January 30, 2008

Kenneth Copeland Shucking and Jiving. While Mike Huckabee Maintains a Relationship With Him and Accepts His Dirty Money!

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Well it seems Kenneth Copeland really may not have cooperated with US Senator Charles Grassley’s investigation after all. It seems that and the Copeland’s opulence are getting some media attention. Check out the video below.

Kenneth Copeland Reports lavish lifestyle Exposed

It seems even their former employees are speaking out about them.

Now consider the following.

1 Timothy 5:19-22 (New American Standard Bible)

19 Do not receive an accusation against an elder except on the basis of two or three witnesses.

20 Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning.

21 I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of His chosen angels, to maintain these principles without bias, doing nothing in a spirit of partiality.

22 Do not lay hands upon anyone too hastily and thereby share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself free from sin.

Republican US Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee should know that Bible verse above. Huckabee not only used to pastor at a church, he still holds a claim of church leadership as an ordained Southern Baptist minister and still speaks as a church leader at times, as he did with pulpit pimp John Hagee recently.

Well if Mike Huckabee were honestly a man following scripture and not HIS OWN BELLY, he would not have this double minded stance. Where he’s called to preach the gospel one moment and running to be chief publican the next. I’m not saying a Christian can’t run for an elected office, but a man who claims he was called to lead a church one day and then has political ambitions the next is a man NOT TO BE TRUSTED. Anyway, Huckabee should know enough of the Bible to know, that he should not ever be in fellowship with people like John Hagee or Kenneth Copeland. That is if he were honestly a man desiring to follow Christ in truth. If he wanted to walk in the truth of the scripture above, he’d rebuke people like Copeland, but instead we see Copeland and Huckabee have some relations that are so tight it’s down right shady!

Texas Ministry Hosts Huckabee Fundraiser

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. ? A Christian nonprofit says a Texas televangelist turned a national ministers? gathering last week into a fundraising opportunity for Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, a newspaper reports.

The Trinity Foundation, a charity that monitors televangelists and viewed a live Internet broadcast of the event, said the fundraiser took in $111,000 and generated pledges nearing $1 million, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported in a copyrighted article Tuesday.

The fundraiser was held at Kenneth Copeland Ministries? campus in Newark, Texas.

Russ Florence of Tulsa, Okla., a spokesman for Copeland, said in a statement that the event did not amount to an endorsement of Huckabee by Kenneth Copeland Ministries. He said Huckabee?s campaign rented one of the rooms after the ministers? conference and Kenneth Copeland Ministries did not make a contribution to Huckabee?s campaign.

?No offering was or has been taken for any political candidate by Kenneth Copeland Ministries or at a KCM event,? Florence said.

Huckabee campaign spokeswoman Alice Stewart said she could not confirm the amount raised, but said that Huckabee and Copeland spoke by phone last week. The former Arkansas governor also is an ordained Southern Baptist minister.

?Basically, Kenneth Copeland simply asked him how he could pray for him and the governor asked him to pray for physical stamina for the team and the financial resources that they need each day,? she said. ?I?m not sure who called who.?

Huckabee?s campaign released a statement saying it rented a room for ?a separate event that was hosted by a private individual? and was not affiliated with Copeland?s ministry. The campaign said the event conformed with campaign finance laws and tax regulations.

Copeland oversees a ministry with its own $17.5 million Cessna ?Citation X? jet and its own private airport. In November, he gave Huckabee nearly a week of free airtime on The Believer?s Voice of Victory telecast to talk about character and integrity. Copeland said at the time that he and his wife Gloria had donated $2,300 to Huckabee?s campaign.

Sharing in sin? It sure looks that way to me!

Not that I’m a fan of the source of the article, but this certainly has no appearance of godliness on it.

The Southern Baptists would do well to strip Mike Huckabee of his ordination, disassociate from him, given he’s lock step with evil. But I know that won’t happen. I’m just a man who wishes these people who “lay hands” on these shysters would hold them to account. We might be better able to tell a pastor from a politician, if those who endorse a man to preach would tell him when he desires the call of man’s politics over the call of God’s House, to do so without their ordination still on his record. It’s sharing evil and it’s a sad sight to behold.

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4 Responses to “Kenneth Copeland Shucking and Jiving. While Mike Huckabee Maintains a Relationship With Him and Accepts His Dirty Money!”

  1. Airbrush Artist Says:

    Thanks Very much for the update and info,I was wondering about someone taking note of Huckabeee and Copeland ,Why anyone would want to appear on Copelands TV show as I saw a few weeks ago,The instant I witnessed Huckabee across a table from the Money Grabber Copeland He instantly lost My Vote…It will Be a Pleasure as Copelnd is dealt with from the secular worls ,I wish Him Not Gods Holy judgement May he repent,If he doesn’t I would not want to see That—-All to Christ Glory –

  2. Airbrush Artist Says:

    One more point about copeland Thats Revealing ,The eyes of a man are the entrance to His Soul,Don’t look long but look at His…..

  3. SteelGator Says:

    Copeland, Hagee at el are as dirty as they come. Huckabee is just a Clinton with a seminary degree. Well, at least Huckabee doesn’t commit adultery. Other than that, I would say Mike is alot like Billyboy. Just say NO to any politician that comes out of Arkansas.

  4. GraceKim Says:

    Thou hast judged justly

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