January 29, 2008

Like I Said, George W. Bush is Not a Christian.

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I fully respect George W. Bush as the chief executive of our nation. I respect our President. On some major matters of policy I’ve agreed with him more than some of his political rivals. I’ve got no problem saying I voted for him in 2004, given the field of candidates in that race. You probably could search this blog and find many posts I’ve made in support of President Bush regarding many political matters, although at times I’ve spoken in opposition. Still overall I’ve usually been more in agreement with him politically than in opposition.

But never mind the politics, I just wanted to note that I honestly respect our President for the position God ordained him to hold for the moment. I also wanted to make clear I’m not some “anti-Bush” Moonbat, that has been seeking his impeachment. Just the same, I can’t go claiming someone is a Christian when their own fruit proves them not to be and I’m not talking about policy matters, but matters of personal theology.

I’ve pointed out previously in a post titled Why President George W. Bush Honestly is Not a Christian details of why I can’t see Bush as my brother in Christ. Our President, yes, but not a brother in Christ.

Now my brother in Christ Walter Kambulow has passed me an article you should read in full titled He?d rather talk about sex than God. The article’s subheading is the following:

George Bush built his career on his faith. But his key religious adviser tells of a different man behind the born-again image

Now there is a whole lot I could say about the article in point by point analysis here, but I just think you need to read it in full yourself. Because without all the lengthy analysis from me, the article should help any true saint see that the point of Bush not being a Christian is greatly reinforced by that article. He is a man who has found a means to control some of his personal issues. He is not a man who desires to spread the message of salvation in Jesus Christ as the ONLY means for salvation. And for you who were told that Bush took some time from political pandering, to speak to some little child about Christ and walked the child though the formulaic “sinners prayer”, that story is a big hoax. Bush is a man who might like to read the Bible at times, but he is not a man who is expressing the truth found in scripture. He is a man who plays on religious jargon for political gain.

Regarding Bush’s Bible reading, it seems to vary depending on the year.

Bush’s Official Reading List, and a Racy Omission

Mr. Bush noted that he liked the Hamilton biography because “it was a very interesting history of how hard it was to get democracy started.” He also told Mr. Lamb that he reads the Bible daily every other year, and in the years in between he reads a daily devotional by Oswald Chambers, a Protestant minister of Scotland from a century ago.

Mr. Bush told Mr. Lamb that “Oswald Chambers was one of the great Christian thinkers” and that “the easier it is to understand what he writes, I think, the more understanding of religion a person becomes.” This year, the president said, he is once again making his way through the Bible.

So he’s reading scripture every other year. It just seems like he now finds the Bible to be nice reading material, rather than the Word of God and essential to daily spiritual growth. I mean if he said this rotation was an every other day matter I might not take notice, but every other year. No wonder Bush speaks the language of secular humanism when actually asked how one can reach God. I mean if someone told me to try NOT reading my Bible for a year and just listening to some preacher I feel is good to listen too, I’d laugh in their face!

Oh well, Bush is not the first to play off religion for political gain and he certainly won’t be the last.

16 Responses to “Like I Said, George W. Bush is Not a Christian.”

  1. SteelGator Says:

    IC, I totally agree. In 2000, I really fell for the GWB is a Christian. Not that I would vote for Gore, but I really thought, after 8 years of scumbag Clinton, we would have a man after God’s own heart in the White House.

    Needless to say, I like so many others have been let down. However, I will say that it is my own fault. I tried to put faith in Mammon instead of God. I put my hopes in a flawed, sinful man rather then my perfect Father.

    I guess power corrupts and it corrupts absolutely. This election will be another “tough to swallow” moment. I don’t think any of the current presidential candidates is a born again Christian, with the exception of Huckabee. Huckabee is on the verge of getting out of the race. Can we expect that we may never ever have a born again Christian in the White House? Whom was the last born again Christian President? Eisenhower, maybe? JFK was a Catholic. LBJ was a foul mouthed jerk. Nixon, well we know about corrupt Nixon. Ford was not and never said he was. Carter, said he was a born again Christian, but his actions show otherwise. Reagan, I don’t know. His son, Michael said he was, and he said that Ronald lead him to the Lord. However, Nancy was and is a new age nut ball. GHW Bush is a new world order anti-Christian guy. Clinton, we know he is fake. GWB, we, now, know he is not a Christian.

