March 16, 2008

Looks Like Barack Hussein Obama Jr. has Been Spewing Heresy for a Long Time! (*Updated*)

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Most of us are just starting to hear Barack Hussein Obama Jr. actually talk about scriptures and finding how big of a mockery he tries to turn the Word of God into. I think many of us felt that his twisted lie, to try and make it seem God’s Word is not in agreement against homosexuality, was something he said for the first time on the campaign trail. It turns out, that bit of heresy is in his book, The Audacity of Hope, on page 222. (If he becomes President, he’ll be able to spew this kind of heresy to an even greater audience given the position.)

Check out this write-up by Rob Schenck from January 2007, titled BARACK OBAMA:SHEEP OR GOAT? Part 2. (article footnotes) (I’m not saying I back all things Rob Schenck does, but for this matter he’s got the information.) Schenck (a Jewish convert to Christ) details SEVERAL issues with the theology of Obama. Including Obama’s effort to act as if passages in the book of Romans somehow do not agree with the Sermon on the Mount.

If you read the write-up in full, or even just see the citations from Obama within it, you’ll see that Obama really is no Christian. Based on his theological statements. That is, if you didn’t already know he’s not a Christian, but posing as one via a race cult. (Hat tip to YouTubber BeYouBeTru for that last link.)

I’ve been seeing Obama repeatedly on TV talking about how he first hooked up with the race cult he claims membership to, back when he was doing some work to help needy people who were out of work. This is something I’ve watched him recite across various news shows the past few days in different interviews. I mean he’s blowing his trumpet so loudly I feel like I probably could recite his line verbatim if I wanted. But of course he’s not going to respect Matthew 6:1-4 [click to expand link].

The bottom line is that Obama teamed up with the cult, because it was politically expedient in regards to his aspirations for elected office. And he’d also attend their meetings for the entertainment. I mean where else in town was a man calling himself a pastor and riding dirty in the pulpit? Or a so-called pastor allowing a secular rapper, to take his hack sermon and make it into a hack rap and BLATANT Obama endorsement, despite IRS rules against that sort of thing? (And God was thanked for a role in the movie “American Gangster” 🙄 .) And how else in Chicago, can you ensure, that while you lock up some Black votes in a supposedly Christian spot, you also hook into a cult of Muhammad spot? Since ties are so close, that one race cult honors the head of the other cult? (A so-called Christian bunch honoring a man who backs an anti-Christ cult. Race before faith for some I guess.)

I usually don’t like politicians playing on the church, but seeing how Obama’s doing it has helped expose a false teacher of Liberation Theology. These politicians might help expose more of the bad doctrine out there. And perhaps God is using it all, to help the followers of some false teachers come to their senses and follow His Son in Truth.

update 3/16/2008 4:00PM: Also please read: Just What Did Obama Know About Wright’s Past Sermons?

update 3/17/2008 11:00AM: Another: The Rev. Jeremiah Wright was an early concern, Obama aide admits. Obama is being caught making many conflicting statements. Oh my, a politician lying, who would have ever thought one would 😀 ?

32 Responses to “Looks Like Barack Hussein Obama Jr. has Been Spewing Heresy for a Long Time! (*Updated*)”

  1. Caleb Phillips Says:

    And then of course, there’s Obama’s blantantly racist & apostate “pastor”, the “Reverend” Jerimiah Wright. It also seems that Oprah also goes to Trinity UCC & we all know how lost she is!!!

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    See the update at the end of the post.

    Even without Wright, the UCC is a denomination with heretical doctrine. Even when I heard Obama speak at a big UCC denomination event, the guy who introduced him sounded very effeminate. It’s a denomination gone apostate and therefore able to maintain a relationship with someone like Jerimiah Wrong.

    See some of the other links in the post. Plenty about Jerimiah Wrong and the Black cult he’s running.

  3. Caleb Phillips Says:

    Actually, I think the most disturbing thing about this whole affair is that Obama plans to stay with this “church.” He can claim that he disagrees with what Wright is teaching, but in this case actions speak louder than words. If not for himself & his wife, he should consider what views his young daughters are being taught from this “pastor.” All I know is that, at the very least, it sure isn’t the Gospel that’s being taught.

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well Jerimiah Wrong has retired and that’s what Team Obama is playing up. As if everyone should assume the place will go from gross error to sound doctrine all of a sudden.

