March 10, 2008

Rick Warren Tells Unbeliever Alan Colmes, Just “Skip” the Parts of His Book That Focus on Salvation in Christ Alone. Is This How Christians are to Show Love to Unbelievers?

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The bottom line is this, if you feel Jesus is the ONLY means to salvation and you love unbelievers. No matter what other faith the unbeliever claims, if you have a book for them to read with the message of salvation in Christ noted. Telling them to skip that portion FAILS to show them true love. If you really LOVE THEM, than you desire for them to join you in the Kingdom of God.

See what Rick Warren had to say to Alan Colmes on the 12/20/2007 broadcast of the FoxNews program Hannity and Colmes.
(And watch Hannity groveling.)

Rick Warren Says SKIP Sections in His Book About Salvation!

Not that I find Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life to be a book I’d ever recommend to anyone and I only recommend you read Melvin Jones’ write-up Purpose Driven Tripe or The Bible Driven Life and the Bible instead. But to see Rick Warren recommend that Alan Colmes (who is Jewish and denies that Jesus is the Christ) SKIP portions of his book that mention things that might be offensive to someone who denies Christ, proves the book was not a work truly done in the Lord’s name. It’s about doing what Rick desires and I guess Rick feels Alan Colmes can find salvation in works of charity instead. Since he told Alan to SKIP to other parts of the book. And Rick pushing a works based salvation seems to be his way of doing things. Which is why a Roman Catholic like Sean Hannity feels so cozy with Rick, given Rick won’t dare chat with Sean Hannity about how Roman Catholic Tradition is unbiblical. But Rick Warren claims to be a pastor of a Protestant church assembly, one of the largest in the nation.

The Lord knew who to pick when He had Peter speak for Him, because Rick Warren will never utter the words noted in Acts 2:14-40 [click to expand link].

Acts 4:12 (New American Standard Bible)

12 “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.”

If we really want to show love, we can’t simply chuckle off and ask an unbeliever to skip the message of salvation. The message of faith on the Lord Jesus Christ by the grace of God, to the glory of our God.

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8 Responses to “Rick Warren Tells Unbeliever Alan Colmes, Just “Skip” the Parts of His Book That Focus on Salvation in Christ Alone. Is This How Christians are to Show Love to Unbelievers?”

  1. SteelGator Says:

    What a false teacher, Rick Warren is. Not to mention Sean is lost. He seems to be a good conservative and a good guy, but he just can’t seem to get away from that Catholic cult. I know Jerry Falwell always gave Hannity and Colmes the “road to salvation” talk when he was on their show. Alan ignored it and Sean somehow thinks he understands it and is on our “born again” team.

  2. speakingtruth Says:

    What do you expect from a book-selling, seminar pushing pimp like Warren? If the goal was to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then he would stand on truth. When you’re pushing books (or your agenda), you’ve got to “craft” your message for different audiences.

    Back when I was on the Landers Plantation here in the ATL, I sent an email “praise report” explaining how God answered my prayers and healed my wife of fibroid tumors and that we were expecting our second child (after many miscarriages). I also mentioned in the same email that God blessed me with a better job so that I could start contributing to the newly launched “Building Campaign”.

    When he got in the pulpit that Sunday, which report do you think he whooped about? That’s right – the one dealing with money, specifically because that was the major initiative of the church. Healing and wholeness is so…boring.

    My point is this – these pimps will say and do whatever to advance their cause, not the cause of Christ. Let them keep talking…eventually they’ll show how foolish they really are.

  3. SteelGator Says:

    Amen and Amen.

  4. SteelGator Says:

    I gotta get this off my chest. The long and short of it is that there have been some issues that have arisen at our church. Thus, my wife and I prayed and decided that we might need to find a new congregation. As most of you are well aware, trying to find a new church is very difficult.

    We were invited by a friend to visit their church. It is a former Southern Baptist church that left over some issues happening within the Southern Baptist Convention. It is now a non-denominational church. I reviewed their website and I know many families that go to this church. By their fruit, they seem like very good Christian brothers and sisters.