    This is Caesars world after all.

  2. godlysoldier Says:


  3. healtheland Says:

    Forget Bush. We know by his fruits that he is not a Christian. The issue is the media. You know how me and KyleNYC are conspiracy theorists. Well, this stuff about Bush has been well known to them for years. NONE of this is new information. Bush was allowed to promote himself as a Christian to the nation because the press not only went along, but they helped! They promoted the stories where he talked about his supposed faith, and they never spoke of all the obvious signs that he was not a Christian. The Christian pastors and activists that were yelling and screaming that Bush was a fraud, they steadfastly ignored in favor of the Falwells (who let us recall was never as enthusiastically behind Bush as he was Reagan) and Robertsons.

    Had this come out, Bush would have gotten crushed in 2000. Since it did not, what are we left with? Come on man, you know who owns the media, and you certainly know who advertises in it.

    And the Democrats. Don’t you think that they had an interest in exposing some of the stuff that Bush was doing if they wanted to beat him politically? I have read some stuff about some of Bush’s behavior, appointments, and his agenda, and some of that stuff is wild. Were it to be publicly known, there is NO WAY that Bush would have beaten Gore OR Kerry. So what, the Democrats didn’t want to win the White House? If not, why not?

    The fact that the Democrats and the media had the information required to beat Bush but chose not to use it only leaves us with a very few possible conclusions. We all know what they are. Again, you can call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but do you realize that virtually everything that the John Birch Society was saying in the 1960s has come true? It was when William F. Buckley “discredited” the John Birch Society using the National Review that the conservative movement was taken over by the neoconservatives. Think about it. Like that Kurt Kobain (of Nirvana) song went “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get you.” Just pointing out that I am a ranting conspiracy mongerer doesn’t answer the question of why the liberal media and the Democrats had all the information they needed to beat Bush in 2000 and 2004 (or cripple his agenda even if he did somehow got elected anyway) and chose not to use it.

  4. nlspears Says:

    Of course Bush is not a Christian, none of these politicians are Christians. “Republican vs Democrats”?? It’s nothing but a show and a smokescreen for the public. The reality is that at the top there are no parties, but one common goal… One World Government. Bush Sr. announced it in a speech on September 11, 1991, and we all know what happened EXACTLY ten years later. Explain how Kerry and Bush were both in Skull and Bone Secret Society, and both the presidential candidates. Explain why all of the current candidates, democrat and republican are in the CFR, which is not a government group.

  5. SteelGator Says:


    Don’t get me wrong, but I do know about politics. I have run some very heated campaigns for some good conservative men. Bush is not a Christian but to imply that the media and Gore/Kerry just let Bush win. Please!! Politics is a bloodsport. Every man or woman for him/herself. The media wanted Gore and Kerry just like they want Hillary. They will use whatever means necessary to get the Democrat the win. So, if they knew something about Bush’s faith that could have knocked him out, they would have.
    The media are all secular huminists and liberals. They hate Bush just as much as any other Christian. I don’t think the media understands that Bush is not a real Christian because the media has been programmed to believe that anyone that says they believe in God is some right winged Christian zealot.

    I just can’t get how any born again Christian could ever vote for a Democrat.

  6. George W. Bush Would Rather Talk About Sex Than God! « Jesus Christology Says:

    […] Posted by Job on February 1, 2008 From Brother IndependentConservative’s link below. Independent Conservative: Like I Said, George W. Bush is Not a Christian. […]

  7. healtheland Says:


    Me? Vote Democrat? I regret my votes for Bill Clinton almost as much as my votes for Bush! Why do I say almost? Because I wasn’t a Christian when I voted for Clinton. When I voted for Bush, I was supposed to know better and do better. Follow that link and look at the comments below. See all the people on it who said that the Holy Spirit told them not to vote for Bush, including one guy who says that he disobeyed the Holy Spirit and voted for him anyway!