    But when you consider that most of Obama’s supporters are not endorsing sound doctrine to begin with…

  5. sbrenea Says:

    I’m perplexed that you would think that a person who is a leader in this world’s system would be an outright for sho’ Christian. While the word says that God controls who is in leadership, it does not teach that the world’s leaders would be Christians (New Testament) or people with a heart for God (Old Testament. In fact, most of the time the leaders are quite filled with the ethos of this present world system. And even the leaders of the children of Israel had plenty of hang-ups. Nevertheless, God used these situations for various purposes.

    Of course, I know you’re just pointing out error concerning those who claim the call of Christ. But I’m never surprised when I see inconsistencies in politicians or anyone who is involved in the world’s leadership structures.

  6. drlori4 Says:

    And all the American people who voted for Bush…ie Bush supporters …support sound doctrine too..I guess. This country is in a mess because of the balantant disregard of Godly prinicipals!! Blindly following someone because he claims he is Christian. Let me ask you something… Mr Caleb Phillips…have you ever been to a Black church? I am assuming that you are white..but I may been wrong. But to suggest a church..that you have never been and never attended… is a race cult. Not only are you being offensive, racist and just down right ignorant… but certainly not Jesus like at all. Do you have any Christian friends that are Black? First of all…faith transcends all races and cultures…lets get that clear. But its Christians( and I use that one lightly) like you…that back in the day tried to colonize all people that didn’t look like you and insult them and tell them that they were less than good and following Christ was the only way for them. Yes..Christ is the only way…to our Father. But can be imparted in such a way that the Christ in us is revealed. I thought this website was about Christian things and not spewing hatred and racists views. Every time you post a blog that uses someone’s entire name…Barack Hussien are trying to create fear in the hearts of many by suggesting this man is anything than what he claims to be.Also it is nothing but a RACIST attempt to make people focus on a given name(given by his parents) I mean..who are you really? Were you there when he professed. Christ? It makes me very sad to see that the Body of Christ has such a long way to go and now I understand fully why some non-believers do not want to have anything with so -called people of God.Be very careful of people you judge so harshly..especially Godly people who get on their knees and pray every day…because you yourself may be judge by God himself. And stop spewing this racist hate…if you are unsure about Barack…pray for him and ask God to lead him correctly. Also, the name Barack is mentioned in the Bible more than once. Do you think Our Father in heaven hates all Muslims people too…the people He created or maybe they are justs spawns of Satan. Lord…please come now…cause we need you to get these so called Christian your name..straight on all the path they should be on. Amen

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    You know I’m just pointing these things out to help saints who might be duped into thinking they are followers of Christ, given they claim the Lord’s name in their mouths. So no need to be perplexed 😉 .

  8. IndependentConservative Says:


    I am assuming that you are white..but I may been wrong.

    You might be surprised to know that most speaking here including Caleb are Black, but we don’t find any reason to make special note of it much. We’ve been in a WHOLE LOT of Black church assemblies. Which is why we know this mess when we see it!

    Or perhaps you mentioend Caleb mistakenly and wanted to speak to me, given I called the place a RACE CULT. Yea I’m Black too and I’d say the same if I was White. To any White person that says the same, I say they are CORRECT.

    I’ve been to enough Black race cults to know and heard the founder of that race cult speak himself, then did study information on that so-called church’s web site, before making that determination about the spot Obama leverages for political gain while claiming the Christian faith.

    Perhaps it is you who need to check all the links in the post above to read my other post and evidence on the matter.

    Every time you post a blog that uses someone’s entire name…Barack Hussien are trying to create fear in the hearts of many by suggesting this man is anything than what he claims to be.

    If you have issue with the use of his FULL NAME, take it up with his dead daddy who gave him the name. I use full names for other politicians at times with no complaints. When I speak of a pulpit pimp like Creflo Augustus Dollar Jr., nobody complains that I used his full name. Barry-O is not a Christian, so I don’t need to suggest he’s not, he proves he’s not with his own mouth. I just provide it for others to see.

    Be very careful of people you judge so harshly..especially Godly people who get on their knees and pray every day…because you yourself may be judge by God himself.

    I expect nothing less than to be judged with the measure I used against Barack Hussein Obama Jr., I’m not spewing his heresy and not playing on the Lord’s name for political gain. So my eye can clearly see he’s no saint. His fruit is rotten the moment it leaves his mouth. If I love my brothers and sisters in Christ, it is only normal that I would warn them about a wolf.

    if you are unsure about Barack

    Oh I’m very sure about him. He’s given enough to make it clear.

