January 2, 2008

Charles Finney Proves How Terrible Doctrine Carries for Generations.

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The videos explain things well and as I’ve noted before with full detail and scripture, I am ANTI those stoops in buildings that some call an “altar”.


The Results of Charles Finney’s “Theology” (Kielar) [1of2]



The Dangers of Charles Finney’s “Theology” (Kielar) [2of2]

The video shows how many of today’s false doctrines flourish.Don’t fall for fake altar games, it is NOT OK!

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2 Responses to “Charles Finney Proves How Terrible Doctrine Carries for Generations.”

  1. GaryV Says:

    Never ceases to amaze me that a heretic and liar like Finney is regarded as such a “Hero Of The Faith” by so many.

  2. KyleNYC Says:

    Thanks bro, your best post to date.

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