    I am not buying that we have to vote against the Democrats, to choose the lesser of two evils. Even a God – hating Christian mocking atheist show like the Simpsons showed the immorality of that in their episode for the 1996 Presidential race where a pair of space aliens seeking to enslave humanity traded places with Clinton and Dole. When the plot was discovered, the aliens were like “So what, you are still going to have to vote for one of us!” So later when it showed humanity being enslaved by the aliens, Homer foolishly says “Don’t blame me, I voted for the other guy!”

    Look, the anti – Christ (actually the beast) is going to take over the economic, military, religious, and political systems of the world. When that happens, do you honestly think that the political system, which is of this world and ruled by Satan as clearly stated by Jesus Christ in the gospel of John, is going to give you a choice between the anti – Christ’s puppet and a man of God? Of course Satan isn’t going to give you a choice. He is going to make sure that all the candidates are his puppets so that he wins no matter who the voters THINK that they are choosing. He is also going to make sure that the voters THINK that they are choosing good over evil. Just like you are saying “I don’t see how any born again person can vote for a Democrat”, you have women who believe that all Republicans are sexist. Blacks who believe that all Republicans are racist. You have a lot of sincere well – intentioned people who say that Republicans oppose the poor and the working class (including families). Others say that Republicans want to make everyone brainwashed and powerless so that we will consent to being perpetually ruled by an aristocratic and corporate elite whose wealth and influence passes down from generation to generation. Others claim that Republicans will destroy the environment. It goes on and on and on, and yes a great many of the people that feel this way are devout Christians.

    There is no partially coming out of Babylon, we have to come all the way out so that we can see clearly. Look, the 6 years when we had a Republican President, Congress, and 7 of 9 appointees on the Supreme Court being Republican should realize this. What did the Republicans do? Tons of wickedness and immorality. We are supposed to settle for that just because we figure that they did less wickedness and morality on the issues that we care about than the Democrats would have done. Well excuse me, but the Democrats feel the same way! Democrats are extremely angry at all the giveaways to corporate America by Bush and Republicans, for instance. “Conservatives” don’t care about that not nearly so much. Why? Because we have been conditioned not to. Talk radio and the conservative columnists teach us to worship big business and corporate America and to hate government social welfare programs. So whenever there is a social welfare program abuse to the tune of a couple million dollars maybe, conservatives go nuts and act like the welfare mothers are sucking the treasury dry. But defense contractors have ripped us off for hundreds of billions, perhaps TRILLIONS, of dollars under the Reagan and Bush presidencies and no one bats an eye. Oil and auto companies have gotten HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS in subsidies and no one conservative cares (except the crazy Ron Paul supporters of which I used to be one).

    What this anti – Christ system has done is convince us that one form of evil is somehow preferable to the other. And that is precisely the Babylon mindset that we have to come out of. I can tell you that no matter who wins out of Obama, Clinton, Huckabee, Romney, or McCain the anti – Christ will still get his President. All you can do in response is watch and pray and be sure not to vote for any of them.

  8. SteelGator Says:


    Sorry if I made it seem like the voting Democrat statement was directed at you and it was not.

    You made some great points. However, two things stick out in my mind when it comes to Christians voting Democrat.
    1. Abortion. How can a born again Christian vote for a candidate (usually Democrat) that supports the slaughter of millions of children a year. In my opinion, once a candidate accepts the killing of innocent children, everything else they stand for is tainted with evil.
    2. Anti-God. For decades the Democratic party (hi jacked by secular humanist, and communists back before FDR become President)has attempted to take God and Christ out of our society. Democrats have pushed for abortion, gay marriage, the break down of the family unit and indoctrination of our children to their godless socialist ideals.

    Those are just two reasons why I can not see how any born again Christian could vote Democrat.