    I pray for all who are deluded and working for Satan, Barack and even you too. I was deluded once myself, but the Lord helped me out of it. Which is why I can see it in that cult that is called a “church”.

    Also, the name Barack is mentioned in the Bible more than once.

    It means nothing.

    Do you think Our Father in heaven hates all Muslims people too…the people He created or maybe they are justs spawns of Satan.

    You should read 1 John 3. Many are the devil’s children. As were we here before being born again. Or did you not know that is why it’s called being “born again”?

    You understand there should be no racial partiality in the church, but you come to defend Barack. And you tell me not to judge while you judge me. You are a hypocrite on several levels.

  9. healtheland Says:


    The fellow’s picture is, er, to your left.

  10. trayjay Says:

    OMG – drlori4. Did somebody hit a nerve? I have a question for you; do you support the idea that we are all God’s children? If so, do you also support the idea that we are all going to heaven? I ask because so many people continue to complain about “judging” (and not to get into that whole thing) not realizing that pointing out truth, while it can be in a sense judging, shows people where there is error. If no one “judges,” how do we hold each other accountable for the things that are not of God? If this is judging, it is righteous judging, which is appropriate. But I find that most people who make this complaint make it because they don’t want to change or give up something that is not of God. I admit I didn’t read your whole post, but just thought I’d ask you these questions. God is not a racist and any supposed “man of God” who pushes “black power” is as racist as those who push “white power” and should be dealt with in the same capacity. I.C. doesn’t post in a racist manner and has handled all posts fairly – not taking sides because of his race – but calling an egg and egg when it is an egg.

    On another note, isn’t Common a 5%er? If so, that means he doesn’t even believe in Jesus as the Christ – which makes me further ask, is this church a 5%er Church? What God were they talking about? In his rap, he says he respects Jesus. So what! That’s a careful statement that someone makes when they don’t want to go all out about what they really believe. I could say I respect Mohamed (which I don’t), but that is absolutely no indication that I believe in him. Bottom line is that there are going to be a whole lot of people upset when they find that their racism will keep them out of Heaven.

    I.C., I’m glad you are bringing all this mess out and I really appreciate how you deal with things. Stay encouraged and continue to refuse to let people who get angry because you step on their toes deter you. We may not always agree on everything, but I respect how you stand for what you believe in. Good post!

  11. IndependentConservative Says:

    Trayjay, thank you for your continued support 🙂 .

    Not to be a nit, but can we please write out “OMG” so nobody assumes the Lord’s name is being taken in vain 😉 . Knowing you for a while here I know you are saying “Gosh”, but we don’t want there to be any confusion, given how the acronym is commonly used by most.

    Nobody asked me if I was Black when I called out Ron Paul’s racist associations, twice.

    When I pointed out Hillary’s racism and her playing Christians (which I’ve done several times when she’s said certain things), I was not asked if I know what the inside of a church meeting with mostly Blacks looks like.

    But touch Obama and his pals and the sparks fly. But they need to hear the truth whether they like it or not. Those making the sparks need it the most.

  12. SteelGator Says:

    Jeremiah Wrong may have retired, but he has a position within the Obama campaign. Looks like Obama does not want to distance himself from Rev. Jeremiah after all.

  13. IndependentConservative Says:

    I think he did further distance himself from the man he was close to for 20 years, with not a problem till it became news: Controversial minister leaves Obama campaign – Presidential candidate condemns words but not ministry of former pastor

    Of course he just cut political ties and condemned words, but not the man who said the words. Trying to play both sides.

  14. SteelGator Says:


    I am white and your post makes it sound like you are the real racist. So what if Caleb is white? No wonder you LOVE Obama and the Rev. Wright. Both of them are racists and race baiters.

    I have been to many black churches, some good and some bad. I have many black friends (I know you and Obama would call them Uncle Toms) and none of them like Obama.

    Keep believing the LIES that the Dumbocrats spew. Keep believing that welfare, Medicaid, food stamps are good for black people (or any people for that matter). Keep believing that the racist Obama is looking out for you.

