masterminding the murder of his political rival and he had plans to kill others!

When it comes to dirt bags, Wiley Jackson fits the definition well.

7 Responses to “Wiley Jackson, Never Forget He’s a REALLY DIRTY Pulpit Pimp! Avoid Him.”

  1. speakingtruth Says:

    You may have already left the ATL IC, but “Bishop” Wiley Jackson was also involved in the firing of the former police chief of Dekalb County.

    Vernon Jones, the County CEO was accused of sending his close associate to tell the chief to take a hike.

    Who was the close associate? Well, none other than the Right Reverend Bishop Wiley Jackson.

    And Vernon Jones is running for U.S. Senate next year…

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    I do recall Wiley doing that.

    Jones running for Senate. He knows he’s going to lose.

  3. speakingtruth Says:

    You’re right. Georgia is a solid red state, and neither Saxby Chambliss or Johhny Isaakson have anything to worry about with a challenge from old Vernon.

    Remember Vernon’s sex scandal problem? He was accused of rape, but denied it and admitted that it was a consensual 3-way encounter (please forgive the blunt description).

    Also, take a guess who his spiritual advisor is? That’s right, Super (soon to be alpha) pimp Eddie Long. Eddie gave Vernon a little too much in campaign contributions a few years ago (more than the law allows), and Vernon had to pay an ethics fine, but they’re still very close.

    While Dekalb County would line up and vote for Jones based on race, I don’t think his repuration would fly throughout rural Georgia – the constituency he needs to win a statewide election.

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    Vernon’s reputation alone is reason enough not to vote for him. Yea I know all about his sleaze. He’s obviously got some other plans and just wants to play with a little money in a campaign run prior to those other plans. Whatever his real ultimate goal is, because we know his goal is not what he knows he will lose.

    I didn’t know about the campaign contribution issue though. A “pastor” making big contributions to the kingdom of man…interesting, but given it’s Fast Eddie, not at all surprising.

    I’ve only made a campaign contribution once in life. I gave Herman Cain a little when he ran. I don’t know if/when I’ll ever put out actual money for a politician again.

    If Eddie gives to Jones’ Senate campaign that will be most interesting. Given we know Jones will run claiming abortion is OK and should remain legal. It will complete a political 180 for Fast Eddie.

    Well he really completed the 180 once he started speaking favorable of McKinney! So really it will just be Fast Eddie keeping on his track of things that make you go, Hmmmmm….

  5. spark Says:

    The ties that bind: How Wiley led me to Creflo. Some years ago,I was sitting at home channel surfing and stumbled upon Wiley Jackson. I had never seen anything like this–I thought it was a comedy show! He is more “polished” now but in the early 90s before he got large, he was a complete mess. His grammar was horrible, he didn’t have many sheep and was not wearing expensive suits. He would constantly repeat the phrase “I’m not getting many aman” (sic)–hilarious. I’m not quite sure how he had managed to somehow buy air time on a local religious station, but he was on every Sunday night. I used to tune in each week for comic relief–I had no idea what he was “preaching” about my first few times tuning in, he was just so funny to me. Then one day he was preaching about money and being broke at the time, that got my attention. He told everyone watching who wanted/needed some money that God told him to tell us to go and get our purses/wallets and place them on the TV–I was rolling on the floor at this ridiculous notion. Although my sister and I were watching and laughing uncontrollably we did (being young and dumb and broke) put our wallets on the set. Hey, why not, God said to do it, right? This was the beginning of my slide into the WoF abyss, because following the Wiley show, a not so polished nor as rich as he is now guy by the name of Creflo Dollar came on. His presentation was a little better than Wiley’s and he too was saying that God wanted to get some money in my hands. I was impressed because he was flipping through the Bible and quoting page after page of scripture to support what he was saying. He really seemed to know his “word” and he sprinkled his prosperity gospel with topics like holiness, forgiveness, integrity, etc. Being a biblical illiterate, I bought it hook, line and sinker. After watching for a few weeks, I realized that his “church” was in the metro area so I visited and became a Dollarite for close to 4 years. So,I second your sentiment: “Glory be to God through Jesus Christ, we learned to flee all those vipers!”

  6. Caleb Phillips Says:

    The thing that really irks me is that these self-styled “preachers” & “prophets” are only harming the witness of those who truly are born-again believers. No wonder the WoF is sometimes called “the Gospel of Greed.” Because that’s what these guys are. They’re just robbing people, but trying to give it a spiritual twist.

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    Wiley Jackson probably will never be as smooth with his game as the alpha pimps like Eddie and Creflo. But you know, I always could tell Creflo was not teaching right. When I first moved to the Atlanta area, I saw Creflo on TV and like you with Wiley I would crack up looking at Creflo. I didn’t watch him much, but I thought he was totally insane. I first caught him talking about something other than money, he was saying something about Mary and I knew it was not scriptural at all. He had totally twisted up the text and could see through it clearly. Then a couple more times I saw him and noticed he was just totally hacking scripture. It just seems the Lord willed that I could always “read” him. But in my searching for a church home and asking around, somebody said “why don’t you check out New Birth where Eddie Long preaches…” And I guess for me, Eddie’s delivery of false doctrine was just as tickling in my ears as yours with Creflo. And I stayed 7+ years. Once Eddie started teaming with Creflo, that did help me see there were issues much larger than I cared to admit. And thank the Lord, He led me out of there.

    But it’s like, if you’re not well rooted in the Word, there’s a pimp with the right delivery just waiting to suck you in. When not well grounded in scripture, you might see through one guy, but you’re still more vulnerable to others.

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