    To your points about how some Christians legitimize voting Democrat, I understand that they have been brainwashed by the liberal media to believe that all Republicans are bad. Where in the Bible did Jesus instruct His disciples to “help the poor” but do it by tell the Roman government to tax the masses and using government social programs to help the poor? We are called to help those in need, but through the PRIVATE sector not through BIG government. Sadly, there are a ton of BIG government Republican Christians as well (i.e. Huckabee).

    If you look at all the socio-economic systems in the world, you will see that our capitalistic, representative republic is the most effect way for individuals to make a better life for themselves and their children. Heck, the poor in the USA have more than the middle class in Europe. Don’t get me wrong, capitalism with the influence of greedy men can become corrupt and fail. Capitalism with the interference of the corrupt government is doomed to fail as well. This is why I am a proponent of “Christian Capitalism”. I am currently writing Christian financial book and one of my chapters addresses just this.

    Sorry to get off track, but just look at the two issues at hand. No Christian should ever vote for Democrats for the two reasons listed above.

    Please let me know your thoughts

  9. IndependentConservative Says:

    Sorry to intrude, but given the 2 issues you noted, abortion and anti-God. I can’t help but think about the 2 candidates you’ve promoted, John McCain and Mitt Romney. (I say “you promoted”, because you claimed they were our only real options.)

    Neither McCain or Romney have a history that is truly and fully pro-life. So they both fail there JUST LIKE DEMOCRATS.

    Romney worships a false god and McCain plays off faith for political advantage. McCain would probably call me a religious zealot that should have no influence at all. I can’t say either follows God in truth or HONESTLY cares to spend even 5 minutes in a room with someone like me.

    I won’t be voting for any of the Democrats or Republicans, but don’t look at anyone who votes for them as unsaved.

    Given I know God is in control, I can vote for a candidate outside of the 2 major parties or even skip that section on my ballot if I feel that is best. Each must act as the Lord leads.

  10. SteelGator Says:

    IC…I see where you are coming from. However, I am talking about freedom to worship Christ. The Democrats and their friends in the courts have infringed on our right to worship Christ without consequences. A fascist like Hillary or Obama will go out of their way (like governments have done in Sweden and Canada) to take our right to proclaim Christ as Lord and preach the Gospel (i.e. the fairness doctrine). Neither McCain nor Romney will try to shut us up.

    The next President will have the opportunity to nominate 3 Supreme Court justices. Both McCain and Romney have promised pro-life / strict constructionist appointments. Thus, “Roe v Wade” could be overturned. If you allow (by voting for a Dem or Third Party)Hillary or Obama to move into the White House, abortion on demand will continue to be the law of the land for the next 30 years.

    I just can’t stomach that.

    P.S. McCain has a 100% pro life voting record.
    Romney has flip flopped on this. However, he says he is now pro-life.

  11. IndependentConservative Says:

    I’m free to worship Christ no matter what man says.

    I take more stock in somebody asking to borrow $500 from me and promising to pay me back, than a promise from Romney or McCain.

    If I vote for someone who does not win, I have not allowed anything other than my vote to coincide with my views and not vote out of a spirit of FEAR.

    John McCain DOES NOT have a 100% pro-life record and I note proof here.

  12. SteelGator Says:

    Good article on why conservatives need to rally around McCain. Hold your nose and do it. Otherwise, we lose the Supreme Court for another 30 years, and may lose to the Islamofacists.

  13. IndependentConservative Says:

    No. Not voting for McCain.

    No matter how many scare tactics his supporters dream up.

    John McCain will do his part to deliver exactly what you don’t want anyway. Even Rick Santorum noted how McCain always works with Liberals.

  14. IndependentConservative Says:

    And Bush supports McCain, which shows Bush is a Liberal himself.

  15. IndependentConservative Says:

    And what does McCain have to do with this post that is in regards to Bush and faith in the Lord Jesus?

    SteelGator, please put your comments in appropriate threads.

    Please do not continue discussion about John McCain here.

  16. IndependentConservative Says:

    I don’t know why I ever let this post’s comments get side-barred in the first place, but that’s it. Anyone who can’t comment in this post thread about the Lord Jesus and the relation to Bush should not comment in this thread.

    Any more off topic comments in this thread will be deleted.

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