    If you are a student of history, you will know that most black Americans owned more property, had more money and were financially better off before the “GREAT SOCIETY social programs.” If you want to complain about the whites holding your people down, feel free to do so., because some of what you say is true. However, it is the liberal whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians etc elite that want to hold the poor blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc down. These elitists want you rely on THEM and THEM alone for everything. Barrack is just another elitist that wants you to believe he is in your corner while his sticks the knife in your back.

    Racism is a disease that crosses all racial lines and socio-economic systems.

  15. IndependentConservative Says:

    I’ve just added another update to this post, that shows how Obama has been lying and making excuses about his knowledge of Jeremiah Wrong.

  16. trayjay Says:

    No problem, I.C. Actually my OMG is Oh my goodness
    (and not like Shanaynay said it – lol).

    Question, when I’m typing my comments, the margin goes way over till
    I can’t see it. Is that something on my end? Thanks.

  17. IndependentConservative Says:

    That margin problem used to not be an issue till recently right?

  18. trayjay Says:

    That would be right. I also can’t reply to your replies.

  19. IndependentConservative Says:

    How does the margin look now?

    The reply to comment issue, if that used to work, try closing and reopening your web browser.

  20. SteelGator Says:

    I re-read drlori4’s post once again. It sounds like she is full of hate and vile.

  21. IndependentConservative Says:

    This was going to be a comment in this thread, but ended up being more appropriate as it’s own post: A Short Analysis of “The Audacity to Hope” and how Jeremiah Wrong’s (Wright) Black Liberation Theology is Leveraged by Barack Hussein Obama Junior. All for Political Gain.

  22. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well we have to pray for her for sure.

  23. trayjay Says:

    It’s working! Thanks.

  24. GaryV Says:

    Racism……….it ain’t just for whitey any more.

  25. SteelGator Says:

    LOL…Your post reminds me of the commercial…Steak…It’s what’s for dinner.

    Racism has never been just for whitey. This sin has been around since early on. Remember those Egyptians that enslaved the Jews. Wonder if Obama and Jeremiah Wrong omit this from their Biblical text.

    I got a good laugh yesterday when I heard a tape of Rev. Wrong saying that Jesus was black. The only black Jew I know of was Sammy Davis, Jr. as he supposedly converted to Judaism. Jesus wasn’t white like me and he was not black like IC. He was a middle eastern Jew in color, in features and in every way.

  26. IndependentConservative Says:

    Obama is such a liar.

    I just heard a good bit of his racism excuse, but lets get over it with me speech. I don’t think anyone was impressed but his already existing supporters.

    My parents don’t have that hate he acts like all older Blacks have. In the barbershops I’ve been in, the guy talking like J. Wrong is the guy everybody saw as the nut case. He certainly does not speak for me, or my parents.

    But really the topper, is that Obama used to claim he never heard any of the offensive statements, now he’s admitting he did.

    Of course he didn’t say sin is the cause and Christ the solution. He made excuses and asked that he be the means to improve things. Oh well, just another political speech.

  27. IndependentConservative Says:

    He’s standing with J. Wrong, but when it was the other way around: Obama: Fire Imus


  28. Albertadude Says:

    Brethren, as I am in Canada and only watching from the sidelines on the U.S. election, is this a fatal blow for the Obama camp? This being the hate church that he has belonged to for the last 20 years!

    Is he likely done? Will he lose a good portion of white and black support that he badly needed?

    What say ye folk down there?



  29. IndependentConservative Says:

    Devon, I didn’t know that was you 😆 .

    I think this will keep Obama from winning the general election. He’s already pretty much got the Democratic Party nomination locked up, but he’s blown any shot at winning it all.

  30. Albertadude Says:

    That’s interesting IC…though I wonder if so much damage is done that Clinton can now weasel her way to the nomination?

    Can’t say I fully understand all this stuff about superdelegates down there but it looks to be air tight…

    Certainly makes for fascinating viewing in these coming months!

    Take care

  31. SteelGator Says:

    I wouldn’t count Obama’s nomination in the bag just yet. The Clintons are some really shady characters and I am sure the evil Hilldabeast has something in her bag of tricks. If you remember back to 1976 or 1980 (I was a kid then so I can’t remember) Carter basically stole the nomination from Ted Kennedy at the convention. So Clinton could get the nomination by underhanded tactics. I don’t count her out until she aint breathing.

  32. IndependentConservative Says:

    I don’t count her out until she aint breathing.


    But you’re right!

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