March 22, 2008

China Hacks Web Site of Group Trying to Prevent Slaughter in Darfur.

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And you know, many being killed are Christians.

Hacking of Darfur activists’ network probed – U.S.-based group suspects China involved; FBI looking into case

WASHINGTON – Activists for peace in Darfur who have spearheaded efforts to organize a boycott of this year’s Olympic Games in China said Thursday their computer systems have come under attack. They believe they were targeted by China.

The Save Darfur Coalition said it had notified the FBI and was cooperating with its agents. At the bureau, spokesman Richard Kolko said, “We are aware of the report and are looking into it.”

A U.S. Defense Department annual assessment of China’s military said it had launched hacker attacks on foreign computer networks.

Save Darfur holds China partly responsible for the violence in Darfur, a barren region of western Sudan, which entered its sixth year last month. Hundreds of thousands have died, and more than 2.5 million have been made homeless by attacks allegedly perpetrated by militias backed and armed by the Sudanese government.

China is Sudan’s largest trading partner and absorbs most of its oil exports. Save Darfur has pressed the Chinese to use their economic muscle to force Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to allow the entry of foreign peacekeepers ordered into Darfur by the United Nations.

Allyn Brooks-LaSure, spokesman for the coalition, said the organization’s leaders had met with FBI agents this week and talked with them again Thursday morning about the computer attacks.

He said China was pinpointed as the source of the intrusions “due to technical information that traces back to China.”

The coalition has proved a major headache for Beijing. On Thursday, it announced in conjunction with Dream for Darfur plans to mount major demonstrations in Beijing during the Olympics. Its campaign for boycotts of the Olympics have many of the Summer Games’ sponsors worried about possible repercussions.

China, the Olympics are going to them, the USA is selling them debt. Well if they get control of this nation, you can read about how they treat Christians that try to evangelize.

All just a mess.

5 Responses to “China Hacks Web Site of Group Trying to Prevent Slaughter in Darfur.”

  1. KyleAndrews Says:


    posted this link on a thread I left for Jonathon De Leon at Healtheland. I tied a string of things together and he didn’t reply. Look at this sordid and twisted mess we have in the Sudan. For example, China is a country that regularly persecutes, jails, and kills it’s own Christians. Also, we know China is one of the darlings of the oil rich Arab countries because of it’s appetite for oil. Therefore we shouldn’t be surprised of China’s blatant disregard and hand in this massacre. That being said here is the point I tied in at Healtheland sites. As you very well know for over 7 years now TBN has successfully garnered a market in China. Funny, if this is the case than why has there not been an outcry from TBN and all of it’s lackeys. Simple. It’s all about the bottom line. Imagine if TBN sent out a signal decrying the abuse by China of Christians across the world. Sure, the satellites would be shut down almost immediately but the message would have got out. The world would have caught wind of it and maybe China would be called under the carpet. Nope! Instead old Paul Crouch has satellites all over pumping the Pimp game into China instead. Funny how the Chinese don’t mind TBN. Hmmm! Supposedly their a “Christian” network shouldn’t they too be shut down? Of course not! Because what they send out to China is not Christianity and does not threaten China. Paul Crouch and his gang of thieves have allot to answer for regarding the murder and killings of Christians around the world including the Sudan and China


  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    For those wondering who Jonathon De Leon is, he’s a young guy who has been brainwashed into the G12 cell church heresies of César Castellanos. We are showing him how messed up the group he is in really is over in this thread of comments at Job’s blog. Unfortunately things have side barred from the initial topic of that post, but the false teachings of G12/César Castellanos had to be exposed.

    Beware G12, César Castellanos and anything running the “cell church” model.

    he didn’t reply

    You see how he’s avoided many things I’ve confronted him about. He selectively responds to whatever he feels he can make a fashionable response to.

    But I thank the Lord for this opportunity to warn saints about that César Castellanos mess.

    Sure, the satellites would be shut down almost immediately but the message would have got out.

    While I agree with you that if TBN were a real Christian network they would do more to help those persecuted saints. But I doubt if they even tried to say “help the saints persecuted for the cause of Christ here in China” on the airwaves there that anyone would ever see or hear it. No, the government there is very careful and the message would not get out. They likely have TBN and every network on a delay that government can cut into. They even cut into phone calls people make into that nation. Brother, China keeps things on LOCK DOWN, its nothing at all like broadcasting in America.

    TBN working with governments that are strongly against Christianity is the norm. Which is why they have signals in so many nations that are killing Christians. If they were helping the underground Christians, they’d be having their web site hacked and never would have been allowed into China. TBN could kick the dust from their feet and continue helping saints covertly while openly soliciting support to continue the covert work via their USA based networks.

  3. KyleAndrews Says:


    Are we complicit in this? Is China not our greatest trading partner? Are they not our biggest source of borrowed money? Do they not purposely peg their currency to ours so we can get cheap goods and have their 9 year old kids work for .50 cents an hour for 60 hours a week? Did we not sell them missile technology to them during Clinton’s reign of terror? Where does China get it’s money and technology from? Hmmmm! And we still wonder what and where America is in the End Times.


  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    Hey bro, I’m still uptight that the USA opened more trade up with China back in 2000. An action that received “bipartisan” support…

  5. SteelGator Says:

    An interesting note can be made about China and other anti-Christian nations and people. Do you ever notice that the false Christian teachers never offend our enemies but folks that truly speak the Gospel of Christ are hated, shunned, shut down, imprisoned, tortured, and/or killed. It is the spirit of the deceiving devil that tells China that TBN is not OF CHRIST. If it was OF CHRIST, the scales would fall off the Chinese Government and they would take TBN off their airways.

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