    We have gone to this church for four weeks. The first week, the pastor was sick so an assistant pastor gave the sermon. The next week, the pastor was out of town at a “pastor conference”, so a guest speaker spoke. The third week, the pastor was gone because his father, a former pastor, went to be with the Lord. Yesterday, we went and were very excited to hear the pastor speak. We had heard what a great preacher he was and how he taught right from the Bible etc.

    After the music, prayer, offering, a testimony, it was finally time to hear the pastor that we so greatly anticipated hear speak. He got up and read from the Gospel of John the story of the “Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem” He then opened up with a few remarks about the passing of his father, and the pastor conference that he had attended. He then went onto say, that he and his wife stayed after the pastors conference to attend Rick Warren’s Saddleback church. My jaw hit the floor. I looked at my wife and she went from a big smile to really disgusted.

    He went on to say that at Rick’s church he sat in the front row and it was a great sermon. After the service, he exited the church right where Rick Warren walks out to greet folks. He was about 10 feet away from him and no one was around. So Pastor Kevin went up and introduced himself to Rick and said he was a pastor here in Jacksonville, Florida. Rick asked him why he was there and how he was doing? Pastor Kevin then told Rick that his father, a former pastor had just passed after a long fight with cancer. He said that Rick just put his arm around him and said, “shouldn’t you be home instead of here.” WHAT???? I was waiting for him to say that Rick took him aside and prayed with him….NO! All Rick could say was, “why are you not home with your family?” Pastor Kevin knew his father was on his last legs, and a week before, he went to his hometown and saw his father for the last time. His father, a former pastor, told him to go on with the Lord’s business, and not to worry about him. The funeral details were all handled a year earlier and Pastor Kevin’s dad just wanted to spend the last few days of his life in the Word, in prayer and with his wife of 60 + years. Pastor Kevin told Rick this and all Rick could say is, “Why are you not at home with your father?” WHAT A CLOWN. Rick did not even take a moment to pray with Kevin. I just can not get over that.

    I also can not get over the fact that Pastor Kevin was star struck with Rick Warren. I sat there and listened to Pastor Kevin’s entire sermon, and man, it was very good. It was totally based on the Bible and a solid sermon. However, this good pastor is even fooled by the apostate Rick Warren. It saddens and sickens me. At least, we learned this early on rather than attending and getting involved . Then, 6-12 months down the line find this out.

    I am thinking about writing Pastor Kevin. He does not know me from the man on the moon, and my wife and I are no longer going to go to this church. However, if Kevin is truly a brother in Christ, shouldn’t I just send him a note warning him of the dangers associated with the false teacher, Rick Warren? Please give me your feedback.


  5. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well Pastor Kevin’s father is now better than ever, although it is sad he’s no longer here with us, but we all will be with him and our Lord soon. Our lives here are short.

    Honestly, I think Rick Warren was right. Pastor Kevin should have stayed at home. Not that going to a church assembly was a bad idea, but going to RICK WARREN’S was. So if it’s Rick’s club or the couch, I’ll take the couch and read my Bible away from Rick’s tainted skim milk.

    Yes, you should reach out to Pastor Kevin in writing if that’s something you feel led to do.

    Yea finding a local church standing on sound doctrine only gets harder the more you study scripture and see how far many are from standing on it. Perhaps you can help Pastor Kevin get a few things straight. Even if he rejects it, you’ve done what you could to help.

  6. SteelGator Says:

    Here is a good link to Brother Dave Hunt’s “The Berean Call” and a critic of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life.

    It will give you total insight into the false doctrine of Rick Warren. IC has done a good job exposing it here but this breaks down the book chapter by chapter.

  7. SteelGator Says:

    I meant to say critique and the title of Warren’s book should have been underlined.

  8. IndependentConservative Says:

    Thanks for posting that link SG.

    To avoid anyone not wanting to hear the truth because they might have a personal bias against me, my style, or even use of the term “Conservative” here, I sometimes cite other sources and this will come in handy when speaking with pastors about Rick Warren.

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